“Congratulations and Best Wishes to TOM and ROSE”

Tom and Rose”  are celebrating their 57th Wedding Anniversary,  this Sunday, March 24.”

“May the Almighty Yahweh, continue to Bless you both – now and always!”     D.V.

This is added – just for Mr. Wonderful, himself!

      So appropriate for an old steel salesman!

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“Vacation Time is FUN – Let’s FLY”




“Cape Kennedy”  – “AMERICA’s SPACE STATION”

L to R – is Donald and little Al and Lee, Jr. Aldrich

“How’s the  “AIR”  up there?”   That sure was a surprise to little “Al”  to be put up there – above all of us – and  he could be calling for HELP!

A  new name,   “Cape Kennedy”  a  change  from the previous  and so well known Cape Canaveral”, Florida,  32953 –   only happened – after “President Kennedy” was assassinated,  so that,  we AMERICANS would have a remembrance of what he stood for “Space Flight” and  also,  that all  of us “AMERICANS” will  just have a  plan  to see and visit – as we were planning to do, while   on our way to  Merrit Island  to visit cousin,   Jimmie Brady Shilling.

I remember , as if,  it were  just yesterday, a slow and enjoyable  vacation,  driving  up the  Florida Highway  coast and  just  far enough away from home, Fort Lauderdale,  and   stopping for breakfast. We  started our day nice and early,  just so we could stop at a restaurant,  other than our own – and enjoy meals prepared without our help.

We were planning on staying a full week and enjoying the  swimming at  Jimmy’s  place on  Merrit Island.  They had spent sometime  at our home in Fort Lauderdale  – and said to come up, to their place and plan on  doing some nice sight-seeing.

That is Al Aldrich ,  sitting at the top of the base for the   AIR CRAFT , just above his head  as little   Al is  near or just 2 years of age.  Al  had  already made a “solo trip” from Fort Lauderdale, Florida   to St.Louis, MO   via Eastern Air Lines,  at the age of “eighteen” months.   He is  now a licensed pilot today, and    Helicopters being  his favorite  way to fly,  and I have  often wonder,  did little “AL”  like sitting up there and  did that trip to Merrit Island inspire him,  to learn to fly?

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“Make an appointment with the DENTIST, TODAY”



Annually observed on March 6, National Dentist’s Day was created as a day set to say “Thank You” and show appreciation to your dentist.

In many cases, the day of our dental visit usually has us a bit nervous and sometimes anxious.  We would often rather be someplace else than sitting in a dental chair.  The dentist is not the person most of us look forward to seeing.  However, when our checkup is done, our teeth are cleaned, the cavities are filled, the broken tooth is fixed, or a toothache is gone, we appreciate what the dentist has done for us.


If you are not already in the habit of using them, this would be a great day to make a commitment to better dental habits. Use #NationalDentistsDay to post on social media.

Just in case you did not see this… xoxoxoxoxo

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“Happy is – as – HAPPY does” “Do IT TODAY”

“Be Happy and Good to everyone Today – and this  world,  will be the best place to be – after all,  is said and done!”


National I Want You to be Happy Day is observed annually on March 3.  This day was created as a day encouraging us to do something to make others happy.  Putting a smile on someone’s face tends to put one on ours, too.  


It’s quite limitless.  A flower here, a silly knock-knock joke there.  Buy the person’s coffee standing in line behind you.  Remind your kids how much you love them.  Leave a sticky note for a co-worker telling them to have a spectacular day, a happy day.  Draw a happy face in the snow for a stranger to come across later.  Give someone a hug. Use #IWantYouToBeHappyDay to post on social media.

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“Let’s Have FUN – Flying”


           “Come – FLY with ME!”


Such a beautiful day…  “How about you coming up and FLYING  with us!”

This is baby ALYSSA and she is almost 10 months old.   Looks like  DADDY is taking  little ALYSSA for a perimeter –  check ride around the AIRPORT – on his bike.

The weather is  so much better as each day comes and goes – so,  NOW is the day to take that   FREE AIRPLANE RIDE  with ME today.   When you take the time and go flying –  you will find that you will soon want to take lessons – and  make TIME to be at the AIRPORT – every good chance,   that you can –  just  to know that you will be  able to FLY up and over  your home and all the little homes –  that you will see below –  and the people will look like little  “ants” if you get to  see – someone looking up into those nice blue skies and wishing,  that they were up there – with you and learning to FLY, too  – as it is  just  great, to be up in those big beautiful  shades of  powder blue sky –   it makes you feel like you are NOW ,  in a most  wonderful world  enjoying  those  DREAMS – that you made to yourself – to FLY–  in the one place above all others,  that  you always want to be  in –  because it is all  – pure enjoyment!

“TIMES a flying by  –  COME and FLY with ME!” –  we always welcome,  your company, when it comes to  FLYING  with…   “DADDY  and  ME!”   D.V.

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“Man’s BEST FRIEND- Will LOVE YOU Forever”

Since this is “STORY DAY” – Have to start with … “Once upon a time” and,  as you can see this PHOTO of me and little  “Miss Chloe” was taken some time back – shortly after my  getting home from the HOSPITAL – just had to have  “surgery”  and everyone knows –  that you are just plum worn out,  after so many stitches here and there – and when you are older –   “You just do not get around,  as fast as you  once did,  when you were a very young girl,  at the ripe  and  “old age”  of being  eighteen!”

Sure is good to have a  “cane”  to help  – something to lean on and this particular  “cane”  did belong to my husband, Lee – as he also had his fair share of surgeries  after having been shot  – when on  the Police Department – some fifty +   and, or  more years ago. Good to hold on to  those old  “CANES”  – never know when you  just, may need one?

“Little Miss Chloe”  is  most  attentive and concerned with doing everything just so and so – when she knows,  that she is helping a poor ole GRANDMA – and for that,  everyone  LOVES  “Little Miss Chloe”  just because she helps every one,  get “WELL”  faster and better,   than ever before – “if… I say so, myself!”



       “Grammy with our favorite pup, Chloe!”


“Just have to add this little sweetie pie – with a very special message to and for  everyone – when you are not feeling real good – clip this  message and have it hanging right where you will see it – early in the day – just to know – that “LOVE”  is always right where you want it – and when you want it – to make each and every day – just the “best dog-gone day”  that you ever had – and,  will always have,  from now on, and   for all  TIME,  and that’s  forever!”

“Just have to THANK our Almighty Yahweh, because He gave us these wonderful , loving animals – to give their LOVE to us, humans – for the healing purpose – so that we will also care for them as they care for us – sharing the LOVE,   that only our wonderful  CREATOR can give – to all of  HIS creations – now and forever!”     D.V.

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