“Pets and Children make good friends, forever!”



National Kids and Pets Day is observed annually on April 26th.  

National Kids and Pets Day is both a day to celebrate the bonds children and pets can share and a day remember safety where our pets and children are concerned.

There are many benefits of having a pet in a child’s life. From fostering natural nurturing abilities to developing responsibilities, pets have a lifelong impact on a child’s development.

It is also important to remember that small children as well as the pets may not know their limitations and should not be left alone with each other. They should always be supervised to prevent injury to both the child and the animal.


Help kids and pets learn to be good companions to each other. Use #NationalKidsAndPetsDay to post on social media.

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Colleen Paige, Celebrity Family and Pet Lifestyle Expert, founded National Kids and Pets Day in 2005.

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Just have to post this PHOTO of my Grandson, Alan with his very own little pet, and as you can see, when a young child receives a new PET –  that is only for  them,  and it is what they have asked for,  –  “Well,  it is LOVE at first sight – and you can see in their face – the LOVE just shines  out with the biggest LOVE smiles – forever!”

“Only because “Alan”  has  a “blue” jacket on – I just thought  that the song about,  “Little boy,  BLUE”   – should be with this post,  for the little ones that can hear the song,  and then remember that  with all “PETS”  – that you would  take home to LOVE  and to have  forever,   that there is some work to  be done, also  – and that to take good care of the little “PET” – will make for a very long and lasting friendship – with your very own “PET” for the rest of your LIFE!”

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“Mr. Wonderful, Himself”

*** Some days – one does wonder if we are doing enough,  for the next generation – as “TODAY” – we are all so busy – it really is hard to find  TIME – to do all the “wonderful things” that we would  like to do  – if only we had the TIME! ***


This is my younger brother, TOM, himself – doing what he  Loves to do – and that is to work with the young children in grade school – those that would like to understand and play the game of Chess!


“Just looks as if,  we have some real “First Class Winners”  – if,   I say so myself!”   D.V.

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“Today is the DAY – Hang out the WASH”

“Just start doing it – you will be better with the  fresh outdoor clean air – and exercise, that makes you feel young agin!”



Each year on April 19, Project Laundry List works with hundreds of other organizations to sponsor National Hanging Out Day.  This day was set aside as a day to encourage communities to learn about the benefits, both financially and environmentally, of using a clothesline for drying laundry.  According to Project Laundry Lists’ website, clothes dryers account for an astonishing six to ten percent of residential energy consumption.  Hanging your clothes out has several benefits:

  • Good for the environment.
  • Saves you money
  • It is therapeutic because being outdoors in the fresh air has benefits to your health.



Celebrate National Hanging Out Day by hanging out your clothes to dry and sharing your pictures on social media using #NationalHangingOutDay.


National Hanging Out Day has been sponsored by Project Laundry List along with other organizations since 1995.  Project Laundry List is a New Hampshire-based group that wants to encourage outdoor drying of clothes, “making air-drying laundry and cold-water washing acceptable and desirable as simple and effective ways to save energy,” as quoted from their mission statement(http://laundrylist.org/about/history/)

Sure am glad,  that the date is on this old PHOTO of “me” and baby “LEE” in our back yard – where I,  would hang out our wash – and at the same time, keep  my eye on our baby “LEE” – as he would like to go where ever,  he wanted –  and when ever he felt like going some where,  no mater who would be in charge of watching him – even the “Day Care Nursery” – had no idea how he could wander off from their facility?

To be able to hang the wash out side on the lines is some of the best exercise one gets – the heavy wet wash – shaking the wet item out and getting it to hang  just so-so, and with the clothes-pins,  to hang the item up on the line – so that when you take down each item – you shake and fold the item just so correctly, that,  you can place on the shelf and or in to drawers – so that when you what that item, it smells fresh and is so nicely folded – half of  the time,  you never need to use an iron.

The above PHOTO is when we lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and we did not have a basement as we did  here in Saint Louis, and had to carry each load of wash up the steps and then into the back yard. So that right there – you can see that you are walking  and going up and down steps, with a heavy load of wash,  building up the muscles in the arms and legs and as a bonus the fresh out-doors smell of freshness with wonderful SUNSHINE, where else or what could you do and still receive all of that wonderful workout – always feeling better each time you decide to wash clothes.

Sometimes there were seven or eight lines hanging from tree to tree  and each line full of clothes. In and out  the door from the basement downstairs and smelling all of that nice clean load of clothes blowing in the wind, WOW! The best part is putting all of those nice clean  sheets and pillow cases back on the beds – sure does make for a real good night’s sleep and ready to do it all the next week again!

“It is a shame that so many areas where people live today – the hanging out of the “WASH” has been  disallowed.”  My thought – they prefer everyone to stay in the house and get fat sitting in front of the TV.

“Still today, I hang my wash on the lines in the basement –  – just can not break the habit!”    D.V.

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“Enjoy BREAKFAST after CHURCH on this SUNDAY”

Breakfast After Church!


After Church on Easter Sunday we took the children to eat at the Pancake House and meet the “Easter Bunny”  — left to right – Donald – Al – Lee Aldrich.

This picture was taken at least  “50”  years ago. Looks like “little Al” has his doubts about getting too close to this “Big Bunny” – something just isn’t right – this “Bunny” is bigger than anything “real” that, I’ve seen and, this  BIG BUNNY, takes the cake! I’m only guessing that maybe  little,Al  is thinking this – what would a little Kid think,  when he sees something so out of the normal order of things, and so  over sized  and, when you think about it –  that does not look like a  very real “BUNNY”  – nothing at all like the little “bunnies” you can hold in your arms!

The  next  PHOTO is two PHOTOS,  spliced together in  the front  of the Church, on the left side is DONALD holding LEE’s  right  hand and ME holding the other  hand,   and if you  will  observe  carefully, you will notice that the dress that I am wearing,  is the very same dress that my “AUNT IRENE RILEY”  had made for me, to  graduate in,  from the “eighth grade”  I  took the sleeves off,   and  used  a light cream color of dye,  so that,  the dress would be suitable   for SUMMER wear.

On the right side of the above PHOTO,   that is still DONALD holding baby Lee’s hands,  and TOM the oldest brother is standing with the dark color  trousers,  and since I am taking this PHOTO,  and not in  this one, do have my husband, Lee  standing  to the right of  his son, TOM,   since  LEE is tall and thin,  you may not be able to  clearly  see  or notice that,  that is him.

“HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT???”   “We are early for CHURCH,  sometimes  not  an easy thing to pull off,  and one other thing,  BACK then living in FLORIDA, we never locked the doors of  our  house,  some years later when we were all going to be together,   for a long trip to ST.LOUIS, we had to have a “KEY MAKER” make keys for us, but then,   when we arrived back HOME, and after the month away  from home,  we  could not find the  new “KEYS”  to get into the house,  so LEE, then had to use his magic  “KNOW HOW”  to get a door open.”

“HOW the “TIMES” do change – HOMES today have LOCKS and bolts and even cameras  surveying the front doors all the way out to the street and even in other places around the old homestead – just to see who is trying to break in – so that we now need more “keys” to lock ourselves in.

Talking about “KEYS” to open your doors to your HOME around  “1900” – my Mother told me,  that they had “Skeleton Keys”  – that would open  almost every door in your neighborhood. Most families thought,  that they were safe, locked in their homes – but, someone  with  one of these  keys,  well  could just  come into a HOME just as if they owned the place – and who would know the difference – I am  guessing,  that they are illegal, today?     D.V.

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“We Old Antiques – Cherish the Antique DAY”

This for those people, that will save some of the old FAMILY furniture,  and some of the possessions – that they thought were good enough to last forever – so, I do have some old things, that –  “Oh well” they are out lasting some of their old owners!”


Observed annually on April 9th is National Cherish an Antique Day.  

Do you have something special that was passed down from your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents?  National Cherish an Antique Day provides us an opportunity to learn the story and the history behind our treasured antiques. It’s an excellent time to record the provenance and preserve it for safe keeping.  

Antiques are often cherished because of their personal and emotional connections. Often a colorful story tells how it came into the family making it even more valuable as an heirloom.

National Cherish an Antique Day also recognizes the quality and uniqueness of the items that were made by hand rather than by machine.


Give your antiques some attention and use #CherishAnAntiqueDay to post on social media.


Our research was unable to find the origin and creator of Cherish an Antique Day.

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“Man’s Best Friend, “Trump” himself”

 “Meet,  “Mr. Trump, himself”  our new “German Shepherd” – he is only,   five (5) months old, on this PHOTO.”

   “Mr. Trump” is still in the  learning stage, of  what is expected of him,  to do – where to be – when to do it  –  and right off the “BAT” – he does  receive  credit – he knew, to go to the “DOOR” that leads for the outside – so as to let us know – when he has to take care of  “Business” outside – and mikes, no mess in the house!

As with all new  members of the FAMILY, “MR. TRUMP” is  gong to be one of  our “TOP”  favorites’ – as he is getting  along with all  of the animals – and loves to be in our FAMILY – as we can tell,  all of this – by his very good behavior.  Also, as “GRANDMA” likes to tell us – that for “GOOD BEHAVIOR” in her day, and on her report cards –  to receive a “GOLD STAR’ for being so good – at the end of  the  “SCHOOL YEAR”  – she would receive “Fifteen Cents” a  great big $00.15 –  for each of those gold stars – can you just imagine,  what that would equal to – in TODAY’s  money or currency?

“It does pay, in some way,  to be “TOP DRAWER” in whatever – you are aiming to do, “IT”  does PAY off in the end!”

At the very  top,  of this    second PHOTO  is, our  “BABY” a “first class” and   number one “ankle bitter” if ever  – there was one!  This is a highly  and  aggressive dog for just  a minute or so,  and  could,  maybe even be  classified as a “maniac” at times  – or  maybe even,  what you might call, a “split personality” – as she can be so NICE  for one minute and then, start  attacking the ankles of someone – for no good reason, at all?  But, she is still,  our sweet little “BABY” most of the time!

At the bottom of this second PHOTO,  is the PRIZE of all of our little ole dogies – “Miss Termite, herself” she, is the smallest of all, and is “sister” to  “Miss Bebee, herself” – and is,  even smaller than “Miss Bebee” and so lovable to all. Also, “Miss Termite” is  what you might call a “Lap Dog”  and is so happy to indulge in  getting 100% of your attention – and,  will LOVE you even more – for all  of the attention,  that she receives – as we all know that,  LOVE being  shared,  will only  make,  for a much better LIFE for one and all!  D.V.

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