“BABY FACE” – You have the cutest little  “BABY FACE” – when I look at this PHOTO – that song is all that pops up in my brain – and you got me singing that melody – even when,  I am trying to do other things. Just guess, that I am not going to get too much done – just thinking about the sweetest little “BABY FACE” of my  “Great GRAND-SON, LEX!”


Just so, that everyone will be able to sing –  all of the words – and remember,  that when they see a “sweet baby face” – that you all can sing to the  sweet baby – and let them know – just how much you LOVE them – just –  as I LOVE my sweetie pie, LEX!


Let me know – if after the first time of listening to this  song,  “BABY FACE” –  if you are also – singing it to yourself – without  even knowing that your singing “BABY FACE!”

May the Almighty Creator –  Bless all of our beautiful BABIES – and keep them safe and well –  providing for all children  just  the best of parents – that will LOVE and SING to their  children – making for a very happy FAMILY –  where,  they  will always have the best of memories –  forever!     D.V.

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“Sing OUR SONG, Over the RIVER to Grandmother’s House”

This is LEX – and, I just heard my favorite song of  all time – “Over the RIVER and through the WOODS to GRANDMA’s House we go” and from what I heard this has been the # 1 traveling song  – at this time of the year –  as we travel for the great “Thanksgiving Feast of a Dinner” for all of the FAMILY!

As you can see – I am in my finest  “Tux Outfit” and all ready to travel through the woods to “GRANDMA”s HOUSE”  just like that  song  – that we will  all  be singing  in our  “Auto”  –  and our  “Automatic DRIVE” will be set – as the song said  that the “HORSE” knows the way to “Grandma’s HOUSE” – so with a whole lot of loud singing and laughing all the way – we will be planning on having lots of FUN and GAMES with  our A #1   FUN  Grandma!





“Grandma just said,  that she likes this PHOTO of  me, “LEX”  singing our favorite song “Over the River” because, I know just how to open my mouth  wide so that all of the words can be heard for miles around – Grandma thinks,  that I am the best of any singer that she has heard – and I LOVE singing loud just for her, too!

So, just in case you see a vehicle, sailing down the highway – and everyone in the vehicle is singing nice and loud,  and laughing and having too much FUN – you will know that,  that is us – and we are all  on our way to our “FUN GRANDMA’s house – for  more “TURKEY and PUMPKIN PIE –   and she was telling me about an old song, that  her “Aunt Irene Brady Riley” taught to her and her brothers, Denny and Tommy – in the late 1940’s – and that it is a real silly kind of song just for kids.

Just in case you can not wait,  till I tell you exactly what it is –  “Grandma” does have it posted – back  some time ago – just hunt back through some of her old  pages – and you will find it! One hint…  I will give to you…”It sounds ‘funny’  to your ears!”

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“Celebrating Little Master Lex on his 8th Birthday Month”

For the month of  “November”  is there any better way to celebrate a “Birthday” – especially,  when it is for our  “Great Grand-son, Lex!

 “I know that you said – “Do not put that in your mouth, “MOM”  – – but… this is just so tempting” – and – – “MOM” –  I feel that a “tooth” just wants to be started in this space”

 “This was so good – I drank it all – even to the last drop” *** *******

“I sure hope that – I can get a good bite out of this”




“Happy Birthday LEX and many more”     D.V.

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“Check out these “Trick-or-treaters”

      “Getting Ready for HALLOWEEN”

“HALLOWEEN” is one day that little children will have  a real good time –   the children get to dress up –  in outfits that look so cute –  and are so much FUN –   just the  making  of them and  then watching each child have a great time –  in a  “Make-Believe” land.

In this PHOTO on the right is little “MISS Alyssa”  all dressed  up in a once used “Wedding Gown” and just looks so beautiful – maybe  just  like  a real life “Princess”  just ready to hand out good wishes to all  those that she will meet on “Halloween”  night  out – while  going  “door to door” for trick  or  treats –  and right next to her,   is her little  sister, “Miss Jaime”  just the cutest little “mouse”  that you  will ever  see –  and would just love to play with,  all the time. 

OCT 31 001

This is the “PRE-SCHOOL” class room… where  you first get to see how your school friends will be “DRESSED” for the big day…  HALLOWEEN –  and find out where they will be going to do their  “trick and treating”  –   and of course –  you will be getting ideas for what your next  year’s  HALLOWEEN   costume   – will look like.

img195In this PHOTO –  we see that the “TEACHER”, herself is dressed like “RONALD MAC DONALD” –  which is a very nice out-fit to have – as you can use it at so many  “PARTIES” and always be is style.

I do not remember who made  “LITTLE MOUSE,  JAIME’s” out-fit –  but,  she sure is the cutest little mouse –  that I have seen –   and it looks like all of her friends also like her cute  “mouse”  out-fit –   it just WINS a PRIZE in my book!

Just some ideas for the children to see what they would like and if you have some “photos” that you would like for me to share –  just send them along with names  – if you want them included. Thanks…  and have the best of  “FUN ” on “Halloween night!”

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“DeAndreis Prom Memory”

“DeAndreis Prom Memory”

“Memories are made of this”   –  those words just came to mind –  just thinking back all those years ago – as I had  just heard from a friend,  that there was a write up – – about  the “DeAndreis High School”  in the last week or two in the “Saint Louis Review”  and, since I do not receive the “Review” have no idea what their memory is – – that,  they are publishing, NOW!

So, remembering  that –  I have a “PHOTO” and it is so good, just have to post it,  TODAY – in case someone needs to see what  they  were  missing,  if they did not attend the “DeAndreis High School, in the 1950’s!”

Stamped  in gold on the above  PHOTO…”DeAndreis  Junior Prom- 1957″ and of course no names on the back of this PHOTO – but that is a very young,  “MR. Wonderful, himself” my little brother, “Tom McClarren”  third, from the left, the “one” with his arms  held  behind.  Looks like a perfect “Military stance”.

Since this is a “PROM  NIGHT” – just thought I would  post some music to start off the dancing – even as old as we are TODAY – we can still dance and continue on with good memories to last  us, for ever more!


“Do you remember your PROM NIGHT – and do you still have old PHOTOS?”      D.V.

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“Are YOU getting ready to celebrate HALLOWEEN?”

Now is the time to prepare – and make your own “outfits” from garments that you may have in the “ATTIC” – or from a costume pattern – one,  that is nice and easy – as these usually only get the  ‘one-time’ wear – but they  could  be used for the next generation – and, or  even passed on to friends!

     “Halloween Out-fits” – “I Want to WEAR…”–


This “PHOTO” is really two Photos…taken in the same room…just  close enough… for  that  healthy plant… to be a connector…so that I could place together…and now it looks like one  “TERRIFIC  PHOTO”  of my “GRAND-Daughters” dressed so cute… that I  also wish that I could dress as the little mouse on the left – – which is  “MISS  Jaime Aldrich” … and if ever again… that I could have a chance to wear a “Bride’s Gown” – –  I only wish that I could look as sweet as a our little “BRIDE” as  “MISS  Alyssa   Aldrich” – – and these are “HOME-MADE” out-fits… which are  always rated  with an “A  PLUS”  in my book!


 “For  this and  the up and coming HALLOWEEN…  which will  be  next “WEDNESDAY”  –  “How would you like  these two special  and very well dressed “Halloweeners”  show up at your front door to receive a very special  treat ??”

To all of those that can remember,  that old MOVIE, “Meet Me in St. Louis” – you will see how  “Halloween” was celebrated at the turn of the CENTURY – and all of the preparation for the children – and the FUN that they all had – just for ideas!


“Sit back and enjoy!”

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