“Hi DADDY… I See You”

“What a miracle it is to be able to hold your first  “New Born Baby”  in your arms… “WOW” – – it is truly one of the greatest of experiences that  a man can have … just the holding of all that is most  “DEAR”  – – my very own “SON, Lex” – – my very own bundle of LOVE!” “I see  a bit of a smile on “Daddy”s”  cheek – – as he is gazing into the  face of  his  little baby, Lex – – because “Baby Lex”  is so happy to be held by  “DADDY” – –  he is trying to form the words…”I LOVE YOU… DADDY”  on his lips – –  as he is trying to open his eyes – – just enough to let his “DADDY” know… that this is the best place in the whole wide world – –  just  to be held in his “DADDY’s” arms!”






 The LOVE connection continues – – when  “BABY ” makes “three”  – – and it is time to go HOME from the Hospital – – under the  “watchful eye”  of DADDY” … all  can be calm –  – sweet and tender – – as  little baby Lex gets his  “forty winks”  on the shoulder of his DADDY – – and with such secure hands holding  baby  – – looks like the  HOME is running on  a smooth  and easy keel.

“I just LOVE this PHOTO – – with baby, Lex  so content on DADDY’s  shoulder – –  so many homes today – –  that have new born children just do not realize that – – there has to be lots of LOVE – – in the household to run smoothly – – above all …  try  remembering… plain ole peace and quiet – – and…  a   “baby” can tell before anyone – – that  to keep everything on a steady even keel – –  for  all … ‘every one’  can get plenty of rest to continue  into the next day – – full of vim  and vigor  to accomplish – – all of the necessary work that must  then and  NOW… be done!

***    *******   D.V.

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“6 Weeks old and Dressed Ready for WORK”

“This is what I look like   “TODAY” – – and  according to the calendar – – I am up to “Six Weeks of Age” – – and I feel as if… I am all dressed up…  to start  to work…NOW!”

“I know that you may  think…  that I am too young to start to work – – but…  have you ever  seen anyone better dressed – – including…  a brand new tie – – just what the men of today are wearing – – and when you look at this tie – – it just brings out the readiness in my  eyes  (my eyes just seem to sparkle with enthusiasm… don’t you think) … getting these  “fancy pants”  on is just what a man needs – – NOW…  I can dance up a storm – – and no wrinkles as I fly through the air… like  good old “Fred Astaire”  with  “Ginger Rogers” his leading lady of dance!



 “I was just thinking that may be – – a little  “old time” song  – – one you may not have heard for awhile with   some music might just  be needed here…  since I am ready to DANCE – – and this old song came to mind…”


“… as someone was saying…  that… “I was their  “SUNSHINE” – – but – then  maybe…  they were saying something…  just  about little ole  me, Lex   – – that…   I am their  favorite  “SON” in this “Family”  – – and  when the “SON  SHINES”  it is a wonderful day for all the world!”

“So…  with all of my singing and dancing – – I just might be hired to work  in the “MOVIES” – – they need young men like me – – to inspire them to make good MOVIES – –  “MOVIES”  that have young children that sing and dance… and  we will all have more good days ahead – – with even better tomorrows…for everyone!     D.V.

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“WOW” “When the SUN Shines” “Watch-OUT”

 “WOW” = “Women Out Walking”

“When the SUN Shines”  =  “New born “SON”   shines as the major event taker on his tour of the PARK – – is visited with  his “Aunt Jaime” – – which would be “MOM’s” younger sister!”

“Watch OUT” =  “When you see a new born baby in a very fine carriage  – – on a stroll – – on  one of the  “BEST  SUNSHINE DAYS”  through the PARK – – You will know immediately that our “ALMIGHTY CREATOR” is providing that fine weather for them to enjoy!”



…… In the 1940’s… we were told to PRAY together as a FAMILY – – because … if you do  – – then  that… FAMILY will be well BLESSED and stay together… forever!   Since  the  “TIMES”  were so different back  then – – compared to what  we  have and are doing   TODAY – – if you are also among us that are  much  older now  – –  something like I tell friends… in our  “second child-hood”  – – you  already know of what I am talking about.

Just thinking about those years… WWII was going on and everyone  was doing their best – – to save and conserve all resources – – so that  our “Service People” would have whatever   they needed to  “WIN the WAR” – – and come HOME safe and sound. Almost every FAMILY on your block would have a  small “STAR  FLAG”  hanging in their front windows – – indicating someone in the  WAR effort.

Some of my  little  friends and I would pull our wagons and go door to door – – collecting news-papers and magazines and taking to the collection posts to un-load  – – and we would also go  through the alleys and climb into the “ash-pits”  collecting any type   of material on the list – – that could be recycled – – and then to the next block – – until we had done our full share of work  –  just for the  WAR effort, too!

Now… that I think back – – what I miss most of those “good ole days” – – is the walking.  We young kids walked everywhere. We walked to “SCHOOL” back and forth – – and after School – – to our FRIENDS HOUSE – – and we would stand on the “side-walk” and call out … in a sing-song type of nice sounding  call.. “Oh… Mary Ellen – – can YOU come out and PLAY… Today!”  – And then we would  nicely sing-song  – – again and agin – – till someone came out of their house – – or someone  else would  just…holler “she can not come out today!” – – And off we would go – – to our next friend’s house.

As a small child – – we were  the “messengers” – – no matter who or where… Family – – Store…Grocery – Bakery – Drug, that is where the “ice-cream” would be purchased – – as the oldest – – I was that “MESSENGER” – –  and I would be sent alone – – with a note and or money… counted to the exact… one cent and or  even “mill” – –  could be a half-cent  or fraction of a cent for TAX!

What I was thinking – – that… “WALKING the BABY” is one of the best of all exercises to do. First of all – – out-doors  and fresh-air  go together… like so many of the old songs – – some you do not hear any more – – but just thinking of the  FUN – – have someone to WALK with – – chit-chat – – and walk and walk – – a mile or two  – – maybe even ten miles – – but  more  FUN – – and exercise make you feel so good – – YOU just want to do it everyday – – and with FAMILY and or FRIENDS  – – let’s just say – – we are making  “MEMORIES for EVER” – – and that is what LIFE…  is all about!

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“Almost the same as in 1962 – Today 2018”

“You would almost think that I had invested in the  “PHOTO MAKING”  business – – since…  I like to tell everyone to take more PHOTOS … of important events!”  “And “FIRST-TIME” parents will just LOVE seeing their children’s first PHOTOS – – of all of their “FIRST EVENTS” later in LIFE!”

This PHOTO was just taken last month of my “GREAT-Grandson, Lex”  and his MOM, my “GRAND Daughter, Alyssa” now a first time MOM… and she is so beautiful and so content which is a must for baby,Lex – – and for any MOTHER – – if she wants peace and quiet and harmony. One thing that I have seen  in different households – – is when the PARENTS are not  able to keep their selves “HAPPY”  when around the new born baby – – the cries… only because that is their only way to say – – “your being content makes for me to be even more content” – which means – – we all get a good night;s sleep!

 Just looking at this pose – – just had to look through some old  photo albums to see if I am remembering  – – almost a similar     PHOTO of myself – – and my first born,”LEE” only sixty years ago!

 “This is new born “BABY,  Al  – – and this Polaroid Photo taken on January the  16th – –  Al  was born on the 9th of January – – in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So in doing the easy math – –  “baby Al” is  now “one week old” – – this must be a night time feeding as it is dark – – and I see a bottle in the back ground – –  and guess everything is just  “top drawer” as  “baby Al” is yawning – – looks like he ready for more sleep for him and “forty winks” for me!

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“Taking 40 Winks – Here and NOW”

Just thinking and wondering about babies  and  what they think and or know about sleeping? When I saw this PHOTO  of our baby, LEX – – just had to post it  – – NOW – –  WOW  – – and when  ever – – soon I will go and find one of  “Gramps” when he was a baby – – and by GEORGE – – when “BABY” has had it – –  everything goes to the  “DO NOT DISTURB” mode – – Lights are off – – Noise is not heard – – and even the smell of more food – – just would not interfere with the  – -“taking 40 winks” – – right NOW – – just do not disturb me!


There is a very special place that all small infants go too – – It is that relaxing place  where their “ANGELS”  gather  and just kind of huddle over … being  near – – watching  and with  their wings  gently extended just in case there is a sudden  roll over  – – and or a wrong turn – – the “WINGS of ANGELS” hoover and  move so mysteriously – – in  fact they seem to work miracles – – that we humans have no idea of doing – – nor can we do – – even if we tried!


“Time Flies” when you are looking for an old PHOTO – – that you know you have – – have never posted it before – – so hours have gone by – – and so what you see – – is an example of when the “lights” go out – –  they are done for the day!”

This is “Uncle Lee” at about “eighteen months” of age – – and when evening came – – he would go to sleep early – – but he then…  would get up earlier  than any body else – – and I mean very early. Little Lee was born early in the day – – and being in the NAVY later on – – he still gets up with the “chickens’ – – as he has on his farm.”

“Little Lee” is still at the dining room table – – and the last to finish eating – – as I am doing the cleaning up – – and my next “to do” will be to carefully carry him to bed so the rest of us can get ready for bed – – as “LEE, SR.” sitting behind Little Lee – – also has to get to bed  – as he will be up  early and on to the “Lucky Boy Drive-In” – – have to have the “COFFEE” ready for customers – – and the grills on for those that like to grab their meals on the way to work!

“Now that I think about it – – everybody is on a “schedule” – – for as long as they  will live – – there is a certain TIME and a  most  definite  PLACE each of us has to be – – and with all of us running around just as fast as we all  can – – LIFE –  – just seems to run smoothly – – but…  just let one of  us  – – get off track – – maybe  even  try to do something  a little different –  – “WOW” – – the whole train  with all of  us people – – jumps  track – – and catastrophic – – eruptions  fall all over!”        “What a huge mess we made for ourselves – – just for the lack of   a  measly little ole… “40  more winks”  – – and  all  done… in just …  five more minutes!”      D.V.

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“Friday the 13th”

“When you grow too “OLD”  – – to do – – You have to just listen to some old tunes – – that just might revive the old gal – –  back to where she was – –  when  she was  just a sweet sixteen – – or even maybe a little bit older – – but just so that the   old brain cells get – – a rejuvenation  shot or two – –  to see if everything is still working ???”  D.V.






“Just sit back… and start to remember those “good ole days” – – when days went by so slow – – it was as if  the world was not even turning – – the day’s lasted longer than  “twenty-four” hours – –  no phones ringing  – – no cell phones  – – hardly even an automobile driving by – –  – – just a whole lot of TIME – – to do nothing at all!”

“WOW” – – “Just a whole lot of time to wonder… what will I be doing maybe five or ten years from NOW?”

“Back to reality – – there is no free time to wonder about anything – – TIME is going so fast – –  can not even  take TIME to think and or wonder about anything – – the DAY is OVER – – and tomorrow is almost here!”




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