“Recalling Remembering Remembrances Recollections”

This is one photo of MOM… that I took as little brother Tommy  was taking a turn at playing something  on the piano… that required two extra hands … that could complement the other piano player… and have FUN … all at the same time!

Those sure were the days when we would have FUN doing things that  required that you  ‘DO’ …want to have Fun… and you must be sure to do your part… that will eventually get some real good laughter going… and with a Photo or two… you know that… always and  forever and a day… later on… you will  once again,  remember just how much Fun you did have… and will want to do it  all over again!

This is one of those days when little TOMMY… hit bottom.

On this particular Sunday… the Orphanage had a PICNIC going on and Tommy wanted to go,  so  that he could meet up with some of his old Classmates… and ride my bike ( it was a boys bike) which was okay with me.

It is a good distance from Saint Louis… straight  out Natural Bridge and to the Normandy area… but the weather  was terrific and Tommy was full  of vim and vigor… so much so, that when he did get to Orphanage… he did  just like he usually will do… performs a show for his friends.

Maybe just a little too much ‘show’ … as on some  of the gravel road area…  that he was doing these fine maneuvers … Tommy did a high flying crash down on an incline of the road area…sliding down on his bare arms… and lots of the loose gravel became embedded and he is now … not about to let anybody know just how much pain and how bad he feels… as all he can think of…how do I get home?

When little  Tommy finally got home on the bike… all scratched up and the bike looking like it went through a WAR… of some kind… he was very quiet and went to his room to rest… and did not want me to say anything to our MOTHER. His pain got so bad toward evening… I just had to tell MOM about his problems.

We had to take Tommy to the City Hospital Emergency Room… where they  did fixed him up.

The above photo shows  all of us the next day… all tired out from long hours the previous evening in the hospital…  and TOMMY all stretched out resting from the drugs and medicine to heal him… and we are all just taking it easy on a nice Summer Sunny Day… with very little conversation going on… about the terrific-o-o  “BIKE” trip!

Big Denny and little Denny Jr., with MOM and we are in the backyard of Mom’s sister, Irene Riley… as everyone in the family wants to see the new addition to our family… this is back in 1940… and little Denny looks like he is just waiting to be able to get up and  go… on those legs that he is exercising just getting strong and ready!

Some families multiply… as you see above… MOM holding one of the twins, Eve Karen… and now  as the oldest… I am holding MOM’s purse and on the left side of this photo is Tommy and Deeny Jr., is on the right side… and we are starting to grow in size and in new members… just doing what a good family is supposed to do… besides having too much FUN!

“Just have to remember some of the good ole days and what we did and believe that we all  did walk down that good road… as it is stated in Psalm 139… as some of the family are no longer here on Earth… but I’m guessing in Heaven… enjoying the rewards of a good and faithful servant… that  which… we all want to be and do!”

“LOVE and still miss all of the family,  that are no longer here… so have a tremendously  good and Happy  Birthday Party in Heaven!”        D.V.     xoxoxo

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“Happy Birthday to the BEST of MOMs”

This  is the most terrific day of days!

The weather is just right and everyone has let me know that it is your Birthday… and they  are also singing with me that favorite song of songs…”Happy Birthday to Marie… the best of all MOMs’ in the world!”

“Just have to add one of the Photos that I always liked the mostest and have  hanging up for all to see and ask me about!”

This is also one of those prize finds of mine… when I  was doing what I do best… looking into everything and all boxes high up in the closets that no one  else seem either  to know about… and or completely forgot about?

When I was very little… and my Mother was wondering what I was doing… because I was so quiet… She would ask, “Me Ellen what are you doing?’

And since I was just nosy and too young and little to use the correct words in a sentence… I would answer… “I’m doing!”

Seems that I was that nosy and  most doing child in this world, because … that is the same way that I am today!   “I’m doing… I do not know what I am doing…but, will continue doing… and maybe someday…I  will really know what I am doing!”

So… one other prise find for me is the next PHOTO of my MOTHER… and again … could never figure out “WHY” these photos were never hung up on the walls of  our home for all to see?

Evidently there is something wrong with them to  MOM… but, I sure can not see what is wrong…in my book… they are terrific!


To me… this is a real prize photo…  in the photos of babies that are taken today… just seems not  to have all of the  above preparation put into the taking of a “Baby Photo” as they have  done in the above photo!

Maybe… because little Marie was the thirteenth child and the last … they wanted everyone to know that she was extra special by adding some jewelry… and that is how…  it was done back in the good ole days of the turn of the Century!

Since this is  also… an extra special “BIRTHDAY” remembrance… must add some music that MOM likes  and hope this will fill the bill…

and… “The Best Of Classical Music”

Lang Lang wowed tourists in the ‘City of Love’ on Valentine’s Day 2019 as he gave a unique album launch concert in Paris on a boat cruising along the Seine, performing pieces from his new album, Piano Book, such as the French classic ‘Clair de lune’ by Claude Debussy. With ‘Piano Book’, Lang Lang goes back to his first love – to the pieces that made him want to become a musician in the first place. “I dedicate this album to my wonderful piano students and all my friends around the world who love the piano as much as I do.” Rediscovering the most popular and accessible pieces written for learners and lovers of the piano, this album is a journey of inspiration, of discovery, fantasy and learning. ‘Piano Book’ gathers together many of the miniatures that generations of amateur pianists have grown up with. Lang Lang holds them in the highest regard, believing them to be classics in their own right. He wants to encourage piano students across the world to fully appreciate them. Enjoy the video of this famous poetic piece along the landmarks of Paris by night.

“Just have to add some flowers on the table to  let you know that I remember how much you also…  like to have flowers in the garden  growing  year round …and also some  flowers brought in… and put  in an extra special  vase on the dining room table.”

And one more favorite…

“The Sun-Set Cat  just… outside… looking for you!”

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“Just One More Day …Then We Sing”

Just have to start out with this Photo  of my “Mother” when she was…  but a young child. Since she is so nicely dressed  in what does look like a “PARTY DRESS” and also photographed … and also the “thirteenth” child… and there were not to be any more children…  as some of the elder brothers were married, and having children… so  may as well start celebrating with some photos as remembrances!

As I look at this Photo… I recognize  some of the very same features in  the generations that have been born … and it is good to see familiar  features and abilities that pass on to the next generation in hopes that all are as smart  and well talented as the past generation and continue on down the lines.

That is “MARIE Brady” at the age of thirteen… standing on the right. Looks like a day spent at one of the cousins home to do some extra “BAKING”… as in those days the young girls were learning to make all kinds of good foods from scratch… as they had large family get togethers… and the men all enjoyed lots of good food

Do not remember how old “MARIE” is on this Photo…and she is on the right… with an old friend “Hazel”… someone she knew for  many years.

This could have been at the “Fairgrounds Park” as it was the largest of Parks, and so many of the “BRADY FAMILY” lived  in different directions  all around… so close and easily in a good walking distance, as everyone loved to walk in those days … sometimes for hours, just to see all the new building  and enlarging of the Saint Louis area.

Since “MARIE’s” Birthday is tomorrow… just thought that I would include different pictures of the different time stages in her LIFE, as  TIME flies by so fast… only one hundred years… and most of the people alive today, have no idea of what was really going on  back then… when the, “Living was Really GOOD.”

…As I remember… if you were with family and just a walk in and or around the neighborhood… you were expected to just drop in… and before you knew it… the family would in no time at all have food and drink for you and something  extra special for the small children!

I remember as I was one of the small children, and besides something to eat… we would be offered some new games and toys to play with and we could take them home with us as we left.

It was always a good time for me… as I remember always having been ask… “Did you get enough”… and or “Do you want some to take with you”… as these were those years during WWII and I guess everyone living in those days, was always wanting to help everyone… whether they needed help or not?

The other important things to everyone… was asking about those that had family enlisted in the WAR effort… How are they and do you hear from them” and the other thing…”Do you need some of my ration coupons, as I have some that I will not need and maybe you could use?”

Back then…Family and Friends were right there helping one another… America was still growing and growing stronger by helping each other and working for the winning of the WAR!

“Just remembering those good old days with MOM and the family and wishing you… “MOM” a very Happy Birthday…  where BIRTHDAYS  are NOW very exciting to be celebrating, and  with so many of the Family!”  xoxoxo

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“Learning to Drive the Vehicle You Bought”

There does come a day in your LIFE Time, that you do want to learn to DRIVE the vehicle… that you just purchased!

 When I found this next PHOTO of  my Mother in an old box of photos, that no one looked at for years… as I was now in High School and was very nosy…  and always  a very curious nosy type …checking out old boxes of stuff in closets… as I was tall and could reach further than my Mother… and so curious of  what and why some stuff was never look for or at… on those higher shelves?

My Mother told me that these new vehicles were at this location near where she was going and decided to take a look at them…

This was in the 1930’s and this “Salesman” talk her into buying this vehicle. She said she did not know how to drive… so he gave her  some instructions  for about an hour… driving in and or  around the area  of Natural Bridge…  and it  did seem that she got the hang of it.

So “MOM” knew the streets and decided to  head for  home… somewhere along the way… something happened and the vehicle stopped and she did not know what to do. She called home to have my DAD come and get her… and so this photo was taken at the time!

This where we lived.

All of the streets leaving this subdivision, where we lived were hills… leading up to Natural Bridge and if you did not know how to drive up a steep hill… you just could not get the vehicle up and out to get to town.

Something that I remember so well… as I Was just old enough to get scared of something happening… and of course that would stay with you forever!

On this particular day… a nice Sunny day… all three of us … Tommy and Denny and ME were put in the backseat of the vehicle… and told to be good and quite and not say anything to disturb my Dad from giving my MOM some driving lessons.

Evidently MOM was driving up and down the street that we lived on… and I guess she was getting the idea that she had a  “good feel”  for the next step… to try to go up one of these hills and get to Natural Bridge and  then into Saint Louis … to see and visit with the family.

“This is the part that I remember so well… just as if … it was happening right NOW!  MOM is making a left turn to go up this hill… and as you usually go slow making turns… you do have to have the speed to move the vehicle up a hill…lots of speed!”

Well… not enough speed… we are now going backwards…down the hill… and I do not know… if this was an automatic vehicle, or a vehicle that you would need to shift? Naturally we kids in the back seat start to cry and not knowing what to say… we are scared that something terrible is going to happen!

Some how or the other … we were back in the middle of the street that we live on…MOM did not quit… she was going to do this… if at all possible and so …we all get set for another try.   For some reason or the other… no more tries to drive this vehicle… in fact never ever again … and not a word about it

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“MOMma to be “120” on the 25th”

“No. 1 MOMMA!”


My “MOTHER” was  and is for always…  “A- #1” … all the way! This picture is of me as a new baby and the first of six children.

Being the first  child was a “LUCKY” position to be in…  that is…  in the birth-order as I have read,  so many years ago,  but as I saw and heard lots of stuff in  just our family, some  things  happening… that made me very sad  to learn and then  having  to realize… that “MOTHER-HOOD” is very difficult  for some  Mothers, something which is  very tough for many young Mothers,  especially … if you just  happen to be married to the wrong type of  a husband. 

When all is said and done … here on earth, I am  very  grateful and “Thankful” …  that I received my “Mother” to be my extra special  and most  Wonderful of all Mothers… “MY MOTHER” Marie Brady-McClarren!


My wish for Almighty Yahweh is…  to bless all those women that will become “MOTHERS” … to be the very  best “MOTHERS”  that they can be…  and that  all of their children will always  and forever … remember to “LOVE their “MOTHER” the mostest!”

When all is said and done here on EARTH… we each  start out from scratch and have to learn from our parents… all about LIFE from what our parents had to learn from their parents… and as you and everyone does know… we are all so different in the way that we learn… and not all of us learn everything as well as we should!

So… here I am  remembering that “MOM’ will be the big “120”  and on the “25th” day of this month… just Lucky that I am here to remember all of our good times and events of all those years long past… and then…  that in the not too far away times to come… we will all be celebrating even more and better times… where all things that happen will be on a much grander scale than we could ever think possible!

The big  day is a coming… what  you might say… right around the corner!

“Love and Blessings to the best of all MOM’s!”    D.V.

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“Sending Love and Blessings to MOM in Heaven”

There is nothing like  taking the time to look at old PHOTOS of those in the BRADY FAMILY!

These Photos are what  you might say … highly prized as they were taken in the early 1900’s in North Saint Louis, on Warne Avenue and in the second Photo  … you see two of the “Four Frandmas” of which  the “fourgrandmas.com”  was founded.

In this first photo , you see Mr. Thomas  F. Brady … and he came from Ireland when he was eighteen years old,,, and since they did not keep good records of their ages in Ireland… while at Ellis Island on entering… if you could reach the bottom of your ear with your fingers…while stretching your hand  up and over the top of your head… you were consider eighteen years of age.

Marie Brady sitting on the right of the stairs, would be the thirteenth and last child in the Brandy family, and will become one of the “four grandmas” that I write about, as many years from the date of the above photo…  she will become my Mother!

The young lady sitting next to Marie is Martha Hoffman, and her family  did own this four family flat.

To own good property like this four family flat… was the thing to do… as I can tell you another story about this property that happened in the year that President  John F. Kennedy was shot!

Evidently this must have been an occasion to remember as several Photos were taken… with the people on these two  photos and  others…  with some other relatives  and  some  are not known… to me!

On the left, in this photo is another of the “fourgrandmas.com” people that I talk about and add her PHOTO … from time to time.

This is Mrs. Thomas F. Brady and she is English, coming over from England with some members of her family.

Anne Elizabeth Smart…  was her name, and I guess that is where we received our “Smarts” as there are some in the family that were  “smart” and some others… still are very smart.

It is nice to have some  extra special things that you know about some of the family.. and then try to figure out if they were naturally so and so …or if there is an extra special gene that we all have… that makes us so smart?

Today is getting close to Marie’s Birthday… and so I just have to think about her… and if it is possible that where she is now… in Heaven… knows that I am also thinking about her and remembering some of the stuff, that she did tell me about all of the family and that I still would like for her to be around… just to pass on some more good tales about all of the old family… that are now  with her… in the great beyond!

“Have the best of Birthdays in Heaven… knowing that we are thinking about you… and remembering all of the good times… so long ago!”         D.V.      xoxoxoxoxoxo

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