“Fathers’ Day June 17th, 2018”

       “Father’s Day at Fairgrounds Park”

Doubles 001

Nothing like a “PARK” within walking distance to your  “HOME” – – because you can then enjoy  all  of the big  FAMILY  with RELATIVES and  FRIENDS  or even the Neighbors  getting together  –   there are  “PARK” benches with lots of nicely mowed green grass for he children to play and run around  to play  GAMES – – while you find the perfect spot to set-up the REFRESHMENT table – – and  your  much bigger containers filled with blocks  of  ice … to keep all  of those favorite drinks ready  – for all  – to cool down – – at just the right moment.


2-4-13 001

Here we are… my brothers,  DENNY Jr.,  and TOMMY and “ME” – – and to have  this wonderful lake  – – right in the middle of   “FAIRGROUND PARK”  – –  and  also the bridge – – as you can see in the background – – sure  does make  for lots of FUN —  as we have so much ground to run around on – – and  then   we know  finally…  end up  near the “LAKE”  for a real good  cool down  – as you see us having our picture taken – together!

In Baby Karen 001the 1940’s this is what I  can call a very  perfect
FATHER’s DAY”    PHOTO … “FATHER and Children” and in this PHOTO – – – we even have our “brand new baby”   our little  sister, “EVE KAREN” – – this is a very special day to all  of  us – to  be able  –  – to have this PHOTO of a HAPPY DAY – – when we were all together!  

In   LIFE… we are each on a “journey” and some of us are designated to be together …in a FAMILY setting – –  and then sometimes – – our “journey” takes one or two of us out  of this FAMILY – causing grief and sorrow – – and at other TIMES great JOY and LOVE – – but that is what this   “JOURNEY” is all about – – we do need to learn different lessons – – on HOW and WHEN to make changes  – – look for the TRUTH and LIGHT – – that the CREATOR of us… is providing  for  our needs  – – and  in the end …we each reap that which we  did sow … 

Looking back… each generation from  as  far back… has done all that they thought was to be  the  “PATH” for them – – and their  NEW FAMILY  – – but when someone…takes the TIME to look back and see  the LESSONS… that  each previous generation went through – and then…   if and what they  may have  accomplished – –  then…   and a big  MAYBE … “ONE” can start to understand  – – if only   there would have been a  more perfect  “LOG of EXPERIENCE”  passed on down  – – to the next generation  – but in this LIFE – – each generation feels – – that they have  a NEED and or  a right  – – to do it  “THEIR WAY” – –  not using any of the previous  generations  experiences – so  NOW –  COMES  more unnecessary   suffering in their life  to  justify  a redoing of  the  very same old  mistakes…   ANCESTORS before and  all along   their  way – – have suffered – – and for what?

Let us all learn to be content with that which we have – – our PATH in LIFE  can be more enjoyable if only we all cooperate with each other – – our FAMILY – – the NEW FAMILY – – the In-LAWS and all of the extensions of FAMILY – – as in this day and age of TIME!

“May the Almighty Yahweh bless all FAMILIES…  this “FATHERS’ DAY” – – Today and Forever – – exceedingly more than they expect – – so that the FAMILY that PRAYS together – – will stay together… ever more!”     D.V.

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“To My DADDY…from Alyssa”

When I ran across this “Father’s Day Card” and from little Alyssa – – some years ago – – everyone knows that if something lands in my “hands” – – it will be saved… forever!

For “Father’s DAY” this JUNE 17th, 2018 – – I am posting for “FATHERS” everywhere – – if you did not receive a card – – consider this card for YOU, too!

 When I read these words on this card  – – when I found it among lots of old mail and cards – – just thought that  these words were so nice for a FATHER to read – – and know that his child LOVES him and also thinks that these words apply to him and his children… today!


…   Left inside of card message….

and  Right inside of card…

The best part of  a card – – for whatever the occasion… is the personal message that is added  and in the sender’s own handwriting – – that really tells the story of LOVE – – better than any printed words – – even if they come from the best of the  “card companies” – –   It is the message from the HEART of the SENDER – – that is worth millions!

“And of course – – these messages and writings   are  from ME – – and as I say – – in “MY BOOK”  – – which means to the world – – if  YOU do not agree – – that  is your prerogative!”

“May the Almighty Creator that gave FATHERS and Mothers  the good children that they receive – – continue to BLESS each of HIS creations this FATHERS’ DAY – – with extra special BLESSINGS!”     D.V.

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“June 17th, 2018 Father’s Day”

You can tell  – – just by looking at this old PHOTO  — that this is when the world was in “better times” – – when you take the time to think about the past – – and do a little comparing – – how and what we were doing  – – way back in the 1930’s – – what do you think??

“DADDY and ME!”


Looking at me – – – in the strong arms of  my “DADDY” – – I am sitting on top of the world!  Being the first child in the FAMILY – -I am taken everywhere – -I am getting to meet all of the FAMILY  and FRIENDS – and from what my MOTHER told me – everyone liked me and wanted me to visit them – evidently – – the one thing that which –  I do  even  NOW – – I was doing then – – and that  was  asking questions – – asking  “WHY”  was the one word – that I used more than any other…  just wanted to know  WHY  everything was the way it was?

One story that – – my MOTHER told me  – – was  that  when  she had the refrigerator  door open – she was  getting something  out  –  – and walked  away just long enough – – and I was just the right size to stand there – – looking in at all of the food – – – and what a “mystery” to me – – was  the wire basket full of “FRESH EGGS?”  – – I had round balls – – that were small – -about the size of those eggs – – and must have been trying to make a connection – – as to “WHY” my toys would be in there??

So…  before she knew what I was up to doing – – I had taken hold of one egg – – and threw it down on the floor – – – and just looking at the broken egg on the floor – – and not   able to figure out why…   this ball  did not   bonce    up and back to me – – the mess – – just did not look right – – so I am guessing to see what was wrong – – I grabbed another egg – – and threw it…  also down to the floor! As my MOTHER turned around – and saw the mess – – I started to cry – – as   there was something happening here – – and I did not know about eggs – – and that these were not balls for me to play with.

I am guessing that after – – someone would be telling me more – – about what I could touch and what to keep my little nosy hands off – – before there was too much damage done!

This…   “PHOTO” of me and  DADDY is one of my   favorites – – you can see that I have my shoes and socks on – – and I always knew – -I was then ready to go somewhere – – and as you can see my “HAND”  is busy pointing to where we should be going – – and it sure was good to be up so high – – so as to see and be able to be  the “director” of where we were going and what we would be doing!

“It sure does pay… to be  DADDY’s”  little girl!”  It was always FUN… to get to travel in style – – being carried in the arms of   “DADDY

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Flag Day June 14, 2018


Today is… “Flag Day” – – are you flying your  AMERICAN FLAG – – with all the gusto and honor that it deserves?

I can still remember that during the WWII days – – there were Parades and American Flags flying so often – – of course there was no “TV” distraction… all Americans had more important things to do working and saving all that they could – – so that our service men overseas – – would be able to have that which they needed – – to do  everything needed – – even if it cost them  their  very  young LIFE…  to protect AMERICA – – to keep all of us  Americans FREE!

The music by ” George M. Cohen”   




When you listen to this music about the “LAND that YOU LOVE”  – – you get “Goose Bumps”  – – and just watching our beautiful American FLAG Flying – – just the knowing  of all those young men and women – – that went to WAR for us – – and so many never came HOME – – they gave their all – – and for us not to show respect – – as some do – –  as seen on “TV” – –  there should be  a penalty  of disgrace hung around their necks – – as there is no better Country than America – – since the proof  is – – some many people seek AMERICA for their FREEDOM – – even if  it kills them – – just trying to do so illegally.

When I was a young girl, my brothers and I, were always singing the songs of America and for America, especially of  each service branch.  When we were on a bus or a streetcar, my youngest brother, TOMMY  –  the Show Man,  of the FAMILY would march up and down the aisle singing , and  had everyone join in.  Everyone in the mid 1940’s was PRAYING and Singing those songs that UNITED AMERICA – – across the  whole NATION – – and we were all PROUD to be AMERICANS!

Everybody  –  Fly  the Flag!   –  and sing  –  America!   And never forget to ask our Almighty YAHWEH  to Bless AMERICA – – now and  for always!     D.V.

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“June 8th, 1952 Graduates”

These PHOTOS were taken just before leaving German St. Vincent Orphanage – – our class  – – in my book was the best – – and the world was going to be terrific when we left here – – to make it big as one would say – – and NOW… I wonder – – did we do what we all thought we were going to accomplish?

The “Eighth Grade Girls”  are under the  “American Flag” and now if anyone can remember where you were standing – – let me know – – I have an idea of where I am – – but…  after 67 years … who would remember where and or what they were doing?

The seventh grade girls are in the area up front – – and without a list of the names of these girls – – I just could not say for sure – – all though a few names come to mind – – but let me know if one of these are YOU!

This is our “Cooking Class” PHOTO – – and I do not know that we ever – – really had what you wold call a real “COOKING” lesson  – – and never ever made any dish of something to do later after leaving  St. Vincent’s     — -some of us worked in the KITCHEN and or the BAKERY – – and there you did get a real hands on – – of what to do – – but the recipes used  were not discussed – – and all I can tell you – – is that working in the BAKERY was FUN work for me. Sister Augustella was a top notch NUN – – FUN  and always gave us nice treats to eat with a cup of coffee.

On… JUNE 8th, 1952 this PHOTO of me was taken and as soon as my MOTHER would be ready to call a cab to collect all of my earthly possessions – – we would be leaving here for good!

In the back ground is standing a classmate,Gail Porter – – and lately she said this is not her – – that it is Elma Rutherford a classmate – – one of the girls that would be leaving to join the Sisters of Christian Charity  order of NUNS in Wilmette, Illinois. But… I have never seen Elma stand so nice – – nor ever dressed as in this PHOTO  – never used jewelry and this dress is one that none of the girls had available as far as I can remember – -So If someone with better eyes can see something that I do not see – – let me know?

In the above “Kitchen” photo  – Elma and Gail are standing close together on the left – –  Maybe  some  one can see a match and or correct me – –  wearing glasses today – – my eyes are not what they used to be!

To all the classmates and friends that are still living  –  May the Almighty Yahweh bless  – – with many  more Blessings and LOVE – – than ever before!     D.V.

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“All GONE”

“When is the last time you heard… “ALL GONE” and was it really… “ALL”  gone?”

 This  is the first time that… I had received  a “Tulip bulb” arrangement in a vase – – with directions to water – – only when the water level is lower than  the bulb with the roots  plainly seen – – and looking like they will last a long time – – at least as long as they are given water.

This “Tulip” plant lasted a good month – – but then…   the arrangement seem to shrink – – the  “GREEN” leaves started to decay and just dry up  – – not entirely falling away.  So… I carefully held the plant in place with one hand and  did empty the water  from the vase and filled to the proper level  – – with fresh and clean water. 

Now… looking at the bulbs in the bottom of the VASE – – it seemed to me – – as though  – – just maybe a new bud with bloom would be coming out from the bottom – – and maybe – – new LIFE?

So… a few more days – – and I am watching to see – – if  and or  – – what else could I do to  HELP this plant  pour forth more  “BEAUTY” – –  so I observe – – and nothing seems to be  coming along as I thought … maybe or perhaps?

NOW… it dawns on ME  – – when I first received this GIFT – – I should have done some research – – to see just exactly — what is the correct procedure for caring for a beautiful “TULIP” plant!

“Not having a “GREEN” thumb – – I NOW know… what I need to do … immediately – – if not sooner – – to keep beautiful  – – and to  last as long as they were intended to be… Alive and be BEAUTIFUL… to the EYE!     D.V.

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