On July 1st, National US Postage Stamp Day recognizes the ease and simplicity with which we can send and receive mail. A stamp represents payment for the delivery of a letter or a package.  

The United States issued its first postage stamp on July 1, 1847. At that time, stamps were not required. A letter could be mailed without a stamp and delivery paid for by the recipient. In 1855, the postage stamp became mandatory. 

Philately is the study of stamps and postal history. Stamps often have a fascinating history. Everything from the inspiration and the artist to the postal rate in a given year affects the value of a stamp. Collectors look at quality and rarity as well.  

While the digital age may have slowed the flow of snail mail, it doesn’t reduce the excitement associated with receiving a letter or a card in the mail. A handwritten note in an envelope with a postage stamp in the corner holds so much more charm than most of the emails people receive. A colorful postcard from an exotic location or missive with crayon-drawn artwork improves one’s day when it comes delivered by a familiar postal worker.

Birthday wishes that come via text message or social media are one thing, but an unexpected delivery through the mail in a bright envelope brings more smiles than all the likes in the world. 


Put a stamp on it! Celebrate the day by mailing a letter or postcard to someone you know. Visit the Classroom Pages for a variety of postcards you can download and print. You can also start a stamp collection. If you’re creative, design your own stamp. Post your designs and collections on social media using #USPostageStampDay.

If you mail or ship packages frequently these Digital Scales can help you with more accurate shipping costs.


Within our research, we were unable to identify the creator of National U.S. Postage Stamp Day.

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“It is JULY the 1st…Alan’s Birthday”

“More BIRTHDAY Celebrations for ALAN”

“NOW,  this is my kind of a “PARTY” …. someone brings a tray of very delicious cakes for me… “ALAN”  to see and maybe even get to eat … maybe have some or  at least one!” 

Even though this lovely tray of  “Delicious”  delights are for “Birthday Alan”  on this  1st  of JULY,  and even a “lighter” is all that is needed lite up … just so  ALAN  can try to blow out, so  NOW… we can all get this PARTY.. on the BIG ROLL!

 This is a tray of favorites for everyone… some very fine   “cheese treats” I do know,  that this is a  very good PHOTO of our  “Uncle ALAN” holding our little baby “LEX, nephew”  and at the same time … with both hands full… with very precious cargo… little “LEX”   and will NOW… blow out…  the one and only candle …and also … being very careful, to not blow away,  that very beautiful tray of luscious treats. 

 It was terrific to just watch how cool  “Uncle Alan”  is at blowing out that one big candle lite, while they pass the tray of cakes around, too!  Just so much going on, and “Alan” has the best big smile, showing that,  we all are having the best  time of  our LIFE, enjoying  “ALAN’s BIG BIRTHDAY celebration!”

“Just wondering if,  I could accidentally let one of my little  ole  fingers on my hand,  just  kind of, hit the top of that  tray,  and  snatch  a very small taste,  of one of  those  yummy and “good-eats” they just look so good and  all could become a favorite to me, in no time at all!”

It is so wonderful to have so many BIRTHDAYS,  in JULY …  they all require people like me… to come and enjoy all of the wonderful new and excitingly good treats to sample, as I always like to give a good report on all of those things I really like!

Remember – we are celebrating Alan’s Birthday all week!

Happy Birthday Alan – Congratulations and Good Luck – May the Blessings of the Almighty exceed in abundance this coming year, with very much and more happiness,   that will be coming your way – more than you could or would have ever thought possible!     D.V.

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“Congratulations and Best Wishes Alan”

“Time seems to FLY through the YEARS”

  “WOW”…   “What a wonderful day it was … when little baby, Alan decided to come to EARTH … as in HEAVEN … all of the “BABIES” that will soon become a part of a FAMILY  enjoy being in a Heavenly realm … where there is a choice given to each… is it to be… this FAMILY for me. to become a part of, or shall I wait… and see what other choices will come along and before all choices are taken… and I must leave and  will I like it or not!”

July 1st… came upon the calendar on EARTH… and … as I was looking over this one particular  “FAMILY ”…   I could faintly see a resemblance of  “Al and Mary”   and just thought that… this is … for sure the  “FAMILY”  made for me!

  “HOW do you like my choice?”…  “That’s my DAD… big “AL” and I am little “AL” and just maybe a week old … here on EARTH!”

On EARTH… there is this thing with “TIME” …  at first when you arrive … “TIME” runs very slow.

This PHOTO is of  “DADDY and me”   and I am just a few years older than the previous PHOTO above…  because when on EARTH…  the people eat more than we did in HEAVEN …  and as you eat, you do get to be somewhat taller and grow more and are always learning new things.

This “TIME”  thing is precious…  in that  “DAD and SON” get to share alone in the first years here on EARTH and is so very important, at least… I think so and feel that everyone needs more “FAMILY  TIME”   spent being together … as LIFE is so much more FUN  that way! 

 This PHOTO  above… has the  “TITLE”…  that I will call – – “Boys NIGHT OUT” – – what do you think?

This is a  real top favorite PHlOTO – “DAD and SON” –  this is the best of the SUMMERTIME … and it is also an extra special day for all of our FAMILY.

There is just something about the “SUMMER” and when all of the FAMILY can get together just for the sake of having FUN … you might call this a real “RED LETTER DAY” for us …  and for us …  this whole week was so terrific…just getting all of the plans set in red ink and mark the calendar.

Well then …  as I sit back and start remembering… those are the days that are  “for sure”…  to be put into the old “MEMORY BOOK”  and never ever forgotten!

“It sure is getting close… so “HAPPY BIRTHDAY  ALAN” and many more wonderful BIRTHDAYS  will be on the calendar…to follow!”

“May the Almighty Yahweh  richly bless you and all of the FAMILY!”   D.V.

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“Like I said…It is a GOOD DAY to FLY”

Just have to ask a question…”What is the first thing a PILOT wants to do… after getting his Pilot’s License?”

“WOW”…”What a Photo!”

When you see an Airplane like… YOU see …  in the above PHOTO… you just feel something inside saying, “You need to buy this PLANE!… and NOW!”

That is exactly what Al and Mary decided to do… fly down to Florida… that is where this extra special Airplane was posted …”FOR SAIE”… and just as soon as they could… they made arrangements to see and take a test flight!

So… If I remember correctly… Al was in the plane and told where and what and how to do everything and the owner was in the back seat. You did notice that this is… only a two-seater. It is now or never!

Al does as all PILOTS will do…start the plane rolling and taxi over to the runway… calling in to the tower their intentions… and they will be flying out to SEA… the Atlantic!

This is the good part… Al never flew this type of plane and there are so many things  that are to be done with this type of plane … that you do not learn to do… on some of the other types of planes. The owner is in the back seat and I guess…  if Al would make a mistake…he would be able to corrct that mistake  in time… so that they would not land… in that big beautiful OCEAN!

“I do not think that I could do that”   but…  “Al did it so well… this was the Airplane he bought!”

After several days flying over the OCEAN… so that he felt that he could fly this new plane from Florida to Missouri…safely… that is exactly what  AL and Mary did.

When you stop to think about what a man can do…that is… if he really wants to do something new and different… just thinking that “Columbus” must have had that same thought… he sailed and sailed so often…he just figured… there is more water in this world…and the best thing for me to do.. is to get the “QUEEN’  to give her “Okay ” for some extra funds … ships and men.. and I will travel around this globe… till I get tired or that…  there is no more water to be sailed!

So … If and when there is a way…  and with a strong will to follow your DREAM… so it seems it was with our young  Al and Mary… the Airplane works… we know what we are doing… let us… just get back up into those beautiful baby blue skies and FLY… till we are back home in Missouri.


“Nothing to it… If at first you fail… try… try and try again… your just  bound to succeed…if you just put your mind to doing it  all correctly!”

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“It is a REAL GOOD DAY to FLY”

“Nothing like learning how to Fly … in an Airplane… than when you start learning from the very low ground… as you  can see here… by future PILOTS!

“There  is nothing like hanging on… and having your very own  backseat to sit on… while you carry a nice  big stick!”



This is a very early date for  our little Alan to be at the Airport… but if you are to get the habit of  “FLYING”  in  your bones… one must strat  very early… to get that extra special want to be up high in that … Sky so Blue… with all of  your favorite flying  friends and birds!

“When Daddy has you  up in his strong arms… and he moves you from down  here to  way up there… and  so very fast… you really do feel like… you are in that extra special Airplane… that my Daddy has.

From day one… I was always right there… to be the big helper to my Daddy… and  as you can see in this PHOTO… that is me… right there within an ear shout… to hear everything Daddy is saying to me… and any other person… that just wants to know … whatever are we  doing.

“On a good day like it is today… everyone should be up in the Airplane that they like best… and Fly all around the area…just to feel good and have FUN with the FAMILY!”


I know what we will be doing in just a couple of days… we will be Flying on my BIRTHDAY!    So… see you all there… in those nice big blue skies…UP and ABOVE!       D.V.

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“I’m READY to have My Back WASHED”

“Some like it cold and some like it hot… but I like it just RIGHT!”

and…      When you are taking a BATH…it sure is nice to have a nice big bathtub

  for a  few of my favorite toys to play with.

             This is the best of all the services… when you call for your backside to be                             washed and…

Bid DADDY comes to help play and also wash the back… and then comes the

 Big Bath Towel  routine….getting all fluffed up and dried… and even a few of                    those “High Flying Dives on Broadway”…. that is what you get to do when you                   are  getting dressed… “YOU” get to do some “HIGH JUMPS” on the                                        mattress…it is sorta like …

               when your pretend to be Flying like an Airplane…. and you jump up …                                  real nice and HIGH… and make a first class landing onto a nice higher 

  PILE -UP of Pillows…feels like im Heaven!

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