“Remembering” – – “Be ready to roll” “Hurry UP”



‘mind your P’s and Q’s’ *********

Since “TODAY” is a “SNOW DAY” – and…  a  “ICE DAY” – – and the “Weather Man” on TV  has been giving out this information for the last several days…. I’m guessing that everyone has stayed home.

But…  and of course…   in TODAY’s world  – – – everyone can not stay home. There are the “HOSPITALS” that need and must have  their workers on “deck”   (my son was in the NAVY)… as there are people having  all kinds of accidents on the highways and on the “STREETS” where they live.

We do need … and must have the “First Responders” at their posts and on duty… as there are always all kinds of emergencies – – when the “ICE and SNOW” hit the streets.   “TODAY” I am grateful and THANKFUL to our  Almighty Creator – – for giving  “HELP”  to us…  HIS people that are always in need  of  HELP – – the best  of “First Responders” – – to be with us in that DAY and HOUR… when our NEEDS and PRAYERS are answered  – – with the special  “HELP”  that only YOU  have   directed  the “FIRST RESPONDERS”  to provide!



Just thinking back and trying to figure out  – – why some people do and do not take on those “JOBS” that require you  – – no matter the weather  and no matter what is going on in this world – – there must always be – – some men and women – – always ready to go into the “FIRE”  or into where there is a problem  – – while everyone else will be running away as fast as they can – – but… there are those that are in danger of dying or of burning up in their homes – – or in car crashes – and dying –  so… if there is no one here… “WHO”  will  give  the immediate HELP!

Back … “1940’s” … in those days of early “GRADE SCHOOL” and this was in the Orphanage… there were NUNS that would always tell us children… “Mind your P’s and Q”s” –  – – I thought that meant  — what you are doing – – will cause trouble for you – – and will be follow with punishment – – – as… never before – – did I ever hear this statement from my PARENTS. I never knew what  “those”  were…  my “P’s and Q’s” – – – but last week my brother, TOMMY sent this message – – and after all these many years – –  looks like something from the land  of my ancestors spells  it out… so  clearly… 

“In English pubs, ale is ordered by pints and quarts… So in old England, when customers got unruly, the bartender would yell at them 

‘Mind your pints and quarts, and settle down.’ . . . It’s where the phrase ‘mind your P’s and Q’s’  comes from.”
So… the long and short of this is – – as a small child – – way back and then – –  I do remember hearing … “settle down” – – and I’m guessing the adult was also saying – – but we did not hear…  something about a “P and Q”  – – but we knew … straighten up – – or heads will  roll!

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“Ideas Worth the THOUGHT – -TO START the NEW YEAR”

8 Simple Habits To Make You More Productive in the New Year

No matter what your resolutions are, use these simple techniques to meet your goals

by  – Posted on Jan 1, 2018


The season has arrived when we give ourselves an annual review and pick a few ways we can improve our health, our parenting, our faith life, or maybe our attitude. Among the most popular New Year’s resolutions are losing weight, eating better, being more organized, living life to the fullest, learning new hobbies, and spending less (or saving more).

We could sum up all of these adjustments in just one resolution: to be more productive. Getting things done in an efficient manner helps us to stay healthy, try new things, manage money, get organized, and enjoy life a little more.

Being more productive doesn’t have to involve a major overhaul of our schedules and priorities. It doesn’t even require more time or energy. Increased productivity is a result of incorporating into our hours and days some simple habits. Here are a few to start with, some easy adjustments that you can make in the new year that will help you to get more things done and leave you feeling more productive and accomplished in 2018.

1. Track Your Accomplishments

A body in motion stays in motion: a person who feels successful and accomplished is going to be far more productive than someone who is discouraged by her progress or doubts her abilities to get a job done. Logging your achievements every day in an app or an old-fashioned journal is an important exercise that boosts productivity and communicates to your brain that the train is in motion – toward your next goal.

Some workplaces even have acknowledgement boards, a common space devoted to recognizing the accolades of team members and showing gratitude for team successes and efforts.

2. Dress Up

A growing body of research supports what your mom told you about dressing for the job you want. Apparently the pants, ties, shoes, and dresses we put on the morning yield a biological result that can impact our thinking and productivity levels.

For example, five studies published in Social Psychological and Personality Science found that donning more formal attire was associated with enhanced cognitive abilities, increased abstract processing, and a feeling of empowerment. The clothing we wear really does influence our thinking and our attitudes, promoting higher productivity. Put on the power suit and see for yourself.

3. Do One Thing at a Time

You may think that putting together a sales presentation while helping your daughter with homework and talking to your sister on the phone is saving you time and rendering you more productive. But a growing volume of research suggests that multitasking makes us less efficient, yields more mistakes, and can actually lower our IQ. Our brains prefer when we focus on just one task, allowing the left and right sides of the prefrontal cortex to work in harmony. When we introduce a new task, the brain splits in half and throws a tantrum, causing mistakes.

One study showed that by eliminating email for a few days, employees could better focus on their tasks and had lower stress. While most of us can’t afford to shut off email for days at a time, we can reserve periods of time throughout the day to check messages, reducing the impact of continuously shifting gears. The more we can concentrate on one task at a time, the more efficient and productive we become.

4. Take Breaks

If you’re tempted to skip your lunch break to power through an assignment, you may want to reconsider. Our brains, like every other part of our bodies, require rest in order to perform at an optimal level. A study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that even brief diversions from a task can dramatically improve our ability to focus on a task for prolonged periods of time. In the study, participants performed a 50-minute task.

The group that was given two brief breaks had no drop in performance over time (performance dropped for everyone else). Our brains need rest in order to focus and perform. If you want to increase your productivity, reboot your brain periodically through the day: stretch, grab a cup of Jo, or enjoy a conversation by the water cooler. Then get back to work.

5. Hydrate

You probably know that staying hydrated is important to your health and especially to athletic performance. But did you know drinking water throughout the day can make you more productive? A study conducted by researchers at the University of East London found that drinking enough water every day resulted in a 14 percent increase in productivity at work and home. When adequately hydrated our brains are able to better focus on tasks and perform better. Dehydration contributes to tiredness and sends SOS messages to our brain that make it difficult to concentrate. If you want to be more productive, be sure to drink enough H20.

6. Be Prompt

Being punctual is polite, yes. But there’s more to it than that. Showing up on time sends a message to your brain that you are the master of your universe – an effective manager not only of your time, but of your life. It yields a feeling of self-respect that will ultimately make you more productive at work, home, and other areas of your life.

Being tardy, and especially chronically tardy, creates anxiety and stress that diminish performance. The guilt, even if it’s subconscious, fuels a negative spiral that works against efficiency. If you want to be more productive, set your alarm and get to your meeting on time.

7. Give Back

According to organizational psychologist Adam Grant, the greatest untapped source of productivity is a sense of service to others. In his book, “Give and Take,” he presents studies and personal case histories that reveal how focusing our gifts and talents on helping other people motivate us to accomplish even more. You would think that this “other-directness” would distract us from our goals, but it ultimately leads us closer to them.

8. Pray

We typically don’t associate prayer with productivity, but developing a regular prayer routine leads to better concentration and increased productivity. Prayer is an exercise in focus and disciple that translates to our work and home life. In our quiet time with God, we use and strengthen a resiliency muscle that makes us stronger in every other area of our life.

The time we set aside to organize our thoughts, glimpse at the bigger picture, and be still grounds us and restores us. It provides a calmness that allows us to perform our daily tasks with better clarity. Flexing our spiritual muscles prepares us for the challenges that we face throughout our day. Most importantly, prayer supplies us with hope, the ultimate motivator.


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“Today…We are sending SMILES – to all those that need ONE…NOW”

TODAY… the middle of JANUARY 2018 – – and it is so cold and   still  so much snow on everything  – – not just  the ground – – It is almost impossible to  feel like getting out of the bed – – the  freezing to almost frozen feeling  – –  It is  “shiver your liver” – – just to move about!


So… with the above PHOTO – – taken in the “SUMMER TIME” – – just thought  – – that with looking at  my beautiful GRAND-DAUGHTERS – – giving me some extra powerful “warm thoughts” – – on this freezing   cold    day in…  January 2018 – – just maybe – – the worm thoughts would  also  work wonders – – and maybe bring on a heat wave – – and in a big hurry – – here in MISSOURI – – we need warmer weather – – – and in a hurry!

******************                  *******************                   ****************

Maybe after reading the following – – each of  us… will have a chance to bring some extra  and WONDERFUL   SUNSHINE into another’s  LIFE – – if not NOW – – sometime soon!


On this day of your life
 I believe God wants you to know …

.. that the tiniest gesture — a smile, a gentle look, a simple
pat on the arm, a soft word — can change a person’s life.
Before this very day is out, you are going to have a chance
to live in that possibility. Look. Watch. 
See what this day brings you. And be ready.  
If you believe I am exaggerating about this, please know
that I am not. Someone is waiting for that smile, that look,
that gesture from you right now.
Why do you suppose you just read this? Do you think this is
a coincidence?
Love, your Friend …

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“Are “YOU”… HAPPY — NOW”

This is a very  HAPPY to-be MAMA – – if ever I saw one lately – –  and all of the invited guests were all so HAPPY  – – to share in the “HAPPINESS FEELING”  that is in the air… today!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor

My “Grand-daughter, ALYSSA” – – just so HAPPY opening gifts for the  “Soon to-be BORN – – BABY-BOY” – – and her happiness makes me  so extra HAPPY … because soon – – I will be  adding something extra to my name – –  the word “GREAT” – – so… just as soon as everything happens – –  I will be  a “GREAT –  GRANDMA!”

Isn’t it wonderful how all of these wonders in the world take place – – everyone in the WORLD wanting this and that and causing such a commotion over not getting what they want – – but  – – here I am – – just sitting here  typing away – – and  “SOON” – –  and not…  because I did anything special – – or even deserve something extra special – – but – – just believing in the Almighty  blessing all of  “His CREATIONS”  – – with lots of little  extras along their walk in this LIFE TIME – – and for me – – just getting to be called a “GREAT-GRANDMA” – –  turns on all of  the  “Forth of July  Fire-Works” – – for little ole ME!

“If the old memory  wheels are still working – –  it just seems to ME – – that when  “Alyssa”  was a very little girl – – there was a special little  word always added to everything – – – and it seems that she would say – – in a very young and inquiring ways…”ARE YOU HAPPY…NOW?” – – and just those few words – – came after so may things – –  – – that and  until  NOW – –  – – I think that I understand.”

When one reads and understands “Psalm 139” – – that there is a “Master PLAN”  to our LIVES here on EARTH – – and so many of us have times that are good and also some  bad – – and sometime hard to figure out “WHY” am I here  and not  there – – and WHAT can I do  to change these things – – but there is a purpose – – and in our “WALK in LIFE” – –  some of our bad memories – – are offset by some extremely “GOOD”  and HAPPY MEMORIES – – just have to sit back and remember – – that “two plus two” still equals FOUR!     D.V.

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“President Donald Trump sends BIRTHDAY GREETINGS to KING AL”


Jaime Cardwell to Al Aldrich

January 9 at 6:55pm

😄 Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you have a great day! I love you sooo much!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text



You, Jill E. Rempala, Alyssa Leverenz and 4 others
Alyssa Leverenz Happy birthday Dad! I had fun celebrating today 😎🎈🎉❤️




Al Aldrich This is the best card I’ve ever got from the President!!





Mary Ellen Aldrich “Since the PRESIDENT sent me… a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARD” – – guess he will send – – HAPPY – “GREETINGS” to all of my FAMILY” too – – just LOVE a PRESIDENT – – that LOVES all of the CITIZENS of AMERICA ” **********

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January 13th, 2018 – “BABY Shower”

“What a wonderful day it was today… Saturday the 13th of January – – just so bright and sunny – – and not at all as cold as they forecast ed – – just maybe…  PRAYERS for a beautiful day for a “BABY SHOWER” were heard – – and the proof – –  it was just so WONDERFUL!”


It is  so wonderful… when you take the time to think – – that as busy as we all seem to be… TODAY – – We are all able to mark our calendar with  the date and time for a “BABY SHOWER”  – – and make it our business to be there – –  and on TIME! – – This…  was one of those  “SHOWERS” that had everything and even some extras – – and everyone that was invited – – did show up and with the house just so full of guests – – the arrangements for food and desserts and even gifts to be  “WON”   for some very nice prizes – – “OH” – – Can not forget – – one thing different – – when you left the  “BABY SHOWER”  – – there was a special gift just for each guest to take home – –  – – what a wonderful little surprise – – just makes everyone know that they were thought of – – – enough – – to see to it … that they also took home little reminders of the wonderful time that …  they spent with the expecting couple – – no one  is ever forgotten!

Just LOVE… this  little announcement of   “It’s a BOY”  – – – trailer pulled behind an AIR-Plane   – – it has been years and years – – since I have seen this in the … big BLUE SKY – – – guess no one has time for these little bits of extra excrement – – to let the whole wide world know – – when a brand new  little “BABY BOY” is born!


Image result for baby shower decorations

The next time you receive an invitation to a “SHOWER” – – be sure to reply – – and go  – –  to have just as much FUN as I did … TODAY!

If your FAMILY is young enough – – and there is enough LOVE to share with the whole wide wold — –  start planning NOW – – to  be ready – – make and or create new little items to take to the “BABY SHOWER” – – and plan on having as much  FUN  as we all can stuff  into  – – just  one little day – – just the  MEMORIES  of all  of  the FUN – – to share with all of the next  and up-coming  generations to come – – as  they are  all waiting for our invite – – 


“We need NEW PEOPLE… to step into our old shoes!”     D.V.

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