“EASTER TIME for the GRAND-Children”


How do you celebrate,  EASTER?

When you have “Grand-Children”  EASTER is  like CHRISTMAS,  go to CHURCH as a FAMILY , and stop by a RESTAURANT for BREAKFAST  and make that a  great big BREAKFAST,  since for  and during all of LENT,  everyone was on a low food intake  and did without a lot of the regular “FAST FOODS”  while  just trying  to be ever mindful of the season  and  trying to do with less food,  make that,  a whole  lot more of doing without  than  at any other time of the year!

So,  in the PHOTO below,   we see “ALYSSA”  and as you can see,  she is not being disturbed by the number of relatives,  coming in and bringing “EASTER GIFTS” for her and her sister, “JAIME”.  Whatever she is doing, nothing is stopping her from  this  very important task,  that she is working on,   so that  it will be done  ‘right’  because,  I know “ALYSSA”,  and she is very thorough in completing,  that which is  most important, as it  must be done with precision.

This next PHOTO is of  “JAIME”  and she is a year younger,  and has all the qualities as “ALYSSA,”  as she learns by watching what others do,  and usually ends up doing a much  faster  job,   since both girls work together on so many projects,  in my book,  it is  so wonderful to have a sister so close  in age, that you both can do things much better,  since   there is something in that old saying, “two heads are better than one”   and I believe that my two “GRAND-DAUGHTERS”  are “A # 1” in all that they  do together.

“HAPPY EASTER” to everyone , and do remember that the “ALMIGHTY YAHWEH” is the  LIFE of this world  and “YAHSHUA the Messiah,”  is  the real reason for celebrating  with,  HIS VICTORY over DEATH!    D.V.

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“Easter Today and Yesterday”

When it comes  to EASTER – what can one say that  would be better,  than anything ever said,  before?

Everyone does go to Church for EASTER and CHRISTMAS -but,  do they go to Church any other time of the year?

These are two days that, when you have small children, you just have to surprise them,  with all kinds of good things, candy, treats, and even toys that relate to that day, and since there, just  is not enough time in one day to do everything that, would come as a great big surprise for your children – you do have to do all of these    surprising things, in two or three days – just so that all basses are covered, and everyone feels that they have shared the  FUN and RESPECT for the day – in a way, that all FAMILY members feel very good about doing even more, for next year!

Now this PHOTO, above –  is “TOP DRAWER” stuff! All these many years of getting things ready and set up for EASTER or even any other HOLIDAY – I just think that the above set-up, for EASTER takes a “Blue Ribbon Award”  – if,  I say so myself!

That is my “Great Grand-son, LEX, himself – just  the best looking “EASTER BASKET” filled with the best of all the best of gifts for a FAMILY to have on display – in his very own basket, surrounded with such wonderful gifts, that,  when he is older and looks at these PHOTOS – “LEX”  will certainly know forever – that, from day  “ONE”  that, he was always wanted  – and  in this PHOTO,  it just  shows,  how  very much he was LOVED and WANTED –  just tops everything else in this world!


and  now…  for  a Yesterday’s Easter…


Easter Sunday and an “EASTER BUNNY” is all  foreign    information,  for a fifteenth month old baby, and we can see that,  “baby Al”  sitting in the “high-chair” just has no real idea of what all that stuff is doing on the dining room table,  and so early in the morning?

The table is set up,  for four boys,  “Tom” in high school gets the smallest basket, and  for  “baby Al”  the youngest boy,  gets the largest basket,  but it is not the size of the basket that makes you feel good,  it is all of the sweet treats that are spread out on the table,  that,  when  being  bigger and older,   you  already know , there is   more  that your hand can reach for  and grab,  “all”   without any help  as every  thing   on the table is there  for a variety of tastes,  for each boy  to enjoy  what they like,  while they   just share and even  enjoy sharing with their class mates, when they  will be  coming over!

“The early bird gets the worm”   he who gets up early, can start to try out some of those colorful and fancy wrapped candies, mostly chocolate,  who wants any thing else, but,  who will get the  big “Chocolate Bunny”  some of the larger size bunnies  are now made hollow inside, such a  big disappointment, I always enjoyed the solid “Chocolate Bunny” as you would have more of the good stuff,  and the longer it  will last,  the more you think about  “EASTER”  and all those goodies,  I can see  that you,   and your friends  are enjoying “EASTER”  too!”

That’s big brother, “Lee”  serving baby brother, “Al”   with some  of the “EASTER” treats,  the ones he knows he can give to  “baby Al”  but, he is big enough  and knows  what he likes, as  Lee has been around  a little longer, and NOW  can tell, his  little baby  brother, “Al”    all about the way,  that things happen on  “EASTER”  so nice to be the bigger brother,  the one who  NOW   knows  and has  all of  the answers  and  just knows so much  for being  a,   “so” big  four years old.

“PHOTOS” taken along time ago always,   have a good story, and  do help one to remember the “GOOD” old days!” ***    *******   D.V. 

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“When IRISH Eyes are SMILING”

“When IRISH Eyes Smile the whole wide world smiles back!”

No photo description available.

This is Jaime’s Wedding day PHOTO with her sister, Alyssa – and they both have those beautiful eyes of the IRISH – and their smiles,  make the whole wide world  feel all the LOVE,  that we all have – and we,  will all have,  even more – when we share our LOVE with others!

So, “WHO” else,  do you remember – that sings , “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” – but the one and only “Bing Crosby, himself” from way back in the 1940’s – that is what,  I remember.

Sometimes  – one just likes to hear some  really good “Irish Music” – so let’s take a listen to the “Irish Tenors” – and let me know what you think?

This is one old song that my MOTHER just loved – so much so that,  when we were in the ORPHANAGE – she brought me the music,   for  “Toora Loora  Looral” and wanted the NUNS to give me music lessons – even willing to pay extra – just for me to learn – but – they said you can not afford these lessons – and did not teach me to play the piano. I still have the “MUSIC Sheets” – I did have my children learn to play the piano and the organ and several other instruments – only because, I did not get the opportunity to learn – and I do believe,  that all young children should learn to play MUSIC – and have the pleasure of music for the rest of their Lives – if they want that,  as some are more gifted than others, and would  like to follow a dream,  – at least they can, if only  given a chance to develop more brain cells – which will  then,  be a part of their LIFE – for all of their years.

“Just  a little extra song, “I LOVE YOU TRULY” which most women LOVE when,  they are getting married – as I have the old silver music box, that still works – and that is the song that you hear. This little old silver box is sitting on my “Coffee Table” as where else would you want everyone to know,  about it and the song. My Aunt Irene Brady Riley”  received that as a Wedding gift early 1900’s – and it was a special treasure to her – all the days of her LIFE – and NOW – I am the keeper of the old stuff that was left behind – and  it will be available to someone else –  soon – just to see how long that piece of “MUSIC”  will  continue to sing out,  those extra special words to the “LOVE of your LIFE”  – “I LOVE YOU TRULY!”     D.V.

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“SAVE 4-4-2019 – a very SPECIAL DAY”

The day  4/4/2015  was a spectacular day for Jaime and Tyler – with all all the FAMILY and Friends – those near and dear, to be all together in a celebration that united two wonderful young people and their families – because this was the plan, for a most wonderful LIFE!

and… a close up of Jaime…

 This is one of my favorite PHOTOS of Jaime and just have to add it here – so that everyone can see  that  Jaime is just wonderful –  she expresses Love and Sunshine in this PHOTO to all – as she just LOVES to help all of us – with all of her heart.    D.V.

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Sometimes  – Come to think of it  – I do… do that which,  I am told to do! Not always, but most of the TIME. So take a look at the  “Post-Card” below. How and or why, did  I just  now, run across this card, the other day – and now,  I am wondering what this means –  “Save This Date”  4.4.15  as I remember – I did save that date 4.4.15  and,  I did attend the wedding of Jaime and Tyler, but –   for me to find this card –  right before this DATE  4.4.15  again – must have some special meaning, so I am posting this message to save this DATE  – as I do not want to forget what happens on a special date,  that you should save,  and be ready for  and able to appear at a very special function – to which lots of FAMILY and FRIENDS will all be there  – and with  special TIMES for different things to take place – and each and everything must be done at the proper prepared TIME –  so as to have a  WONDERFUL MEMORY – to last a LIFE TIME, for one and all !

What I really like, is that sometimes,  things just seem to fall into place – and at the exact and correct TIME. I may have read something to that effect in the BIBLE – that everything is in its place at all times – otherwise we would have complete “Chaos” and who in the WORLD wants to be cleaning up one mess after another – so I like the way it is  – that, things have a way of being right there  – in plain view – just when you may need them,  for the purpose of being useful.

Just thinking back and looking, at the above PHOTO – this is one beautiful  “WEDDING PARTY”  – if I say so, myself!  “WOWEE”   Just to think about being young and beautiful and doing all of these wonderful things – with such style,  and  then, having  so much FUN and the ENJOYMENT  with each of these wonders that are available today – making our LIVES so happy – just to be alive!

Just have to give THANKS to our Almighty CREATOR – as He blesses each and everyone of us – with as much as HE can – just to make our LIVES so worthwhile – knowing  that, one day we will enjoy even more – and that will be for all eternity!      D.V.

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“April 1st – Surprise from SUPERMAN, Himself”

Some DAYS are,    “Super Fun DAYS” and that is what  “TODAY” is, –  “It is April 1st” – and everyone knows – this is the day  to have FUN – playing silly jokes on our family and friends – when they least suspect that something silly will be happening to them!

This  is young “Super MAN” and he is drinking some of his  “Super Duper Drink”  because,  he is  an extra special “Great-Grand Son” and when, he has  had, just the right amount of his special drink, coming from the special cup with  his extra special identification stamped  – right  there on  the front –  for all to see –  so that, we will all know, who he  really is – just keep on watching – because, “Super Lex”  has big plans – you can tell – “IT”  is, as plain as day, on his face!        “April Fool’s Day” – to you all!

“SUPER MAN”  will throw his  “extra special CAPE” on to his shoulders and up and away, he will FLY,  higher and higher  into the   “BIG BLUE SKY”  and within just  “FORTY WINKS” – before anyone will know,  that he has left – “Super Lex” will be at  “Great Grandma’s”  house – just to give  “G-G”  more “BIG SMILES”  – in person, with lots of LOVE – as only he can do!

“It  is a  WONDERFUL WORLD – when you can share LOVE – with your extra SPECIAL,  “Super LEX”  himself!”

“It is only – a once in a year – for our April First  Jokes – to just maybe  even, turn into  a real happening  – so before the “DAY” is over – make the most of it!”     D.V.

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