“The Four Agreements” “Book Worth Reading”

            “The Four Agreements”



I recently read a book called… “The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz”… that opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and way of living. The premise is that there are four agreements you make with yourself and when followed miraculous things will happen.

As you practice living these four practices your life will dramatically change. In the beginning these new habits will be challenging and you will lapse countless times. With practice these agreements become integrated into your being and every area of your life and become easy habits to keep.

The Four Agreements are:

1. Be Impeccable with your Word:                                                 Speak with integrity.                                                           

   “Say only what you mean.”  Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions
Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

4. Always Do Your Best
Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.


For more on this, check out the book, The Four Agreements. It has the power to transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, love and true happiness.

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Jaime Aldrich Cardwell

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          “MAY…MEMORY MONTH”

“MAY” – – -“May Almighty YAHWEH” – – know that … when I look at this PHOTO  of  “Alan… Alyssa… Jaime”… my terrific “Grand-Children” – – I have to give “THANKS”  from the bottom of my “HEART”  for the privilege…  to be  Grand-Mother  – – for the most wonderful of wonderful  “GIFTS”  – – that HE could have given to me.

Just have to take a moment – – for some thoughts to shift around in my brain – –  in the BIBLE – – there is a verse regarding  – “GIFTS and PRAYERS”…     ‘we’ receive not, because ‘we’ ask not.

In GRADE SCHOOL – – I remember praying for that which I thought I wanted – – and so strongly – – that…  I have even prayed Novenas and lit candles in hopes of receiving – – but nothing  seem to be  working  – –  that is… the way that I thought “it”  should. My “Prayer Petitions”  were on going for years – – no positive answer. As TIME  passed – – that  “old” request was no longer on  the request board – – situations changed – – and no longer of  a need.

Years and years later… there were lots of things that just seem…  to fall into place – – all good for me and everyone around me. Then…not having a very special  “WISH” to request some special intercession for – –  but a  good TIME to review LIFE…  and how things were going – –  “IT” – dawned on me.

A TIME came to just talk with a friend – – and I remember telling  this about PRAYERS.   We need to PRAY – – often and always – – not just for some special thing and or changes or even wishes that …  we think  – – that we need – – because “PRAYERS”  are really conversations  with… our CREATOR, the ONE that LOVES you and  me…  and wants to be with you  and me  in all that  we do.

So… after  – –  all those “PRAYERS” that I had said for years – – and with no answer – –  ‘they’ were like money in the ‘BANK of HEAVEN’  – – someday – – when really needed…  for the right ways of my LIFE to flow – – then  … the “BANK DOOR”  opens – -and plenty of good things just start happening – – like never before – –  looks like over the years – -I had built up a  very good credit  account  – – and with learning to take  “TIME to TALK”  – – with the ALMIGHTY – – and without a ‘laundry list’  – – but with a  most grateful and THANKFUL  HEART – –  –  NOW – –  for the  most wonderful of wonderful GIFTS… for me to have received – – are my   wonderful  “GRAND-CHILDREN”  – – especially chosen – – just for me…  “I am  NOW …  remembering always to give “THANKS” – – every  ‘twenty-four and seven’ – – for as long as I receive the breath of Life!” …    …….   DV

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“Sharing LOVE… Morning – Noon and NIGHT”

“LOVE  of LIFE” – – that is what “LIFE”  is made up of – –  and when you have your first child – – you  will find  – – that in your arms  – – You are  now holding a LIFE that is more LOVE to you and your husband – – than anything else .  Could  we  have ever  known  this special JOY – –  until that day… we  would  be able to  hold…  the one and only  first little new LIFE – – that we  were so  well Blessed to receive from our one and only CREATOR of all LIFE!

    This is baby, LEX and MAMA early in the day and it looks like the “Sunshine” is just beaming into the home of where  “LOVE” lives!

“LOVE and HAPPINESS” one for another is what we all need to grow up on – –  “Baby, Lex” is receiving more energy with “Mama’s LOVE” than all the Vitamins in the world would provide.

This is one PHOTO that … I hope to see hanging in little “Baby, Lex’s”  room – – just so… he will know  – – why he is always so HAPPY!

“WOW” – – “LOOK  at the FUN we are  having  just playing “PATTY-CAKE”  with DADDY – –  because DADDY  knows all about music and  right NOW … I am  just getting a good start… with  my “DAD”  – –  we will  be singing and dancing all around the house – – just like we will do on the STAGE… some day!”

Well … everyday does call for so much rest  and or “beauty sleep” for MOM and BABY – – as all the FUN that we had trough out the day – -does require me, “BABY LEX”  to get bigger and stronger – – so..  it is good  for me, Lex  – – to do my  best and get much… rest.

When “MAMA” wanted me to go to sleep – – she thought that I would  go to sleep so fast – – but and  instead of that  –  I just enjoyed my favorite spot – – so nicely nestled under “MOM’s” chin – – I just LOVE that spot – – and after a while  – – MOM and  I went out like a light – –  while   we were so peaceful looking… DADDY did not want to wake us – – so for a memory of the best of times for us – – this is the way the PHOTO turned out… and… “I LOVE IT!”   D.V.

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“Our New Baby – Jaime!” “Is a BIG GIRL TODAY”

On May 18th – our little “baby, Jaime” was born – and this  is one of the very first full “FAMILY”  Photos taken at the AIRPORT!     I’m…  the “Grandma” Ellen holding  “big sister, Alyssa”…   and in front of me  and in his “CUB Scout” outfit is “BIG BROTHER, Alan” –  left of me and in the center  is “Jill, new Mama”  – and next to Jill is   “Daddy, Al” and holding our brand new  “baby, JAIME” – and  this is one of those Fun Days when DADDY and MOMMY will be taking off in  their plane – – and guess what??? – – I will be baby sitting all three of the best of best GRAND-Children! “And will we be having “FUN” like never before!”

The best part of “FLYING”  is to have your own plane and “FLY” just as soon as the new day starts! Everyone knows that good little  old “saying”  – – “Early to BED – early  to rise in the morning – – makes for  more  FAMILY  Fun Flying together and as often as possible!”

I’m a big girl NOW!”    “Alyssa… Grandma…Jaime”

There is nothing like growing up and being a big girl – – and having a chance to go to a “Charity” function  –  for the children at St.  Vincent’s  called… “KOOKIN’ FOR KIDS” – –  one of their events held in the SUMMER month of August – – and for us to all  go – – it was one of the best times we had – – all dressed in our “SUNDAY”  best – – “Grandma” even wore a hat!

The best memory of this PHOTO is when “GRANDMA” received it – – and taking a look, said “This reminds me of the days in the   “Roaring Twenties”  Days” – – we sure are dressed to start dancing the “Charleston”  one of those dances’ that  “Great Grandma” taught  to her BOSS  when she work for “Shell OIL Co.”- – as she sure could dance up a storm – – back then in those good ole days!

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAIME” – – and celebrate all week  long – –  it takes that long for you to  visit with all of the FAMILY and FRIENDS – – and enjoy as I am praying that you will be enjoying many more “HAPPY BIRTHDAYS”  in this LIFE time!     D.V.

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“Happy Birthday Jaime” ***05/18/2018***

“How is this for a pre-BIRTHDAY Party – – – nothing like our starting the  Fun  of having a BIRTHDAY PARTY – – all week long!”

     “Happy Birthday to you ***** Happy Birthday to you ***** Happy Birthday…  DEAR JAIME… Happy Birthday to you ***** and many more – – and with lots of Blessings… Now and Forever!”

This PHOTO is compliments of  big sister, “ALYSSA” standing in  the blue dress and just to be sure that I would know …”WHO is WHO”  on this PHOTO  – – Alyssa put our names above us – – which is just terrific – – as without that important information – – how in the world would an old  “GRANDMA”  like me even know … “WHO is WHO”  and or even herself – – a hundred years from NOW!

“Is this  a “WOW” of a PHOTO or not – – Just like TIME flies by when you are having FUN – – this is the most perfect of PHOTOS – – if ever  I saw one – – this is how just living LIFE and doing what you are suppose to do – – at and when you are  following the course of TIME – –  this is  “JAIME” and is she ever gorgeous  – – if I say so myself!”

The best thing in LIFE  – – is to have a record of what and when you are doing something – – and I feel that PHOTOS are one of the best ways  – – to have  your cake and eat it, too!  As Time goes bye bye – – we change  and  in the next seven years – – we completely forget how good we had it – – how good we were doing – – what our plans were – – and at my age – – one other  thing we forget – – we sure did have “GOOD LOOKS” – – but without a PHOTO – – no one would believe you

So with this PHOTO of JAIME – –  I know when I tell friends that my GRAND-Daughters – – are the best ever gift to me and they have all the best of gifts from the Almighty Yahweh – – and with my PRAYERS – – they will continue to receive more BLESSINGS every day of their life. That is why we are here – – to LOVE one another and to pass the LOVE of neighbor on – – as that is the best of  “GIFTS”  that one can give – – with the HELP of the ALMIGHTY – –  YOU are receiving the best and only true necessary HELP  – – the HELP that will carry you forward and upward… forever!    D.V.

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“Memories from MOTHER’s DAY”

Just have to post  PHOTOS of the  “TULIPS” that I received on “MOTHER’s DAY” – – as this is a first for me to receive   “Tulips” in a special glass that is specially made to keep them tall when they bloom – – and with the special instructions that I received from Grand-daughter, Jaime – – they will bloom and look beautiful – – instead of falling over and not lasting in their tall and beautiful position – – as they are doing.

So… I made room for the “Tulips” with some other plants that I have in the corner where the kitchen sink is – – a place where they will be seen by me at least a hundred times a day – – and by everyone else that comes to my house and would naturally come into the kitchen – – for  more that just a drink of water!

With just a little water added to a certain area of the glass container…  as I was instructed to do…  and NOW this being the third day when I photographed them – – what do you think?

Do not want to forget a special guest at  Alan’s house, where  we celebrated “MOTHER’s DAY” – – this is Mary,  Alan’ MOM and she is holding the newest addition to our family – – and  that is my  “GREAT-Grandson, Lex – – just  a little over two months of age – –  such a beautiful baby and so alert and interested in all that is going on.

This PHOTO was taken by  Grand-daughter Alyssa – – our new “MAMA” and she was happy to be able to take some PHOTOS  of her baby, Lex – – enjoying  some of the gifts that  Mary crocheted for the baby – – like the blanket that baby, Lex is wrapped up in.

When this PHOTO was to be taken… I thought that I was backing myself out of the Photo – -but all I did was expose the legs – – what kind of a whatever does that?

Just a different shot of my gift of  “TULIPS” from a  close up position – –  “boy o’ boy”  they sure  do look good – – the word beautiful will help – – maybe even magnificent – – which reminds me – – that all of  these gifts that we receive for “MOTHER’s DAY” – – are just some of the examples of what our  “Almighty Creator”  has in store for us – – when that day comes for us to enter into “HIS KINGDOM”  – – and…  am I ever ready!  Thanks be to “Almighty Yahweh”  – – for the gifts of wonderful children – Grand-children and NOW… Great Grand-child, Lex!”      D.V.

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