“Serious Is, as Serious Does”

The other day,  when I was posting this PHOTO of   Great Grand-Son, “LEX” – I knew, as I was caught  by that  stare of  little “LEX”  that,  I had seen this very same look,  somewhere  but,  just could not remember where,  and only after looking over some of the other POSTS – ran across the matching PHOTO.

… NOW,    check out this face… and the face of  big Sister, “Alyssa”, watching over her new  little baby sister, “JAIME” – see if there isn’t something similar,  there being a  likeness or very strong  resemblance in the face.

http://fourgrandmas.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/img155.jpgThere is defiantly something in those eyes  – that is thinking  about the time and situation – and only in their eyes and in and on their mind are the words – but, because they are too young – just can not express in words for us to hear and or to know.

People go to  “Museums” for all sorts of reasons, but some just to study  our cultural heritage, and or to preserve and promote   the source  of cultural heritage, – but I think – there are some people that just like to sit and gaze at the faces of different people and try to figure out – just by looking at the face – “What in the world was on the mind of this person” as they  are sitting for hours,  just to have their portrait made for millions of people to just come  later in time of years, and stare at the “Portrait faces”  for hours on ends.

Everyone that looks long at a  “PHOTO” has some idea of what they are seeking – maybe a “re-union”  in their minds of what could have been – or maybe,  what would we be doing, “If we were still together” or maybe, “Did you really do all that  they  say and is now  printed in the  “History Books” or is, all of  that  just a lot of  “malarkey?”

“Come to think about it – there are a million questions that one can ask  and wonder about – while just looking at old Photos,  and even the new ones – just taken days ago?”   D.V.

“For generations to come – the  top Photo  of  little  baby, “LEX” is the son of   “Alyssa, my Grand-daughter” – and “Little Master LEX, is my  “Great Grand-son” and,  I am so grateful and Thankful to the Almighty Yahweh, for all of the most wonderful gifts – that He only,  can  provide for  us, His children!”

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“Birthday Memories Last Longer than a WEEK”

This is one of my  ‘favorite PHOTOS’ of  little  “JAIME”  as   she was never  the type  to start to cry,   just when it was TIME to be PHOTOGRAPH.  “Jaime”  will show the camera  her very  best smiles,  with  each and  every PHOTO  that is taken, as  each   is “PITCHURE  PERFECT”  if,   I   do say so, myself!

This is a bigger and more  “SUN-TAN”  “JAIME”  showing us  exactly, what she can do,  when  ready to get into that  big “OCEAN  BLUE”  while,   on a  FAMILY trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

And,  this next PHOTO,  well  what more,  can I say, “It is most  BEAUTIFUL”   – If only,  I could have  had such a glamorous “PHOTO” of myself,  way back and when,  but –  I just never  received those qualities for taking a really  good PHOTO,   (some in LIFE, have “IT ”  and  all the others, like me, OH well,  we  can only wish, a lot) – such is LIFE! – –  “I’m still wishing, but TIME is running out!”

“For those  beautiful  and wonderful “GIFTS”  “my Grand-children” that,  I have received,  from our ALMIGHTY CREATOR, I have to give THANKS,  since these “GIFTS”   are the kinds of  “GIFTS”  that, there is nothing,  that I can do,  nor could I have done,  to receive, but only,  by that  extra  special “GRACE of  YAHWEH”  for which,  I will be eternally grateful,  and that  is going to be,   forever and ever more!’

“Happy Birthday,  to JAIME”   agin, with  “WISHES” for  many more,  “HAPPY BIRTHDAYS” and  prayers  asking   that the “ALMIGHTY”  continue to bless you, even more, than  He has already blessed me!   AMEN       DV.

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We All gave JAIME a BIG Surprise PARTY”


“Our New Baby – Jaime!”  “Is a BIG GIRL TODAY”

On May 18th – our little “baby, Jaime” was born – and this  is one of the very first full “FAMILY”  Photos taken at the AIRPORT!     I’m,   the “Grandma” Ellen holding  “big sister, Alyssa”   and in front of me,   and in his “CUB Scout” outfit is “BIG BROTHER, Alan” –  left of me and in the center  is “Jill, new Mama”  – and next to  “Jill” is   “Daddy, Al” and holding our brand new  “baby, JAIME” – and  this is one of those Fun Days when DADDY and MOMMY will be taking off in  their plane, and guess what???   I will be baby sitting all three of the best of best GRAND-Children!  “And will we be having “FUN” like never before!” “They do not call  “ME” the “Fun Grandma” for nothing!” – “Just you watch and see – all the FUN things that we will be doing!”

The best part of “FLYING”  is to have your own plane and “FLY” just as soon as the new day starts! Everyone knows that good little  old “saying”  – “Early to BED – early  to “RISE”  in the morning –  makes for  more  “FAMILY  Fun Flying”  together and as often as possible!”

“I’m a big girl NOW!”   ***     “Alyssa… Grandma…Jaime”

There is nothing like growing up and being a big girl –  and having a chance to go to a “Charity” function  –  for the children at St.  Vincent’s  called,  “KOOKIN’ FOR KIDS” –   one of their events held in the SUMMER month, of August –  and for us to all  go –  it was one of the best times we had –  all dressed in our “SUNDAY”  best –  “Grandma” even wore a hat!

The best memory of this PHOTO is when “GRANDMA” received it, and taking a look, said,  “This reminds me of the days in the   “Roaring Twenties  Days”  as  we sure are dressed to start dancing the “Charleston”  one of those ‘dances’ that  “Great Grandma” taught  to her “BOSS”  when she worked for “Shell OIL Co.”  as she sure could dance up a storm,  back then in those good ole days!

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY  JAIME”   and celebrate all week  long  as  it takes that long for you to  visit with all of the FAMILY and FRIENDS,  and  really enjoy,  as I am praying that you will be enjoying many more “HAPPY BIRTHDAYS”  in this LIFE time, as   our Creator wants  and helps us to do, each and every day of our LIFE!     D.V.

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“Happy Birthday to Jaime – TODAY”

“Jaime’s Birthday Party”


Every  “DAY”   is the  “BEST DAY of the YEAR”   when   you can celebrate the “BIRTHDAY of  the  ONE you LOVE”   the  most  a terrific  and wonderful  “BIRTHDAY  GIRL”   herself    “OUR  JAIME”





Happy Birthday   to Jaime   …..  and that is   Alan   along  side…


Jaime's BD Party

Jaime’s    Party  and  here we are  and we are  all ready! “Ready for FUN and  GAMES!”

      “Terrific Photo of Alyssa in the middle of Al and ME!”

And,  just one more PHOTO – for Show and Tell as the PARTY will be one to last all week – only because,  it takes time to see and visit with all of the FAMILY  and Friends – that just enjoy the FUN time of celebrating with the PARTY GIRL, herself!IMG_0511

                              The “GIRLS”   are ready to  “PARTY”

Left to Right is Alyssa and  Grandma, herself and  “JAIME, the   BIRTHDAY  GIRL”  and  all,   are ready for the show to begin!  Every body is invited – you’ll come on and help “JAIME”  celebrate this week!”    D.V.

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“First Grade Student Writes First Book”


“First Published book by Jaime Aldrich”

This is the cover of the book written and illustrated with her very own drawings – the title is “Changes Around Us” – and the author is “Miss Jaime Aldrich” –  my Grand-Daughter.



Since … little  “Miss Jaime’s book”  is about the  changing  “SEASONS”  just thought,   that I would included  a page from her book and this page  talks about  a  “TIME” of the year that we are  hoping will be soon, “FALL”  since, TODAY it is so hot – going up to 99 degrees and  the one thing  that we can all agree on – is that what ever the weather is TODAY – we always wish that it was something different and much better.img189This is one of the best “projects”  –  that the SCHOOL System  can offer for the very young children, something so  CREATIVE using the natural talents that a young child has  in some ways  of expressing their use of language, writing and story telling, in a natural and imaginative way for their  very young age, and for those who like to draw and color or  even paint,  all qualities to spark a development, into  something that they may want to explore further with  more training,  to  maybe even working  their natural  talents into a LIFE-TIME  career,  at least,   this is  a start of something  promising, for them to be proud of,  for all the days of their LIFE!

The page  in the book,  on the  opposite of  the writing,  that is above,   is one of  her  very own drawings  – just  to show us what the “FALL TIME” looks like,  and what we might be  doing, at that  time of the year.

I am Lucky and grateful to have received this prize book, and will keep it forever – as this shows that with early inspiration in a young child’s LIFE – they are able to show us some of the wonderful talents that our Almighty Creator gave them – and that they have more – if only we will give the children the opportunity to creature small wonders like this book – that I will treasure forever.    D.V.

 “ONE day closer to your big BIRTHDAY Party,   and I am wishing  just  for you, one more extra special WISH of LOVE and HAPPINESS  to be added to all of those BLESSINGS – that our Almighty will be sending to YOU!”

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“More Birthday Greetings”

“My baby Sister, Jaime’s BIRTHDAY – coming”

“This is ‘Big Sister, Alyssa’ and I am announcing that … my baby Sister, JAIME – – will be one year older – – since she will have another BIRTHDAY – – coming up this week!”  “You… all come  – – and plan on having a whole lot of FUN!”

“Grandma” took this PHOTO to work and  – – just could not believe the comments – – all good – – but the number one comment was… “Never saw a ‘six-month” old baby with so much hair!”  I had to answer… “From  her ‘Great-Grand-Mother Marie’ – – the one and only person who also had this dark shade of brown hair and lots of it!”

“I just love this PHOTO… “Big Sister Alyssa” has her arms out to swing her little sister as needed – – ‘Alyssa’ is paying attention to Mama  and what she is telling her little ‘HELPER’ to do – –  and ‘Alyssa’ is  ready to swing  little “Baby Jaime” only as fast as is safe for a nice ride and to help “Jaime”  fall to sleep for her afternoon nap.  Little “ALYSSA” just has that highly attentive posture and alertness – – for and if anything should seem to be going wrong – – to be able to correct and or have HELP — in a hurry.

So… if you did not receive your “INVITATION” – – check your “e-mail”  – – as everyone… today has some kind of  “electronic’ social’   communication – – this world does not know what stamps and envelopes are for – – takes too much TIME – – or it is just plain ole “lost in the mail” —  so just open your  little ‘hand-held’  – ‘gizmo’  – – take a ‘look-see’ – – and start making plans for the big day this week – – we want you to help us – – celebrate “JAIME’s BIRTHDAY” – – and or like we used to say – – “be there… or be square!”    D.V.

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