“Aunt Irene and Card Players – Meet Monthly”

         “Everybody is ready to PLAY CARDS…”img045

“Does  your “Card Playing Club” take time out,  to pose for PHOTOS?”

Click on the PHOTO, to enlarge  –  can you guess what YEAR,  this might be?  

Our, Aunt Irene C. Riley is  the lady  next  to a lady in the “WHITE DRESS”  –  the dull white  dress – sitting on the  right side of this Photo, the second position from the right,  and the lady next to her, is our good friend, Mrs. Agnes Callahan, and she does not look too well. This could be the year that, Mrs. Agnes Callahan almost died, but our Aunt Irene had made a visit to her house and was able to save Mrs. Callahan’s life.

Aunt Irene had taken the RED CROSS COURSE and was able to do almost anything , because  she  was not afraid to get her hands dirty or bloody in the attempt to keep her good friend alive! I did get to hear all about the situation  – the complete story as to what  Aunt Irene had to do, from my Mother  – and just let me say, most people would not even try, to do what she had done – but there was no time to wait for help – and Aunt Irene  – she just did everything  as a Doctor  would have done, all that was necessary – she should get a gold star – for what she did, to save her good friend,  from a  for sure  and painful death!

The best thing about having a “GOOD FRIEND”  is to have that FRIEND show up when you really need her, and nothing will stand in her way of saving your LIFE, if  and when, that is what is needed !

No matter how hard the job, being difficult and even a dirty mess of a job,  nor whatever the  biggest of obstacles – that  needs  for you, all alone to overcome the situation, to bring LIFE  back into  your best FRIEND!

Many years before, when Aunt Irene needed surgery to save her LIFE, and since it was an operation, that did not look like it would really solve the problem, our good friend Mrs. Callahan made a trip to “LOURDES”  to get some of the BLESSED WATER  – all at her own expense.

This trip was done as quickly as possible,  as it was a Death or LIFE situation in those days.  Mrs. Callahan brought this Blessed Water  back,  just for Aunt Irene!  Would you believe it – that holy and BLESSED WATER is what made all the difference in the saving of Aunt Irene’s LIFE!

When you can save a friend’s LIFE – You  do have a true FRIEND, and  that is forever! I am guessing,  that all of these LADIES, in the “CARD PLAYING CLUB”  were all very good friends,  and all were there for each other,  whenever  and forever, always available and ready to help each,  when a call to them was made,  doing that which only they  could, in whatever  way they were needed!

                 “On the Backward ROAD…”img042

Catching up – with the days before –  the DAYS, that we do not even remember, they are so long ago and none of us were there!

“Click on the photo to enlarge”

That  “caret  mark” at the bottom of the photo is to indicate –  our Aunt Irene C. Riley, as  she is the second lady from the left.

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The Book of Tobit, named after its principal character, combines Jewish piety and morality with folklore in a fascinating story that has enjoyed wide popularity in both Jewish and Christian circles. Prayers, psalms, and words of wisdom, as well as the skillfully constructed story itself, provide valuable insights into the faith and the religious milieu of its unknown author. The book was probably written early in the second century B.C.; it is not known where.

Tobit, a devout and wealthy Israelite living among the captives deported to Nineveh from the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 722/721 B.C., suffers severe reverses and is finally blinded. Because of his misfortunes he begs the Lord to let him die. But recalling the large sum he had formerly deposited in far-off Media, he sends his son Tobiah there to bring back the money. In Media, at this same time, a young woman, Sarah, also prays for death, because she has lost seven husbands, each killed in turn on his wedding night by the demon Asmodeus. God hears the prayers of Tobit and Sarah and sends the angel Raphael in human form to aid them both.

Raphael makes the trip to Media with Tobiah. When Tobiah is attacked by a large fish as he bathes in the Tigris River, Raphael orders him to seize it and to remove its gall, heart, and liver because they are useful for medicine. Later, at Raphael’s urging, Tobiah marries Sarah, and uses the fish’s heart and liver to drive Asmodeus from the bridal chamber. Returning to Nineveh with his wife and his father’s money, Tobiah rubs the fish’s gall into his father’s eyes and cures him. Finally, Raphael reveals his true identity and returns to heaven. Tobit then utters his beautiful hymn of praise. Before dying, Tobit tells his son to leave Nineveh because God will destroy that wicked city. After Tobiah buries his father and mother, he and his family depart for Media, where he later learns that the destruction of Nineveh has taken place.

The inspired author of the book used the literary form of religious novel (as in Esther and Judith) for the purpose of instruction and edification. The seemingly historical data, names of kings, cities, etc., are used as vivid details not only to create interest and charm, but also to illustrate the negative side of the theory of retribution: the wicked are indeed punished.

Although the Book of Tobit is usually listed with the historical books, it more correctly stands midway between them and the wisdom literature. It contains numerous maxims like those found in the wisdom books (cf. 4:3192112:61014:79) as well as standard wisdom themes: fidelity to the law, intercessory function of angels, piety toward parents, purity of marriage, reverence for the dead, and the value of almsgiving, prayer, and fasting. The book makes Tobit a relative of Ahiqar, a noted hero of ancient Near Eastern wisdom literature and folklore.

Written most likely in Aramaic, the original of the book was lost for centuries. Fragments of four Aramaic texts and of one Hebrew text were discovered in Qumran Cave 4 in 1952 and have only recently been published. These Semitic forms of the book are in substantial agreement with the long Greek recension of Tobit found in Codex Sinaiticus, which had been recovered from St. Catherine’s Monastery (Mount Sinai) only in 1844, and in mss. 319 and 910. Two other Greek forms of Tobit have long been known: the short recension, found mainly in the mss. Alexandrinus, Vaticanus, Venetus, and numerous cursive mss.; and an intermediate Greek recension, found in mss. 44, 106, 107. The Book of Tobit has also been known from two Latin versions: the long recension in the Vetus Latina, which is closely related to the long Greek recension and sometimes is even closer to the Aramaic and Hebrew texts than the Greek is; and the short recension in the Vulgate, related to the short Greek recension. The present English translation has been based mainly on Sinaiticus, which is the most complete form of the long Greek recension, despite two lacunae (4:719b and 13:6i10b) and some missing phrases, which make succeeding verses difficult to understand and make it necessary to supplement Sinaiticus from the Vetus Latina or from the short Greek recension. Occasionally, phrases or words have been introduced from the Aramaic or Hebrew texts, when they are significantly different. Forms of the Book of Tobit are also extant in ancient Arabic, Armenian, Coptic (Sahidic), Ethiopic, and Syriac, but these are almost all secondarily derived from the short Greek recension.

The divisions of the Book of Tobit are:

  1. Tobit’s Ordeals (1:33:6)
  2. Sarah’s Plight (3:717)
  3. Preparation for the Journey (4:16:1)
  4. Tobiah’s Journey to Media (6:218)
  5. Marriage and Healing of Sarah (7:19:6)
  6. Tobiah’s Return Journey to Nineveh and the Healing of Tobit (10:111:18)
  7. Raphael Reveals His Identity (12:122)
  8. Tobit’s Song of Praise (13:118)
  9. Epilogue (14:115)

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“Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow” “Maybe SomeDAY”

  •  It use to be, as I remember maybe  thirty or forty years ago, that on the Radio Station KMOX they would play the “Lord’s Prayer”  in the early morning hours, as you would be getting up for the day – and while I was getting ready to go to work.
  • We would sing along – and now that I think of it – things just had a way – of going along just fine!

Even before that time frame – when I was just a young girl, in the 1940’s the same RADIO station KMOX  would have singer, “Kate Smith” on at high NOON and those were the WWII years and all of America was doing their part to help the WAR effort all that they could by doing without,  so that,  our servicemen would have all that they needed.

“Miss Kate Smith” came on the radio at “Twelve Noon”  and would sing, “God Bless AMERICA”  and we all listen with a prayer in our hearts – that the WAR would soon – be over – over there!

Today, we all think that we are, all so well off – doing so much better than in those days –  and as most that were living then, are no longer here, and there are so few,  that will pass on a good word or two, of what we had and  all that we did do,  to help AMERICA to now be, the wonderful  Country, that SHE is TODAY!

Back then, there was only  the RADIO, maybe a “Shortwave Radio” here and there, no television, not  even a thought of, as  we were all working for the WAR effort, and AMERICA was more UNITED – than it is today!

TODAY,  we are not united as AMERICANS should be.  We have communications that keep our eyes tied to them – as you see people walk into street signs and posts, fall into holes and even  some wreck their cars, running into other cars, even killing with their carelessness and no respect for others, as we are all in the wrong spot,  according to another.

Respect; a due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others, a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Years ago, you would not talk like you are doing so  today, about the President or your elders. The radio and television would not broadcast the trash that they  are doing today, about the President. We never heard about any of the things that were going on, as I guess there were insiders in charge of keeping  a respectful organized attitude about what AMERICA is doing and will do for all the world to see and know about.

My feeling is that we need help in AMERICA. We need to put the “Ten Commandments” and Prayer back into the Schools as the Teachers want to close the Schools – the students are not there to learn, but only there to do that which, they want to do – to their  fellow students and  the teachers. No one wants to work out a plan  that will work, because so many people think everything has to be, only  their way or the highway!

Everyone has some talents to do something important, while they are here on EARTH –  but, we all have to learn to “give and take” – there is no longer everything only for some – and nothing for others. It is a time to share and share alike. Like we did during those days that  we all worked for the “War Effort” – and there  were lots of us – that did with very little, but we knew, that someday it will be GREAT for all of us – as we learn to do our part in sharing and enjoying, that we are a part in something, that will be so great,  in the future for all!       D.V.

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“Navy DAY – Navy Man – Navy Song -Celebrate”

NAVY BIRTHDAY – October 13


On October 13th, the United States Navy observes its birthday every year. 

The United States Navy (USN) is the naval warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven uniformed services of the United States. The U.S. Navy is currently the largest, most powerful navy in the world, with the highest combined battle fleet tonnage. The service has over 340,000 personnel on active duty and more than 71,000 in the Navy Reserve. 

With only two ships and a crew of eighty men, the Continental Navy was born on October 13, 1775. The decision of the Continental Congress set the Continental Navy on course to carry arms to the British army, not to defend against it. However, these two ships and crew represent the birth of the United States Navy.

Throughout the Revolutionary War, their importance grew. Today, the United States maintains 40 naval bases across the country, including the world’s largest Naval Station Norfolk, in Norfolk, Virginia.

Below the sea, submarines became a part of the Navy during World War II. While experiments began in the late 1800s and during the Civil War, they did not become a large part of the Navy inventory until World War II. At that point, subs became necessary for surveillance and rescue, even though they were also armed.

With the advent of the airplane, the Navy became vital stations for the Airforce as well. As a result, the Navy modified ships into floating landing strips. Today, joint Naval and Airbases such as Pearl Harbor-Hickam provided necessary fleets of sea and air defense.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NavyBirthday

Celebrate with the U.S. Navy. Join Navy personnel as they celebrate their history and military heritage. Use #HappyBirthdayNavy to post on social media.


On October 13, 1775, the Continental Congress authorized the first American naval force.  Thus began the long and prestigious heritage of the United States Navy. Between 1922 and 1972, the Navy celebrated its birthday on October 27th, the date of Theodore Roosevelt’s birth. The Navy League of the United States designated the date due to Roosevelt’s foresight and vision in elevating the U.S. Navy into a premier force. Regardless of when the Navy observed its birth, the celebration has always been one of pride.  


The change to October 13 was seen as a more relevant date in line with the first official action legislating a navy.  Since 1972, the Navy has officially recognized October 13th as the official date of its birth. 

Have to add our Navy song and also the best PHOTO of the best Navy Man – the One that I know, my son, Lee Aldrich.

To  the BEST NAVY MAN – that I know – May the Almighty Yahweh bless and take of – now and for always!    D.V.

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“The POPPY – Veterans Day – Mearing”

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“To Fly – Start With BABY STEPS – FIRST”

To just think about FLYING – YOU  must FIRST – be exposed to some  idea of how it feels, getting into that  great High and Beyond –  YOU  all know – UP THERE  and or  just UP in the AIR –  somewhere!This is “AL”  just like he is sitting in the cockpit of an Airplane – sitting up front – you might say “cooped” up in the hands of his DADDY – where they can see  what it looks like,  when you are  FLYING high,  up and around in the AIR and all  just before, you are to go into your bedroom, to get a good night’s sleep!

Sure does look like, they are having lots of FUN – Big Smile and no crying going on!

How’s this for size – you do have to take the children to places where AIRPLANES are on display – somewhere you can go up close – get up and on and even in, if you can –  get the whole touch and feel, for effect – just to see, if the “shoe could fit” –   and to be sure that there are no “scaredy-cats” like they say,  because when you are up there –  you  are  UP there, till the airplane lands safely on the ground!

NOW, this is the beginning,  this is when you get that “Flying BUG”  you are developing a taste for what you really like,  so that from now on – you will never have that “fear” of Flying!

When you are young enough to feel free to get into an  “Aircraft” and go up with a PILOT – that is also learning – you do not know,  that there is  ever a slight  chance of your coming down and for an unplanned landing – those  flying mistakes do not make you nervous – it just all seems to be  so natural – you are now  qualified  and ready to fly – anytime and anywhere – with anyone, any ole time!    Step right up, and step right in – continue  to do that which comes naturally!  Keep up with  your learning and training and Fly – every chance you can  – you will see –  that – someday it pays off royally!

“With all this training  – you just might be a KING or even a PRESIDENT –  just keep on  doing it all,   all of it according to the plan – and  you will see, that you like that which happens!”   D.V.

“Here’s… Looking at YOU, KID!”

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