“Till We Meet Again”

“Maybe – just  a maybe… because I can still remember seeing so many  men and women in uniform during the  1940’s  on the buses and street-cars – – downtown where all the bus  and train connections were made – near “UNION STATION” – day and night – everyone joining up to serve – -“GOOD-byes” were what you saw and remembered!”

There is something about a “Good-bye” with that “Till We Meet Again” – – that has always been with me – – as that question I wonder about – – “Will we meet again” – “WHEN and Where?” No one that I know of – – can be sure of the very next minute – – especially when so many were sent off  to fight during WWII – – and without all of  us helping each other – – it could be very difficult – – just to think that maybe…  all that will come back is a “Telegram” – – “Lost in ACTION” – – and when those came – – neighbors could hear the screams – – loud and clear!



“SO…when parting those you LOVE and GOOD COMPANY and never knowing  – – what is around the next corner of LIFE – – here is what we do as a FAMILY with FRIENDS – – and some may think  “us”  strange – – but, we have so much FUN with doing our own,  “Fire in the HOLE” – –  you may want to try this sometime – –   just to see if your FAMILY  enjoys  this “Good-bye or Fare-well”  with the same amount of FUN as well as we do?”

When your  “Family” gets  together  for a “Good Time”, at a restaurant,    or even a dinner at my home,   or   one of us  who  has just made a  “Special Dessert” and maybe  even  just  for a “Hang Out”  gathering  –   “What’s the Icing on the Cake  going to be  –  our extra special –   Goodbye?”

Now that I’m thinking about it  –  I know  everybody  has  seen a “Football Game”,  and watch both  teams  getting  ready   for the next    big play  – they get in  that “Huddle Position”!  This  is really  the   “Hugging an Touching Position”,  and  “Cheer Leading Jumping”  with some  “Rah Rah’s”,  a time to pass  strong  physical  energy  around to  each  other  –  to keep  each of us   highly energized  –   “Till  we  meet  again”!

So,  the   “Last is  the Best” –    that  would be  Me, as only  an old  “Granny” can  “Yell”  “Fire in the  Hole”!    That’s  my signature   “Yell”!     And I do  that  yell  a couple   of times!   **** Strangers   take   Note:      You’ll want  your  “Goodbyes”    to  stand up  and  mean something,   too!   So and until then,  we LOVE you and send our Blessings to last forever! ****    “Till we meet again!”

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“There were REWARDS then and even TODAY we have REWARDS”

Today it is almost impossible to  “SHOP” or even open an “ACCOUNT” that you   are also handed paper work to fill out  – – to join in this  organisation’s … “REWARD” program! 

Back in the 1940’s as a small child – – I did know that if  you bought your merchandise at this location you would receive “Eagle Stamps”   which later on  you would use to buy whatever you wanted. ( A Reward for shopping there.)

Today  – collecting “stamps” – – forget that… too much TIME  wasted  – – things move faster – – it is all fast  and furious  with  “REWARDS”  for merchandise NOW!

And so… thinking back in time…

Sometimes, I have a wild imagination, realized that in the 3rd and 4th grades.  Sister Florence taught the 3rd and 4th grades, and from what I remember  when she  would talk about her life before becoming  a “Nun”,  that as a young girl she never smelt any unpleasant smells?   It is odd the stuff you remember someone saying.  She  was writing a book,   “Topsy”,  and every so often she would read a chapter to us in class,   as  a special treat!   Sister Florence may have studied art,   because she seem to have lots of  natural talent and  ability, as in her class room  we had  an  “art table” she  had  lots of paints and colored pencils to  do almost anything in the creative field.

For  every  “Holiday”, she would  have each of us students make something  for  our  “Parents”, and since my Mother  saved everything that  I and my brothers made, I now,  still have some of    “our Prize works of  Art”!

My big break for writing came when  Sister Florence, opened a box of  “Pictures”  cut out from magazines and other sources in the  1940’s;  she had announced  that we should  take a picture from the box  and write a story  –  something interesting   and long enough to be of  interest to our parents and all those who would be reading it on “Anniversary  Day.”

Sister  Florence  also said – –  the magic words that I like to hear – – even TODAY – –  there would be a  “Prize”!   That’s all I needed  to hear!    So I went to that “BOX” and looked through those pictures  and pulled out several that just seem to grab me… by the hand.  To me,  “A   picture  is worth   a “Thousand Words”,  – – so carried away  – – I could come up with a story of at least 200 hundred words – – some more or less – – but a good picture that can call out a “STORY” to me… as to why that PHOTO was taken or why that scene was there – – for what purpose – – so many questions – – calling out to be answered – – so much so that  I still  “TODAY”  –  LOVE  putting  that  answer to the PHOTOS,  that I post!

 “My imagination  just ran away with me – – I wrote  “32” stories and  won the  “Prize” – – I can not remember what the “PRIZE”  was – – but,  on  that  “Anniversary Day” –  I had more FUN than anyone – – bringing my FAMILY and Friends to our class room – –  just to show off all those stories hanging all over our class room!”

NOW… that is what I call a  “REWARD” – – and one to remember for  ever and always!  Thanking the Almighty Yahweh for His good gifts to us – – and the talents to use them – – and, it is in the remembering of  those good TIMES – – that are worth more  than  any  thing  you could   have otherwise received!   D.V.

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“August is almost over and…”

Must take some last minute   “sight-seeing”  Trips with friends!”

                   “Belle of St. Louis” – Day Trip!


My neighbor, Jackie Jansen and I took a “Day Trip” on the “Belle of St. Louis” and  we really enjoyed the whole trip,  which included a  delicious meal. I can not remember now,  the name of one of the St.Louis Radio stations, personalities’  name – who with his family were also enjoying a terrific  “Summer”  trip up and down the Mississippi River – –  and lots of the fellow travelers would stop him and talk for long periods of time – – but… and  since “Jackie and I” were so close by – – we were able to hear and enjoy the conversations going on – – all without disturbing anyone.

Jackie and I, would try going somewhere each weekend  – a weekend that we were free to do something that  – we maybe had not done before. Several of our trips were with regular scheduled  groups and took up almost the whole day and due to the length of time –  even included two (2) meals. We sure did our fair share or more   of visiting everything and everywhere  – in and around the Saint Louis area!


 Just thought that I would add this PHOTO – – only because the  “dress”  is that  very same  dress as  in the above – – but there is a difference of maybe thirty  (30)  years of wearing it. Sometimes  –  some dresses are very nice – – look nice and feel good to wear – but just seem to be too far back in the closet – and just do not seem to be the kind of dress to wear too often – – could just  be the “BIG DOTS” – – and the dress would be remembered by everyone – – if worn too many times – – with the same crowd.

This PHOTO was taken when “we”  from left…ME , grandson, Alan and my son, Al were visiting German St. Vincent’s for an  “old class mates reunion”  – – and we were taking a tour of the HOME – – and of course this is the “Sacred Heart Chapel” – – where we  were at Mass at six o’clock every morning – – lots of memories – – and so many “PRAYERS” said that were not answered, then  – – but are in the “Bank of PRAYERS”  – – which… when needed, later  – – over the many years of my LIFE – – have brought Blessings  – – that I can now give THANKS for – – as they were “LIFE” saver “BLESSINGS” – – now that I think back over the  many years.    D.V.

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“On this OAR – Pictures will hang”

When you are on the BEACH and you find an old “OAR” – -you know that you can do – – something very interesting – just be CREATIVE – with your MEMORIES!

Rustic oar picture hanger... Old worn out wooden oar with hooks and rustic picture frames. Colors textures work well with rustic or nautical decor! Still trying to figure out if I want to paint or stain the oar, or keep it natural?

“So how is this – – along the Atlantic Ocean – -and to my surprise – – what… should I find – – an “OAR” – – and just my size!”

“With out a small boat for me to use this wonderful find – – will put on my “Creative Hat” and see – – just what will pop up – –  maybe  something to remember this  terrific trip and all the FUN we are having!”

 Here we are… my  sister, Alyssa and  me… Jaime – – the great finder of all kinds of good stuff! We have some wonderful,  very colorful outfits to wear in the SUN and FUN along the BEACH – and how… do you like these bright and summery  “play dresses”  you can spot us for miles – – do not believe that we will get lost!”  –   And I do believe – – that we found something highly exciting!

We are waiting for our “Camera Crew” to come and take PHOTOS – – of our mysterious  find – – looks like nothing that we have  ever seen before – – and just could be a scary  something  – – to be posted on the “TV”  tonight for the “Six o’clock News” – – its  not just everyday – – that you can turn up something exciting and news worthy – – on these beaches in Florida?  “RIGHT!”  “RIGHT?”

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“Sure like what I SEE”

Some times in LIFE – – there are things you like – – and you just have to share with the whole wide world and that is what I am doing TODAY!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

*****                      ******                          ******              *******

*****        *********                                            **********        ******

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“Join the NAVY and SEE “SEA” the WORLD”

There is just  something extra special about the “NAVY” – – my son, Lee  joining the NAVY made it extra special for me, too!

 When my son, Lee  in the above PHOTO,  sent  home this PHOTO and another,   that I posted  just the other day – –  to me after being  stationed in San Diego, California  for several  months – –  I just had to let my neighbor see them – – to see what she thought?

My neighbor,  “Jackie Jansen”   thought that my son, Lee looked like  “Errol Flynn” or even  the other  late 1940’s movie star  “Tyrone Power”  – – both very good looking “Actors” – –  and the both of them in old movies that we both liked. When I told my son, Lee what we were talking about – –  that…  I was showing off his PHOTOS while in the “NAVY” uniform  and we thought –  –  he looked like a “Movie Star” – – he just said  – – “They  kind of look like me!”

This PHOTO of Lee – – is when he came “HOME”  for either  “Thanksgiving or Christmas” – – it looks like the grass and even the weeds are all dried up and dead for the cold season. If you are familiar with the area – – you know that  all of the homes  on FENWAY Drive  are gone and instead of the “40 acres of property”  – – there is a new subdivision of homes – – all built so close  together  with streets running through this area – – where we once lived for ‘twenty-five’ years – –  and each home owner had at lest “three acres”  and some of us even owned horses! 

Just thinking back – – the “LIFE TIME” of activities that  took place right  there  – – could write books – – sure glad to have PHOTOS and  good MEMORIES – – as this EARTH that we live on – – has a way of changing – –  and sometimes –  “I wonder if all of it  is  for the good?”  – – So… for the next twenty-five  years – –  and only with the HELP of the Almighty Yahweh –  will we be able to make many more good and ever lasting memories!    D.V.

Just have to include some “MUSIC”  from the “NAVY” – – and to listen – –  will get you to feeling so good – – you, too – – might  just get the urge to  “sign up”  to serve  “AMERICA” with all the “gusto”  that makes for our “America”  being a very strong NATION!




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