Every year on October 19th, National Seafood Bisque Day serves up a hot, delicious meal for seafood lovers. The day celebrates a luxurious bowl of tasty soup made from the catch of the day! 

Seafood bisque is a smooth, creamy, and highly-seasoned soup of French origin.  Recipes call for a strained broth of crustaceans. Use seafood such as lobster, crab, shrimp, or crayfish.

The name “Bisque” is likely derived from Biscay, as in the Bay of Biscay. However, the crustaceans are certainly bis cuites, meaning “twice-cooked.” Recipes require cooks to first sauteed the seafood lightly in their shells, then simmered in wine or cognac and aromatic herbs before being strained.

This rich and filling soup goes well with a crusty chunk of bread. Serve it as the introduction to a larger meal or the meal itself. If you enjoy wine, try Gewurztraminer with your bisque.

HOW TO OBSERVE #SeafoodBisqueDay

Celebrate the day by trying one of the following Seafood Bisque recipes. Or share one of your own. Be sure to make it a real celebration by sharing with friends and family. As always, use #SeafoodBisqueDay to post on social media.

Elegant Seafood Bisque
Simple Seafood Bisque


National Day Calendar® continues researching the origins of this warming food holiday.

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“Let’s Have GOOD Music, Now and Forever”

Music Makes me – More “ME!”

“The proof is in the pudding!” 

 When you can ask your child to play some of the music you love to hear and they can just sit down at the piano anywhere and start making the music  that puts you in “Seventh Heaven” – a place where all your cares and woes of this world  – just  seem to fade away!

When my sons were in first grade at school, I started taking them … after I had them enrolled  at the Hamilton Music Store, so that they could take piano lessons. At that  time, I really had no idea that they would ever  really like learning and  then… also memorize the songs they were learning to play.

The other night the radio was on and some Scott Joplin music… the “Maple Leaf Rag” which just happens to be one of my favorites, and was just what I like…  so I ask my son, Al if he could play that or some of the other tunes that he knows that I enjoy?  

I went into another room for a minute and just that fast the radio was off and Al was sitting at the piano and playing  the “Maple Leaf Rag” and just one piece of music after another. I was enjoying the best of music and right there in the comfort of my own home!

If it is at all possible… for young children to learn to play the piano and or any other instrument of their choice, I believe, that we parents should strive for that… more so than  for any other thing in life,  just knowing that your children have that opportunity  to learn about music and  then to also perform royally… if I  do… say so myself!

 It is so good for each person to be able to make music, alone  and or with  family and friends at any and all of the  time…  of their life.

I am grateful and thankful that Almighty Yahweh,  enabled me to start my children  very early  in their lives into a musical field to participate alone and also to remember to entertain their old parents, and that would be me!     D.V.

“Just…  Sit back and enjoy… try using those notes above to see… how well … and if, you are able to play along!”

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“Music Moving Feet all in Today’s Work”


Music is the mainstream of all life. If you take time to listen to your world as you travel through the seasons of life, you cannot say … that you hear nothing.  Every step you take on the street where you live, your ears are picking up all kinds of sounds.

Let’s start with the beginning of the day. You or someone in the household has set the alarm clock to go off at a certain time, early in the morning. 

For instance, in my home, my husband had to be at our restaurant to open up and have the coffee urns singing a most wonderful smelling song of that delicious smell of fresh coffee perk,  with coffee perking and customers waiting patiently! 

The sounds of the waitress handling the cups and saucers and the pouring of the coffee, and then the customer adding sugar and cream and all the stirring and sip… sip  and more sipping. Only the best wake up music to the ears, with the eyes, now really opening and now everyone can start doing that “March song” of making the body move so very fast to the office!

Back on the home front, I am fixing breakfast for the boys going to school, and at the same time I hear the baby calling out a distress signal, which could mean “I need to be changed, NOW!”

And then… with that follow-up call to me… will be… “I’m real hungry and I will  feel so much better… when I do not have to wait!”

So, I grab a spoonful of something to energize myself and keep on moving and doing some  pickup of stuff… as I move from room to room, because no step can be made without it being a “Tidy-Up” as I go, since there are all kinds of chores  for  TODAY…that I have planned to do!

This is how the general day starts and every move has a quick step of  a dance… to the sounds of music, because what I hear… keeps me going and doing everything just as fast as I can.

So… It’s either keep in step with the work, that  I’ve planned to do…or find myself  in an overworked  and dragging by the early afternoon?



Music by “Scott Joplin and “Jelly Roll Morton” has the  “beat that I like”  to keep my feet  – up in the air  – moving on “Cloud Nine” as I do my housework! 

“Music  – moves  – these  – feet! ! !”

“It is TIME… for “ME” to get back to  moving my feet and  working… good gravy!”

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NATIONAL SWEETEST DAY – Third Saturday in October

National Sweetest Day is observed on the third Saturday in October by people of all ages.

Just in time for its 100th Anniversary, National Sweetest Day encourages everyone to be generous even in the smallest ways.  From its inception as Candy Day in 1916, this day reminds us that even small tokens improve the lives of those around us. While the observance started with candy and sweets given to our sweethearts and friends, the day is full of lessons in persistence, resilience, and doing small things greatly.  

On National Sweetest Day, take care of all those who need extra attention. Even those who need significant care, when given the smallest token, will feel the effects.  A little treat, a card, a show of support during a time of need may be the sweetest gift on this day.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalSweetestDay

Give a gift to someone who needs a reminder of the sweetness in the world. It is, after all, the Sweetest Day of the Year. Use #NationalSweetestDay to post on social media.


National Sweetest Day found its beginnings in a holiday founded by the National Confectioners’ Association in 1916 called Candy Day.  On October 14, 1916, candy shops around the country filled newspapers announcing their sweetest treats and delights.  Originally designated to be celebrated the second Saturday of every October, the confectioners’ convention in Detroit in May of 1916 made the final resolution. Walter C. Hughes, the secretary of the National Confectioners’ Association, encouraged Americans to patronizes their local candy shops, bakers, and druggist for the highest quality confections.

Candy Day

Early advertisements found in Indiana, Minnesota and Texas newspapers mention the “Sweetest Day of the Year” in reference to Candy Day.  However, it was not the official name of the day – not yet.

By 1917 war raging in Europe, and many retailers encouraged patrons to “Get one for yourself and one for the boys overseas!”

Then in April of 1918, the United States officially entered the war in Europe, and with that came rationing.  Sugar, as well as many other commodities, became scarce.  Sponsors shelved the holiday just as it was starting to see such success.

Sweetest Day of the Year Returns

With the end of the war in 1919, sweetness returned to October.  So sweet, in fact, Candy Day became an entire week.  Then in 1923, the day kicked into the full charitable swing.

Sweetest Day’s theme of charity and giving became apparent in 1921. At the time, four Michigan confectioners united with the Red Cross. Those confectioners included the Detroit Retail Confectioners, Detroit Wholesale Confections Club, Detroit Jobbing Confectioners Association, and the Michigan Confectioners Club. Together, they distributed thousands of bags of candy to hospitals, orphanages, shelters, and homes across Michigan. The celebration also included 100 regulation army target balloons, which dropped coupons worth a box of candy.

In 1929, Sweetest Day settled into its current home, the third Saturday in October.

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“When Sharing Watermelon with Others is FUN”

Extra “Visits” are the BEST!

During the 1940s –  my DAD had an “OLD JALOPY” which was handy for him to do repair work on “FIX-UP” properties that cousins of my MOM’s family owned and rented out.

Anyone in the “RENTAL” business – learns in a hurry – that you need to be a “HANDYMAN” or at least know someone that you can hire cheap. “MAC”  – my DAD’s name that everyone called him and in a nice way – if they were wanting something done in a hurry – as he was also called  “JACK of all trades – Master of none” – he could do everything  and anything  – if he wanted too?

Well… It was good for  our Daddy to have  that … old Jalopy… when we were at the Orphanage…  because he was able to also  visit us by just driving in the side entrance… along the girls side of the building and seems that… some of the girls always  had their eyes peeled for the occasional visits that my parents would  be making…  unannounced and  highly unexpected, but each and every time was the “HIGH-LIGHT” of the week for us, Orphans!

This  particular highly unexpected visit was during a very hot summer spell that Saint Louis as surrounding Counties were experiencing and there was even a shortage of water… even for us poor Orphans!

 So, when my DAD rolled around the side road and turned the “ole Jalopy” right in and onto the playground area… were we ever in for a big surprise???  

My  DAD had several real cold “WATERMELONS” cradled in the back of his “Jalopy” and were we Orphans in for a “real treat”  to have  huge “WATERMELON” slices…  and the best part –  all –  “FREE!”  “A first time  for a “Watermelon” Party for  the Orphans!”

As I and all of my friends were  all  hanging around  with my DAD…  he was  so busy slicing up  melons and handing out as many pieces as fast as he could  – and  now – more of the kids were gathering around – all with their hands out and waiting to  be served  a slice of cold “WATERMELON!”  

Even the  boys from the boys side were coming  on over – the ones that were not afraid to get into trouble for being on the girls side of the playground – as there was an “invisible line” in the back of the building  – indicating that you  should stay on your own –  side of the playground – or you – just may have some kind of a  tough time  explaining   what you are doing  – where you don’t belong?

The NUNS were always watching from “special  hiding- places” …  just to see who was doing what  – why –  where and how –   so, some kids were always having a tough time … with some of the NUNS!?

Anyway,  on this particular afternoon,  which was a very “SPECIAL” time for all of us “ORPHANS”…  we sure had fun eating and while  also enjoying the occasion with my DAD …  as we were reminiscing  the “good old times” we, all  had long before we came to the Orphanage!  

My DAD was a real “JOKE-STIRRER –UPPER”  and he would have all kinds of silly stuff to say and do… just  making sure all the kids were having lots of fun and enjoying as much “WATERMELON” as they could!

I sure had fun and am guessing  that all the kids… who were there… way back then… remember the “FUN TIMES” … too!

“Sharing some good times to remember forever!”  

(Some of the “KIDS” …  never received a visit…  from their parents and really enjoyed the times they were sharing with my parents as my parents loved  all… us kids!)

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“Way Back in the GOOD Ole Days”

A New Start in 1942

We moved to north Saint Louis, to an area where the “Brady Family” has lived since coming to America from Ireland!

There was the Fairground Park on one side of where we were living and the O’Fallon Park on the other side. My mother would take us for long walks throughout the neighborhood, pointing out all of the important places for me to remember – that when the time came – I could find the correct way to get there.

The “Water Tower” on north Grand Avenue then straight south to Natural Bridge  Avenue where the Northside Theatre was on the one corner and the Drug Store on the corner where we would stop for a caramel nut sundae.

We could then follow Natural Bridge west to Van deVanter Avenue and  then cut through Fairground Park, or go on down to Sarah Avenue and look at the different homes we never saw before… as we aimed toward home.

In the other direction, we would travel on Carter Avenue to Warne Avenue, sometimes stopping in at the “PINK SISTERS” for a Church service or go through to the O’Fallon Park. Sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday we would go on then to Calvary Cemetery to see where the Brady’s and Riley’s were resting  in PEACE… so  nicely – six foot under!

Back in the day…There was no “TV” – no “GAS” for automobiles – so the best thing to do was to “WALK.”

The air was clean and fresh  without all of those “gas” fumes and  then for our health’s sake, we were exercising the body and viewing the sites, that were all new to us.We were doing  then, what  more families should be doing today, enjoying the great outdoors while communicating with each other!

Sometimes, we would be walking, and some relative or friend of my mother’s would be also out for a walk or going to a nearby store. Naturally, we would all stop to catch up on what the current news of the day, namely the WWII  and who had a son or father killed in “ACTION?” 

Every family in those days was in the same boat, all of us poor, trading ration coupons, working our “V” garden,  and even chickens in the garage,  and in the City of Saint Louis. 

We were savers of everything… making do with what we had … and always  collecting  any and all newspapers and magazines  and  also saving bacon grease in old coffee cans, and  this was all done for the “WAR effort!”

The walks we took along Florissant Avenue were some of the best, because there were stores for blocks and blocks. There was a “5 and 10 dime store,” dress and shoe stores, beauty shop, a meat market, a grocery and vegetables stand store,  and two good Bakery Stores, also a “live” poultry store.

We… kids in the neighborhood  would go into the poultry store just to see the “live” chickens. You would look over all of the “live birds” they had and  hand pick  just the one you wanted. Someone would take that selected bird to the back killing it,  and then depending on what you were paying them… would also do  the cleaning  and dress the bird – all prepared so nice and fresh just for you to bake or for whichever way you  were planning to have that “fresh BIRD” for dinner.

Also… now that I am thinking back to those good ole days in’42… for me, only the Best kindergarten school as  I was  introduced to the  Bryan Hill Elementary School which was also along Florissant Avenue, and  as I remember the best teacher,  as my mother  also liked her!

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