“Tomorrow is the Big Birthday for Lee”

  “UP After – DOWN Before!”

When is the correct time  to put up the Christmas tree  and how long should you  leave the Christmas tree up? 



Comments,  that  I have heard… regarding children with birthdays within a week of Christmas – feel  they got the “short end of the stick!”

Seems like.. that if the birthday is too close to Christmas – the child is given more clothes for the one occasion, and maybe more toys the other…  but,  probably would have  received  much more…  had the birthday been near the middle of the year?

The money is in a short supply near the end of the year and a birthday  – it’s a big thumbs down!

Two families I know of …  the  one  young person  decided to celebrate  and  have his birthday in July.  For years, everything was just fine until he decided to join the  Marines. Seems the family had to scramble to find his birth certificate  – his birthday was  really in December and no  one even knew?

The other,  his birthday was the 24th of December and  in all his young years he received less than he thought he should have,  so…  he made up for the shortage, by making more money than he could ever use… and in the  end,  had no one to leave it  all   to?

So… with my sons and their birthdays being on the 5th of December and the other the 9th of January,  we wanted each to enjoy their birthday party on that date,   and  “Christmas”  on its date.  We all help  put up the Christmas tree after the 5th of December,   and  just as fast as possible…   after   “Little Christmas, January 6th” … the Christmas tree came down! 

The 9th of January  is ready for AL’s  birthday party  and friends…  all done  without a sign  and or a leftover  decoration  from the big Christmas Celebration! Everybody is Happy  and received more than enough of  all the things that they had  wished for, and even all  of the trips to see Santa  and also… so much that was requested on their letters to Santa!

It sure does pay off… for making  plans that are good for all of the family and sticking with a good plan –  for when the children are small  and everything is NEW and Wonderful… with lots of extra surprises and excitement –  it makes for good harmony in the household, and all the best of memories to last for a LIFETIME!     D.V.


Just happened on to this… as I was looking for  a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”  song… but this is a big “WINNER in my book”  – for all parents to see and to know – if you work with the small children when their brains are just waiting to get new information and something to do – and use all of the five senses  – what a wonderful world this is – and to think that each young child is born with all of these wonders!

“Thanks be to the Almighty Creator for giving  to us the wonderful  gift of children – and helping  them to  each be that extra special person that he created them to be – all for HIS Glory and Honor for ever and ever!

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“A #1 Favorite Birthday Party for Lee Jr.”

       “Happy Birthday…LEE”

No matter the weather…  no matter the age of the boy… when you  receive  your  “first PONY” …  you will be there no matter what it takes … to take good care  of   “Your DREAM”   come true!

This PHOTO  of  Lee Aldrich  Jr., and his best  “BIRTHDAY  PRESENT”  a  real live little “PONY” was   what I would call, “Top  Drawer”   of  all of the gifts received!

There was nothing in the world that would keep  “Little Lee”  from being outside in all the snow and ice or even in some rain, that “PONY”  was what  he  had wanted,  the mostest, in those days  and was  so LUCKY, that  he did receive the PONY of his DREAMS,  and he was NOW in Seventh HEAVEN, Snow  and or no Snow!

“Seventh Heaven” did not last too long” as you can see this PHOTO was taken in our backyard at “100 Cherbourg Drive, 63129”  and evidently  you can not have a “PONY”   in your backyard.    (that is a story for another time)

xooxxoxoxooxxoxoxoxo               xxooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

This next PHOTO is “LEE” at an  even   younger age for “Little LEE”  just  sitting  there at the “Keyboard”   and  all registered to start  taking  his first lessons … some “basic lessons”  to learn to play  and make some good music  while playing.This PHOTO is when we were  living in “Fort Lauderdale,  Florida” and my husband, Lee Sr., was one of the partners  in managing and running  the “TOPPERS Restaurant and Lounge” and of course,  when  they  want you and  you are  to be in on the  updating  of the  “LOUNGE”   you  will need a “PIANO”… so why not make a  ‘sweetheart’ deal … one that all  of  your FAMILY will like, such as a little something in the HOME… for  our little LEE… to learn to PLAY!

If  and that is a big “IF” … I could  always have my  own way… every  “HOME  IN AMERICA” would have a “PIANO”  for the children to learn to play.

Just as soon as the children can… and I mean early… they should start to learn  all about music … lessons… practice but, with   a serious course of study  as is  usually  the case, PIANO is  maybe good for everyone but then there could be some children  that would like another instrument better.

“MUSIC” It is the same as learning another language, the brain  is enhanced  immediately making for the learning ability to increase so much  and even more so, that  all  of the  other subjects taken in class at school, become easier and just does so much more for the person’s personality  in all  of  the areas of their LIFE…  and for all of  the years, for their  entire LIFE.  

Check with anyone that took music lessons early in their LIFE… learning is easier  as is the life choices that they will be making, and I feel  that the whole wide world  would be so much better, just to make this one serious change early in the LIFE style… for all  of the children in AMERICA.     D.V.

“Only two more days, the   “5Th”   is almost here  and a big BIRTHDAY PARTY WISH   goes out  to our most  favorite … “A #1″ … BIRTHDAY PERSON!” 

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“A # One Big BIRTHDAY Coming UP”

This is a very extra  special PHOTO of  “BABY AL”  with  “big brother LEE Jr.!”   This PHOTO  took  “first place” in the hearts of all the FAMILY.

Sent this PHOTO to our  “Aunt Irene Riley”  and she had it blown  up and passed  copies on to everyone. She thought this PHOTO  was  “TOP of the HEAP”  just to look at it and  start thinking,  what were the thoughts of  “Big LEE” and  “baby AL”  as he is  holding his  “ear” to hear, looking  so attentive  to hear all that his  “BIG BROTHER” has to say.


Lee 3 001Same table, but since we have guests,  little LEE Jr.,  the BIRTHDAY BOY is  now  at the head of the table and still so young, as we are  having  relatives, so that we did  have to lengthen the table to accommodate, all the extra   family   as they came  bearing gifts  and then for the very young children, you do have to  make a big production of the  “BIG BIRTHDAY”  which is just for them, and so that they will remember for always, otherwise  “HOW” does a small child know …  that this  once a year big “HOLIDAY Celebration”  is to  help them  to know  that we are doing everything that we can… to make this… their very “OWN” and extra  “special” day?

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY”  to  Lee Jr.  and many  many more…!”

P.S. “One more  time… just  for you to grow on!”

“Just remember… he  and or she that does not sing along – does not receive some cake and ice cream… and  so…let’s hear it again, nice and loud so that they can hear it all the way down to Grand Avenue!     D.V.

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“Do DREAMS Have a Meaning or NOT”

It was just about that time in the evening when we should be going  to bed, when I took a look out the window and saw a car pulling  up in front of our house. I did not see anyone getting out of the car and saw no one walking on the sidewalk?  Started thinking that maybe I had missed something,  so I started retracing my steps and was checking to see if I had missed someone or something happening outside.

This picture of ME, standing at the front outside corner of our old house that we lived in at least a hundred years ago, is the house that I am talking about

Some times when we are thinking about those times that we have forgotten about so long ago, and I know that everything is changed and not at all the same, no matter what, but… that there must at least be some old unfinished business to remember, but how, what  and where do we go to get that  totally unknown event or matter  updated and resolved today?

Over a period of time, and a long time at that, some miniscule thing may have had a long enough time to grow and or even  develop enough to where that NOW a message is starting to come  into a necessary message that, I must take a second look at… just to see and determine if it is  that time to forgive and forget, or if that something is more serious  and it is necessary to take a  more drastic  action  or what am I not seeing and understanding   to do at this time?

I went to the front door and opened it, and to my surprise, there my MOTHER was standing with a large box in her arms. I did not hear the doorbell ring and heard no knock, and she must have been standing there for a few minutes. I know that she does drive a car as she never did that I know of, and I could not believe that if was  her and ME  standing at the front door?

I must have rolled over in my bed, at that point…I am waking up as it is the first of December, and now I do not know what to do … should I try to get reconnected in my DREAM… to see where this is going… or what?

I am half asleep and just  not really ready to get up and out of bed, and at the same time thinking   and wondering what and why and what is next to happen  – I am at the door with my MOM  and holding this doll and the BRAIN does not want to cooperate in going back to sleep.

So NOW… it looks like I may have to think about this DREAM a little more today and maybe when I go to bed tonight… I will be  able to pick up where I left off… and see where and what is the full meaning of this  sweet DREAM?       D.V.

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“How To Make The Most Amazing Cornbread”

This Is The One Side Dish People Always Ask Me To Make


Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 50 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Servings: 12


  • 1 cup cornmeal
  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 1/3 cup sugar
  • 2 tbsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2/3 cup oil
  • 6 tbsp butter melted
  • 2 eggs beaten
  • 2 1/2 cups milk


  1. In a mixing bowl, combine the cornmeal, flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt.
  2. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients, and add the oil, butter, eggs, and milk.
  3. Stir just until combined.
  4. Pour the batter into a greased 9×13” baking pan.
  5. Bake at 350° for 45-50 minutes.

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“For Crying Out Loud- For Pete’s Sake”

“You have to have some words or phrase of some kind to say that will not hurt the ears of those standing near by. You do not want to  say something that will hurt their ears!…For Crying out LOUD and or For Pete’s Sake…alive!”

              “For Peteie’s Sake Alive”


For Pete’s sake! … They originated as substitutes for something stronger—“for Christ’s sake,” “for God’s sake,” “for the love of God,” and so on. The Oxford English Dictionary explains that the name “Pete” in these exclamations is chiefly “a euphemistic replacement” for God

(Sometimes Pete’s is capitalized, about a third of the time it isn’t.) Of the 15 hits for “for pity’s sake” half appear to be using it as an equivalent of “for Pete’s sake“.

1 Answer. Minced oaths are a sub-group of euphemisms used to avoid swearing when expressing surprise or annoyance. In the Wiktionary there are a lot of synonyms ‘for crying out loud‘. … People start off by saying ‘for – Christ’s sake’ and then switch to the more acceptable ‘ for – crying out loud


For crying out loud

Used to express frustration, exasperation, or annoyance.


In the Wiktionary there are a lot of synonyms ‘for crying out loud’. I don’t think that ‘for crying out loud’ means ‘for Christ’s sake’. I think that it is an expression in its own right. While ‘for Christ’s sake’ is offensive, ‘for crying out loud’ is not.

What does it actually mean?

If you hurt yourself when doing a job, then to say ‘Shit!’ is understandable.

If in these circumstances, someone shouts out ‘sugar’, ‘sugar’ is understood to mean ‘Shit’, without saying shit.

People replace the word Shit with the word Sugar, because they both begin with a similar sound.

There is probably a similar mechanism ‘for ….’. People start off by saying ‘for – Christ’s sake’ and then switch to the more acceptable ‘ for – crying out loud’.

You could say this is an example of a snowclone, where a familiar phrase is given a slightly different meaning. (I have seen the explanation of snowclone, and it is slightly confusing.)

Because ‘for crying out loud’ is a substitute for something else, it is difficult to find its meaning. Whereas, if you said ‘for Christ’s sake’, it would be clear that this was an appeal for divine intervention.

What the hell does “Suffering Sucatash” mean???

There is an explanation of this from another forum which is now closed. The explanation is essentially the same as the explanation above. However it does introduce a new word – malapropisms.

There was a rejection of Profanity in the mid 1800’s, Victorian Age, so the common people developed a wide variety of malapropisms to avoid swearing on Holy names.


Definition of ’for pity’s sake

You can say for pity’s sake to add emphasis to what you are sayingespecially when you are annoyed or upset.


‘Run, Katherine. For pity’s sake run!’ he screamed.


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…every life matters equally, every voice matters equally, every story matters equally…”  David Isay, founder of StoryCorps”

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