“When in LIFE a Thought Matures”

“Daddy and Me… BIG AL”

“WOW” … It is me… “BIG AL” all ten pounds of me… and I am ready to go!

May as well … just say it here… “I want to FLY …  into the highest SKY!”

When one takes the time to think about LIFE… I believe that…  that they  forget to check out that verse in the Bible  Psalms 139… regarding the plans that were set out for them… long before they ever were to arrive here on EARTH!

Checking out most of the board games that people will take the time to play… You have to admire the planning and forethought that went into getting that special idea… and then planning on a  beginning and ending and a REWARD!

The game board might be as our EARTH. Then  that one person with this special thought process  of what to put on this Earth and to make something very interesting and appealing to the end users … sure will take some time to plan and build!

So… here I am thinking… and that is how the beginning of the BIBLE starts… Certain thought and words were put into motion with a great amount of time spans…  called days in  between.

That is how it is with a LIFE here on earth… a certain amount of time and years  go by with learning and growing and maturing to the point of readiness to do the assigned work here on EARTH… and then followed up by the great REWARD… to come!        D.V.

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“Another BIG Birthday Wish to Last Forever”

“Get Ready for a Big Birthday Party”

           “Happy Birthday Lee Aldrich”

“How is this for a PHOTO –  Lee and ME!”

One of our regular customers, that is,  during the “SEASON”  in Florida… wanted a PHOTO of us, to take NORTH  when he returned  back home, so that he could tell all of his friends, what  a terrific guy, “LEE Aldrich” is  and  that,  when they go to Florida,  to be sure to tell them,  (that is Lee and  Me)  that they also like going to the “race track”  as “Lee always knows” which horse will WIN!

“And, this is the customer,

with my husband, Lee 

 they like  watching the “ponies” running  

and,  once in a while, just a great big  maybe,  picking a WINNER!”

We have a  list of   the regulars at the “Snack Bar” and an extra special list… that will be checking  in with us   during and in the “season”   as  they  make big plans  and then … all  are off and to the “RACE TRACK”… where  the  best  “FUN in FLORIDA”  is the name of the GAME!

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“Little Miss Ruby to be Little Miss AMERICA”

“At just “six months”… I am able to wave my very own AMERICAN Flag !”

my own

Since this  is still the month of JULY… the month that we all celebrate the big HOLIDAY… the FOURTH of JULY… I feel that I should start a “MEMORY PAGE”  for my Great-Granddaughter Ruby!

When I was only eight months… my Mother took my picture…. being held in my Daddy’s arms… and the most important thing about that photo… was all of the important information that my Mother wrote on the backside of that photo.

and the front side…

Most children do not care about all of the information that is written on the back side of a photo… they just want to see a photo… that they look good on… and how much all of their friends  will say that they like it!

But since and when I have had my own little family…and have started taking photos of  my family… and seeing  those photos that I toke and compared them to old photos of my  family…. do not find that extra something that is missing…INFORMATION!”

The above photo of me and my information… is something that I feel is needed… more so now, than ever before!

It is a big “WOW”… I was able to say this and that… and also … the note of what I could do and or at least know where and what … I was going to learn to do… if only I kept getting that chance to try to do more… than I was able to do… that last time we went through that same situation!

So… I look at this lovely PHOTO of  my Great Granddaughter … little Miss Ruby, herself all dress in the favorite colors of AMERICANS… celebrating the  big Holiday our “Fourth of July”… and what I see… Miss Ruby is eager to learn all about all of this being decorated with flying flags and colors and music… with lots of family and friends… and when she is a little older… will get to add  to all of the above…that we also treat ourselves to lots of good eats on our special Holidays!

Just hope that everyone takes  extra special notice of  our little Miss Ruby’s head attire… there is just something that  gives a finished statement to  being able to say… we dress for the occasion… so as to feel that all points that will be talked about… we have covered everything … just by having something extra special on the HEAD!

I just LOVE that little Miss Ruby’s MOM… thinks about the fully complete look… and so far  as I can see… I do believe that little Miss Ruby… will WIN… FIRST PLACE… if and ever there would be a chance come up… to enter  our little Miss Ruby!

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“Our Little Miss Ruby Celebrates her Sixth Month Birthday”

Mary Ellen Aldrich
“Lex discovers American soil… and plants his AMERICAN Flag… on the LAND … that all free American people love and share… forever” xoxo



Jill E. Rempala
Happy 6 months old today our little Ruby-Ray of sunshine girl☀️

“Happy big SIX Month Birthday to our little Miss Ruby… herself”



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“Happy Birthday Alan… from All of US”

What a wonderful day it was…. all the family getting together for Alan’s big BIRTHDAY Party… and all of us finding things to do… while  the finishing touches were made on the  “Good Eats” that Alan had requested.

When there are little ones … especially when they are your favorites’ and just want to be helpful and learn new things to do… I kinda planned on this ahead of time… by bringing my “arts and craft”  handy dandy box of stuff that would keep Little Lex and ME busy doing… making some important stuff… while everyone  else did all the hard things,  that you need to do when getting everything  ready and done  up and  just right on!

Little Lex was so busy with all of the “stickers” that we had to work with … putting on sheets of paper that would turn out to be “BIRTHDAY CARDS… for his UNCLE ALAN” and then we had  every color of pencil and crayons… fat and thin of every color possible… we had string to make garlands  and even a hole puncher so as to thread this  all together… and even envelopes for the finished products …. just so we could tell “Uncle Alan” all of these  beautiful creations… came VIA the Express MAIL… from our  extra special “Mail Carrier Lex… himself!”

Just so Little Lex knows… a hundred years from NOW… that  the little arts and craft table that you are sitting at… is so cute and handy for the little one… and I am so pleased to see that Lex is sitting so comfortable and doing so well… but … for starters… I could not sit at the same table with little Lex…. my bones just will not bend… backwards and sidewards and upside down… and or how every one would need to bend them… just to be able to sit at your “CREATIVE” table!

Somehow… I did find something… like a footstool… and how I ever managed to get down there… I do not know?   But…  you should have seen me looking for something to pull myself up from there … when we were done.

I looked and finally figured out… that I would need a strong arm of  a person to pull me up and get my legs straight… hopefully wanting  me to stand on them… as I think that my legs  had temporarily turned to mush…were  now wondering and would have asked me the question… “If they could only speak and scream”… “What in the world do you think “legs” are suppose to do…. when they are no longer working… as they once did so very well… in that  young eighteen year old body… that you now… no longer have!

Little Lex did see to it … that his favorite UNCLE Alan received all of  his fine gifts and mail  that we made … and Uncle Alan carried Little Lex in his arms… because Little Lex just loves to be in his strong arms for long as possible…because Little Lex does not want Uncle Alan to leave… he just loves him so much!

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“Alan today, yesterday and and even before”

Sometimes when you are having a “PARTY” for some one and the invited guests have not been around for awhile… It does happen that you may not remember what the “Guest of HONOR”  still looks like…  so…since it has been such a long… long  time.

 It is now … good to keep in touch with all  of your family and friends…  and in so doing… no matter where and when… “You” will  for sure … know your best of friends and family… for  that helps us all… by being… all up to date on our most important  things…  will also keep you in the know!

“Can you pick out ALAN … in the following photo?”

“How long did it take for you to identify ALAN?”

So  now … as all things in LIFE… TIME  does go by… and  just so swiftly … we all seem to  have changed … we may or may not quite look the same as we did as the years were either very good… or maybe not so favorable to all of us… in some  surprising way or the other… we just  made the change… just the way that we were suppose too.

“SO NOW… do we know everyone in the above photo… is it an easy task or would   “YOU” say more difficult to say who is WHO?

I think you might say … these were our PRIME YEARS… everything was just wonderful… if I say so, myself!

The guessing game is NOW over… as TIME flies by… as it  is in the habit of doing, so … TIME  has made so many  big changes…

NOW in the arms of  “UNCLE ALAN” is our new addition to the family…  our Little Lex… and Little Lex, has found  that he feels as if…  he is in HEAVEN… when he is being held for long periods of  TIME … in those nice strong arms of  our extra special “BIRTHDAY PARTY  and MAN of the HOUR”…  this weekend!

So after taking the “photo quiz”… get in touch with ME… and I will give  to you… the full details of the PARTY…  that is… when I get them from the other members that are  more in the know of  the directing the show of shows… to be soon completed… in  time… that is before it is  just too late… and  so with all of  important things… of which I am… maybe  the … sometimes last to know…  as… “I  do talk too much,  and give  some info out…  that I am not suppose  to know… to tell.”

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