“DENNY’s BIRTHDAY will be on the 24th”

This is 1945…. a “Visiting Sunday”… which would be only once a month, back then… and this PHOTO of little TOMMY – – and MARY ELLEN, center and DENNY sitting on the right in this PHOTO.

When I think back to when we first went to the  “German St. Vincent   Orphanage” – –  it is really hard to believe  – – that I was able to stay there – – as I never did like being there.

When we first knew, that we were going somewhere for a short time – – and after visiting several places – – this was the one where we would be able to see each other  and play together – – but that was not the case. The boys were only allowed to be on the “BOY’s” side and in their own playrooms and the girls were only in and on their side of this building. So…when we would have our meals – – we would sit at the same table – – but  – – most of the meals were to be done with no talking – – so when could we ever  have any real FAMILY communication?

This PHOTO was taken with one of those old little box camera’s – – and you would get…  what  – you got – – no trying for a perfect PHOTO. “BUT” am I ever glad that my DAD had this camera – – because we did get some photos – – which help to remember what our world was really like back then.

“Visiting Sundays” were held  in the “Auditorium” – – folding chairs were set up and if you were “LUCKY” to receive  a visit from you FAMILY – – you were called  from the “PLAYROOM” to meet with them in the Auditorium – – where you would push a number of the folding chairs into a circle – – and this meeting would be like the best day in the world for a kid! Just to be so fortunate to be a FAMILY for a few short hours. The hours were one to five – – and  then – – when they would have to leave – – it was like the end of the world.

This Sunday – – there just was not enough “Sunshine” – – but –  from one of the windows – near the “STAGE”  –  my DAD… lifted each one of us kids, up and onto the STAGE – into the bright spot where  – – he could take a picture or two and see what happens??? No extra light… and hopefully we were sitting in the right spot – – to where something spectacular would happen.

That dress that I have on – – was called  a “spinach dress” it was of a green material and “itched” when you were wearing it – -just terrible. Every girl had this same dress on – – someone must have donated bolts of material  – these were the worst of the dresses we had to wear. There were other uniform type dresses – – we all looked alike – they even cut every girls’ hair the same style – bangs and short all around. WWII had just ended and  the ORPHANAGE was sending regular clothes – that included those clothes that I had – as my Aunt Irene,  had made most  of my clothes – – to their affiliated home and schools in  GERMANY.

Today…they do not have any Orphanages – – the government doles out money so that FAMILIES can stay in their own home with their families – this is just what I am thinking – – as I do not hear of children  having to live  – – anywhere but at home.

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“Prayer for AMERICA and the New President”



Readings From Psalms and Sacred Writings
Rabbi Marvin Hier’s Prayer at the Inauguration
of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump
United States Capital – January 20, 2017 – Washington, D.C.

Eternal God, bless President Donald J. Trump and America, our great nation. Guide us to remember the words of the psalmist, “Who may dwell on your holy mountain? One who… does what is right and speaks the truth… who knows that… when you eat the labor of your hands you are praiseworthy… that he who sows in tears shall reap in joy.” (Psalms) Because the freedoms we enjoy are not granted in perpetuity, but must be reclaimed by each generation!

“As our ancestors have planted for us, so we must plant for others.  While it is not for us to complete the task, neither are we free to desist from them.” (“Ethics of the Fathers”)

“Dispense justice for the needy and the orphan,” (Psalm) for they have no one but their fellow citizens, and because a nation’s wealth is measured by her values and not by her vaults!

Bless all of our allies around the world who share our beliefs. “By the rivers of Babylon we wept as we remembered Zion… If I forget thee o’ Jerusalem may my right hand forget its skill.” (Psalm)

“The doer of [all of] these shall never falter.” (Psalm)

May the days come soon when “justice will dwell in the wilderness and righteousness will abide in the fertile field. And the work of righteousness will be peace… quietness and confidence forever.” (Isaiah)


Rabbi Marvin Hier is the dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles.


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“Anniversary Treat” June 13th, 1975

“How is this… for an old memory”….  Three  “Sisters of Charity” enjoying an “ice cream cone” on a hot day… June 13th, 1975.”

Autograph Memories pg. 10

June 13, 1975   –  A 10-day celebration of the 50th Anniversary of St.Vincent’s Home in Normandy, Missouri  – took place with  several of the Nuns  writing in  my Autograph Book. Have a picture of  Sister M. Alvira,  Sister M. Celestine, and Sister M. Luitraud  enjoying an ice cream cone!

Sister Jane Frances  was the Nun in charge of health care and the Nurse, with her own office area and infirmary. She was the one that saw to it that  we each received a liquid doze of Epsom salts with a glass of water to wash it down. This would take place early morning  “Monday” following a  “Visiting Day”  – even if you did not have visitors  –  you may have eaten something that a friend gave you  –  and we all needed to be clean  inside and out!

On this day… when several of the NUNS would be at St. Vincent’s – – I was ready to collect some more autographs of the NUNS and class mates – – that would be showing up – – never know who will be here and if someone that – –  you have no way of finding… since  ( back then we did not have the computers and cell phones to track down old friends.”

It sure is wonderful – – that everyone can find anyone  – – so that they can continue to keep in touch – –  not the old way – – like we did by telephone and letter writing – – today… you have to have a cell phone and go to “Facebook”  – – or one of the electronic communications  systems – – so many – – but as long as your fingers can do the “walking” across the “keys” – – you can stay in touch.

From a movie …. some time ago – you may remember the “actress” saying… “I find you!” – – well – – that is the case…  today. “If someone wants to find “YOU” – – you will be found!”

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Food For Thought….


On this day of your life

Mary Ellen, I believe God wants you to know…

…that you will only benefit from resisting the temptation   
to think immediately about the worst possible outcome.
When something comes up, when something happens
in your life, that disrupts the easy  “flow,”   it is always
better to bless it…  than to damn it.
 Try to see it as nothing serious .
 It most cases, it will not be.
Jumping to conclusions mired in negativity only thwarts
the process by which your mind can stay clear, and
thus… find a way out of the momentary dilemma.

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Proverbs 30:4 – “What is His name”


Solomon once asked a series of 5 questions, which bring us to this same important question. His questions were:

1. “Who has ascended up into heaven or descended?

2. “Who has gathered the wind in his fists?

3. “Who has bound the waters in a garment?

4. “Who has established all the ends of the earth?

5. “What is His name, and what is His Son’s name, if you can tell?

Proverbs 30:4

When we answer that last question we automatically answer the previous 4 questions. So the purpose of this study is not only to answer the last question: “What is His name, and what is His Son’s name”, who did all these wonderful things, but to show why it is not commonly known, and to show why it is important to know that Name.

It is a fact that the great majority of those who profess to serve The Almighty, refer to Him in sermon, song, and prayer by either indefinite titles or by erroneous names.

You will notice that Solomon does not ask the question: What are His Names, but “What is His Name?” The Father has only ONE NAME, but many titles. The same is true with His Son. It is this ONE NAME in which all the families in heaven and earth will be named that we should be interested in knowing, because it is with this ONE NAME of the Father and this ONE NAME of the Son that the 144,000 living saints will be sealed. A special angel instructed the 4 angels to hold back the “4 winds” or the great tribulation “till we have sealed the servants of our Mighty One in their foreheads” Revelation 7:3. John was instructed to write: “And I looked, and behold, on Mount Zion stood the Lamb, and with him a hundred and forty-four thousand who had His name and His Father’s name written on their foreheads” (Revelation 14:1). Since the 144,000 saints are sealed in their forehead, and since the Father’s and the Son’s Name is written in their forehead then the seal of the Almighty must be this Family Name “of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is Named” (Ephesians 3:15). Therefore, if the seal contains this Family Name – Don’t you think the saints will know this Name, will use this Name, and live their lives in accordance to the character of that Name? I believe you can see the logical force of this argument.

In contrast to the sealing of the 144,000 with the Lamb’s and Father’s Name, there will be millions sealed or marked with the name of the Man of Sin. (Revelation 13:8,16,17) Since the Man of Sin or “Beast” has a mark, and that mark consist of “the name of the beast, or the number of his name,” we can also see that the controversy in the last days will be over a Name. It will be a question of whom will you believe, whose name or banner will you enroll under. It will be fundamentally the same old controversy that Elijah had with the prophets of Baal when he asked the people, “How long do you halt between two opinions? If Yah is the Ruler, follow Him: but if Baal be the Ruler, then follow him.” ( Kings 18:21) The controversy again will be between the Baal or Babylonian system of religions and the true Israel of Yah. We may not know the name of this coming “Man of Sin”, who will sponsor and head this modern Baal system, but a thorough study of the Scriptures will unmask him. We do know, however, the Father’s Name – the Blessed Family Name by which the 144,000 saints will be sealed. That seal or Name is represented by 2 Hebrew characters – hy – (YH-reading from right to left). These 2 letters make up the revealed Family Name of The Almighty and is used approximately 7000 times in the Old Testament Scriptures, along with the 2 letters – hw – (VH) which means Eternal, self-existent One, the Life Giver. There are some who teach that we should not use this Name because it is too sacred or because they believe that the pronunciation has been lost. When you search the Scriptures you will find His name in Psalm 68:4. “YAH”. Every time you say “Hallelujah” you are praising Yah. (Halleluyah means “Praise Yah”).

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“Wet Your Whistle”… “Sleep Tight”

Many years ago in England, pub frequenters had a whistle baked into the rim, or handle, of their ceramic cups.
When they needed a refill , they used the whistle to get some service. ‘Wet your whistle’ is the phrase inspired by this practice. 

Related image

*********                  *********                  *********                  *********

Sleep tight’ is a very well-used phrase in many parts of the English-speaking world. It’s common at bedtime in the form of the rhyme “good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite”.

There are many meanings of the word ‘tight’ and it’s no surprise that there are several theories going the rounds as to the origin of ‘sleep tight’. One is that the phrase dates from the days when mattresses were supported by ropes which needed to be pulled tight to provide a well-sprung bed. This was the notion that was put forward on a 2008 BBC antiques show, when the presenter lay on an oak settle to demonstrate the support provided by the understringing and to confidently pronounce “hence the expression ‘night, night, sleep tight'”. This explanation seems unlikely, as it is the bed rather than its occupant that is tight and no one (in my experience) ever wishes furniture a good night’s sleep. He would have had more luck had he opted to say that ‘settle down to sleep’ derives from ‘settle’ or ‘seat’ – which it does.

Sleep tight

Susan Eppes’ line, with its clear link between ‘sleep tight’ and ‘sleep well’, leads us to the most probable explanation for the phrase. The word tightly, although not often used in this way now, means ‘soundly, properly, well’. The earlier phrase ‘tight asleep’ derives from this meaning, as seen in this example from Marie Beauchamp’s novel Elizabeth and her German Garden, 1898:

And once, when there was a storm in the night, she complained loudly, and wanted to know why lieber Gott didn’t do the scolding in the daytime, as she had been so tight asleep.

‘Tight asleep’ just meant ‘soundly asleep’, or to put it another way ‘fast asleep‘, and ‘sleep tight’ just means ‘sleep soundly‘.

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