“Mrs. Susan L. Cost – a radio figure”

Just found this clipping

Read the rest of the story on “Chief of Police Brostron ” post in the “NEWS PAPER”  – – just above this story – – 

more on “Mary Lee Taylor”  the Friendly Kitchen show on K.M.O.X.

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“50 Years ago – Chief Curtis Brostron”

It is just  too hard to believe…  some of the old news items – – that one will find – – when they take the time to look through old boxes of memories.

This “NEWS” of  the day – – January of 1967 – –  my husband,  Lee passed away  – – and in this  clipping   – – we see the “Chief of Police  Curtis Brostron”  crown  Miss Carol-Lynn Howard … the Lily Day Queen.

This ceremony took place  at City Hall – – to mark the opening  of the 1967  Easter Seal campaign  of the St. Louis Society …  for  Crippled Children.

The above news story  was just above the story in the ‘newspaper clip’… that is posted above this one.

“WHY did I clip this story?”

Before  “Chief Brostron”  becoming ‘Chief” – – he and my husband,  Lee  Aldrich were riding partners on the St.Louis Police Department – – and very good partners – – if I say so myself. – – So with me knowing  “Mrs. Susan L. Cost” – – and her story right below the “Chief’s” story – – just had to clip and save – – and with all kinds of  memories  – – to remember …”Lee” – – this was the week to find  this old news – – and with the computer  and “fourgrandmas.com” – – just had to let the whole wide world know… and remember if they remember either one of these fine people?

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” Are WE All ready for the – Total Solar Eclipse on 08/21/2017″



“Always Keep a “FORK” in your hand!”

The other day as I was looking at this PHOTO – – – just started to remember an old story – – can not remember who told this story – – but it is important to always have a “FORK” in hand!


Only… if you are as old as  ME… that’s me… Mary Ellen in the blue and white dress – – and with a “FORK” in hand.

In the 1930’s and 1940’s there were large families – – you know Mothers stayed at home and the men were at the work place or even in the  care of  good old “UNCLE SAM” – – men were called up for service – – since there was always something going on … and AMERICA sent her young men  to settle the differences and at a high price to be paid.

More than half of today’s population does not know about the “Ration Books” that were issued to each member of a FAMILY – – and with out the sugar coupon – – you could not buy a bag of sugar. There were coupons  for so many things – – that a family might need – – but  – without that special coupon  … we sure did get the message to learn to do without.

So… for the story – – as I remember – – This older lady  was about ready to leave this world and she was giving instructions to her family… “what ever you do… be sure that this “FORK” that I have in my hand… is in my hand – – when you take me…  to the FUNERAL Parlor – – and  – –  just before they  start to lower my casket into the ground at the CEMETERY – – be sure this “FORK” is still in my hand.”

The “FAMILY” had no idea  as to why they should honor this request – – so one person just blurted out – -“Why do you have to have a “FORK” in your hand when you die and are put into the grave?”‘

“You just  do not know or do not remember – – but when our Church would have their weekly evening meal for  all of us in the   Church “HALL” where…  they would serve all of us large families – – since so many of us did not get enough to eat – –  we were told  “Be sure to keep your “FORK” in your hand…  otherwise you will not be able to eat – – as we do not have extra “FORKS” to hand out for  everyone in your FAMILY!”  “In fact they told us – –  just keep your “FORK” with you at all times – – you never know where you will be … and  if you have your “FORK”  you can eat  – – when ever something is offered to you!”

So… as the story goes – – this lady said that…  she  always had a “FORK” wrapped in a  napkin – – and took it with  her  and in her purse – – and said ,  “I want to be ready to eat at all times – –  where and when  I go  – Have my “FORK” in HAND!” And…  just so fast… her arm went up into the air…   singing out…”FORK IN HAND!”

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“Share and Enjoy – Help Yourself DEAR”

“Here’s a question for you”… “Which came FIRST… the CHICK or the DOG?” – – Take note of the date on the PHOTO… ‘June 1960’ – –  that’s only … 58 years ago?

This is after our first  “Easter” in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – – and for this “EASTER” – –  had bought four (4) baby chicks – – not knowing if this was a good idea or not – – I remembered that when I was small we had “Chickens” and  their eggs were plentiful – – since everyone had either a “Victory Garden” or some other way  of providing extra food – – during the  WWII days – – something extra – – to help feed the family.

The boys wanted a “DOG” – – so…  to the “Dog Pound” we went and the “DOG” you see in these photos – – they picked out as a friendly and nice dog. Lots of names were  tried out on the “DOG” – – and she would answer to “MISSY” – – so  “MISSY” was her name.

“How do you like the top PHOTO – – they are both eating without killing each other?”

BUT… the bottom PHOTO… looks like a “Mexican Stand-OFF” – – “Come a step closer… MISSY… and I’ll have “YOU” for my dinner…today!”

“Little Lee… to the rescue… with a pan in hand…  some grain or special ‘chicken chow’    just for the lonely  “Easter Chick” – –  – – but the poor “chick”  is probably   thinking… “LEE is too big – – bigger than that old out side “DOG” – – I just better… back off – – and see if he sets that pan of food down some where – – where I can eat in peace and quite?”

That was  – – one… smart CHICK – –  survived for  a very long time. This…”EASTER CHICK”  found a special bushy bush … right under the bedroom window of our next door neighbor – – made her nest there – –  which was alright with me… but  – – our neighbor,  Mrs. Morgan – – a very lovely  retired neighbor – – likes our children and us – – but  finally let us know – – that the “Chick” must go – – wakes her up  – – too early every day – – especially – – when she wants to sleep late!

We told the “FARMER” that delivers our ‘fresh eggs’ to the restaurants – – and   we were given permission to bring the “CHICK” to the ‘FARM’  – – “WOW”…  what  a change for our  “EASTER CHICK” – – took off around the “FARM” as if she owned the place – – strut her stuff – –  must have been one of those  royal “Dynasty TYPE CHICKS”  – –  finally returned to her natural calling – –  and just took over as the “FARMS’ ROYAL ROOSTER” – – – from then on – – that FARMER did more business than ever. Not only more visitors to his FARM – – but loved seeing  and talking to visitors that passed the story around – – about his  “Royal Rooster”  addition to the FARM! 

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“Join the NAVY… NOW”

“Isn’t   it wonderful… that our sons and daughters look so good – – when they sign up…   to join  the “BRANCH of  SERVICE” that they are so well qualified  – – to play a major part of  preserving the “AMERICAN FREEDOM” that each of   “us” citizens  Love and Cherish!” (“us”  stands  for “UNITED STATES”) “Are we still “UNITED”… for the greater good of  ‘us’ all?”

“No matter where you go in the room – – when you take a look at this PHOTO – – Lee Jr., is looking right back at you.”   – – “I just LOVE LEE for doing his duty for Almighty Yahweh and also …  for our COUNTRY, AMERICA!”



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“We LOVE the NAVY”

“How does that song go… “Your in the NAVY… NOW”  – – and you are the  best NAVY MAN in our FAMILY!”





If the music for the “NAVY” does not put you in the mood to rush on down to your   nearest… NAVY Requiter’s Office  – – right…  NOW – –  –  Put some blood in those veins – – Open up a can of  “Pop-Eye’s” best Spinach – – and turn yourself into one of  “AMERICA’s”   finest NAVY MEN  – – for all TIME!

“Thanks for serving – – when called on to do so… Your COUNTRY,  “AMERICA  loves you” – – and the  “ALMIGHTY  YAHWEH”  loves and strengthens you – – and I am praying for you… every day and night.”  “Thank You!”  DV

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