“O key – Dokey”

“O Key – Dokey” is the answer, that  I received on the “telephone”  earlier today,  when I was talking to my son, Lee.

So, all day – I kept hearing those silly words working around in my head – just could not stop thinking – that I have not heard anyone say “O key – Dokey” in maybe 50 years  or more. No one,  that I know of – has ever answered me – when talking – with a “O key – Dokey” and in such a silly little ole sing-song way?

Since it has been so long,  just had to check it out on line – just to see if there was a song – and just exactly  what the words  still meant?  Never can tell, what “words” mean, today!  Seems that some of the old stuff,  that we thought was okay and funny,  a hundred years ago,  well – it has an entirely different meaning today.

After my search on-line, found the above song for “kids” that seems to be all-right, as children are singing it, or so it looks and sounds like, to me.

The words still float around in my brain, just  guessing  that they will for awhile.  Waiting to use these same old words,  when my son, Lee calls back.  Boy, “OH-Boy” – will he  ever be surprised!  So I’m guessing, we  will have to find out – how and why and or where he picked up these silly old words – from a hundred years back or so? Guess we will be laughing for a long time,  on the phone – sure glad that,  this is not way back  in those “good ole” days, that, I can remember  – when we talked a long time on the phone –   “toll calls”  ended up, costing the “caller” a pretty  dine or two!

Let me know – if you have some silly “old time” words, that we do not use?  Just  maybe,   they need to be revised and or used again – maybe just for effect!

“Silly is”  as   “old SILLY  does”  and  “that would be me.” “Fun and laughter is the name of the game!”  “How else can one keep  their self,  young – and try to be a little younger,  than they really are!”

“If you have small children around – play the above song, “HOKEY – COKEY”   but, do  say the  old words “O key – Dokey” – see if they will remember, later on.” 

When the children ask if they can do something, and you answer in a “sing-song” voice, “O key – Dokey”  and then you all,  will  start to laugh and continue having more “FUN” with more singing and dancing around,  just remember then,   that you are  making a terrific memory,  for all to remember, forever!

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“Celebrating BIRTHDAY THOUGHTS – Throughout the YEARS”

“Birthday Wishes for the BEST BIRTHDAY People I KNOW”

“There are BIRTHDAY BABIES… and then there are BABIES… WOW”

Everything on this EARTH, has a beginning,  a first start, or a first step,  a procedure or maybe we should say, that  if you start with this,  and then follow through with that which, well  maybe,  let’s  just say, we did jump through all of the “HOOPS” and then,  we received a big  “WHOOPS?”

Let me introduce  “Big  DADDY ‘O”  now called  “KING AL” due to the fact he is NOW a published author of  the  book,  “KING AL”  in “AEROS” and it is based on facts,  with a story everyone just loves, with so much information based on true facts.

No one could have dreamed, that someday, this  little  “baby in this PHOTO”  flying though the air  in the arms of  his DADDY, Lee Aldrich,Sr.,  that is  while we were living in Florida,  would  receive  the inspiration  to someday be a PILOT and  FLY!

This is a very special PHOTO of  “BABY AL”  with  “big brother LEE Jr.!”   This PHOTO  took  “first place” in the hearts of all the FAMILY.

Sent this PHOTO to our  “Aunt Irene Riley”  and she had it blown  up and passed  copies on to everyone. She thought this PHOTO  was  “TOP of the HEAP”  just to look at it and  start thinking,  what were the thoughts of  “Big LEE” and  “baby AL”  as he is  holding his  “ear” to hear, looking  so attentatively,  to hear all that his  “BIG BROTHER” has to say.

This next PHOTO of baby “ALYSSA”  which is  “FIRST” daughter  of  “Big Al”  made arrangements while they were  still  “babies in HEAVEN”  way before there was ever a twinkling in the eyes of their  “PARENTS to be” and wanting  to be in the same  “ALDRICH  FAMILY.”  Most importantly, they wanted  to be born on the same date, but years  and  years a part.  But, of course, on the very same day,  that being on a  “JANUARY the 9th.”   

“Wow, is that some doing, or what, would you call it?”   At a TIME,  when some  babies are in the,  “to be born POOL”   have their eyes  set on  the “WHO and WHERE and WHY”  of  a particular  “FAMILY”  and NOW, wanting to be,  in that  special place,  where they would  be next selected, to be chosen   as they were able to  intercept  arrangements  in  TIME and SPACE – which I call a real LIFE “MYSTERY” or a  “what?”

 That is why every “BABY”  to be born,  must be given the chance,  with  all  of the LOVE, that we can give them,  to do well here on EARTH, with all the rest of  us children of the  Almighty! 

And next,  ONLY, the biggest and best smile,  showing to all of us, that LOVE,  that she has to share with us,  so very “LUCKY”   are  we, the  happiest members in this  FAMILY!  “Happy is, as HAPPY does!”

Every “AIR PORT”  needs  a highly and enthusiastic “Receptionist”  just like you see in this PHOTO.  This is our very own and most talented  “ALYSSA, herself.”   All ready at the   front desk,  to receive all “PILOTS and their GUEST”  with a  very  big smile, and all  of the most important information, that only an insider like  “her-self”  can take care of with many  big smiles. 

The feet up and on the “DESK”  tells you,  “I am FAMILY”   and any one else in such a position,  would be thrown out those lobby doors,  landing on their nose, and just maybe, face to face,  with an  in-coming  AIR PLANE!

“May the Almighty Bless and PROTECT our children,  today and always,  that they are  exactly where  and doing, exactly   that which, was pre-ordained  and  as written in Psalms 139.”   D.V.

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“Grandmas’ Day Celebrating with Vanilla Ice Cream”


Gorgeous Grandma Day - July 23



On July 23rd Gorgeous Grandma Day recognizes all women of a certain age whether they are grandmothers or not.

Not all women become grandmothers. Those who do, don’t necessarily fit the traditional mold any longer.  Others still reach a point where many assume grandmother status, even though no grandchildren are about. Gorgeous Grandma Day embraces the age of the nana and encourages all women to flaunt their granny attitudes with purpose and style.

While some grandmas fit the traditional mold with gray hair and cookie-baking, home-making, hug-giving, child-spoiling energy to spare, many grannies sport a whole new role. Many take to the part of grandma to the children in their lives.

No matter the type of grandmother they are, they’re all different. Some play the hippest games, wear the latest styles and know how to find the best deals on technology. Even the grandkids can’t keep up! Funny, sassy and energetic grandmas, rebel grannies and smart grannies make the grade, too.

In many scenarios, grandmother-types step into the role where no grandmother remains. These women lend ears, laps, and hugs, much like the nanas of memory. Of course, they build foundations and set young men and women on their course. 

Nearly all of these fantastic women pass down family traditions while teaching children to stand on our own. Full of wisdom and wit, what would anyone do without their nanas? They go by many names, but they’re all gorgeous in their own way.

On Gorgeous Grandma Day, let the grandmothers in your life know how much they mean to you.


No matter your age, be your gorgeous self. Maybe you’re a grandma, and perhaps you’re not. It doesn’t matter. Own the attitude and celebrate. Use #GorgeousGrandmaDay to share on social media


Alice Solomon created Gorgeous Grandma Day in 1984 to honor women of a certain age whether they were grandmothers or not. It’s a time to recognize their accomplishments and their abilities. Their lives have only just begun.

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day


National Vanilla Ice Cream Day on July 23rd tips its hat at the second most popular flavor in America. Take a bow, vanilla. I scream, you scream, we all scream for…VANILLA ICE CREAM!! Of course, the day is part of  National Ice Cream Month and not too far behind National Ice Cream Day.

Since Americans love vanilla ice cream so much, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that vanilla is the most common flavoring in North America for ice cream. In fact, many people consider vanilla ice cream to be the default flavor. 

Many may be familiar with Thomas Jefferson’s vanilla ice cream recipe. The third president of the United States may have discovered vanilla flavor while visiting France. While he didn’t wouldn’t have been the first to savor the delicious taste of vanilla ice cream, Jefferson enjoyed jotting down recipes. The same applied to ice cream. He also produced a handwritten copy of a vanilla ice cream recipe in the 1780s. Only ten copies remain. In fact, the Library of Congress houses one copy that has a cookie recipe on the flip side. Today, the ice cream parlor at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota serves the same recipe so that anyone can have a taste.


Make your own with this old fashioned homemade vanilla ice cream recipe for you to enjoy!  While you’re at it, invite some friends to enjoy it with you. Maybe, go out for some vanilla ice cream. Scoop up a dish full from the ice cream in your freezer. Will you add chocolate syrup or caramel? Oh, and don’t forget the sprinkles! Post a photo on social media using #VanillaIceCreamDay to encourage others to do the same.

…and…  Not only  a “GRANDMA Day”  – but for me,  also  a “GREAT-Grandma Day!” …and… it… Just so happens that, this Grandma just Loves… Vanilla Ice Cream!  Nothing like having two of your favorite things, all happen in just one day!



Of hese two Photos,  this  one is of  my  “GREAT Grand-son Lex”  celebrating his very first “BIRTHDAY”  with his  “Great Grandma” and  his “Aunt Jaime”  and  also  “Jaime” is one of Grandma’s favorite “Grand-daughters,”  also here  to help celebrate with  our extra special, “Baby Lex.”

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“Life-Sized Bunny Sleeps in My BED”

Sometimes you just run across a PHOTO – that just was not put in to any story,  because it was just sitting there, out there,  in LIMBO.

It is funny that  the word  “LIMBO” should have just popped up into my mind – regarding this PHOTO. The PHOTO was sent to me after,  Little  “Great Grand-son Lex”  had visited me for EASTER,  since an extra large “BUNNY” was on the Dinning Room table – taking up so much room, as only this terrifically   large size “Bunny Rabbit” would  be patiently waiting  for the smallest of our family.

Just such a  great big  “Bunny Rabbit” and all white and fluffy, just right for a small child to cuddle up in  and or,  also could be used for a sleeping blanket or just a big, or maybe a  huge  addition   to a very large size  bed, that is  full of over- sized pillows and  such things, to talk about.

This is one of  those,  “million dollar smiles” if ever,  I saw one,  and so happy to be able to share this “PHOTO” with the whole wide world!

As you can see, this is truly, one very large  size “Bunny”  – bigger than “LEX” and almost as large as any  adult.  Sure hope that “Little Lex” has lots of FUN,  with a  big old stuffed  “Bunny” larger than himself – and  that “LEX” gets to fall to sleep having  the very best of  “DREAMS”  when-ever  he and the  great “BIG Bunny”  decide to take their daily naps!    D.V.


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“Here is WHERE I, “Bale`e” Give my opinion”

Everyday, I find that  “MY” opinion is needed  for the obvious reasons, and apparently,  those that are in need of my excellent advice – just seem to pay me no mind!

If you give me a second look – you will see that I am wearing my  extra special  “spectacles”  and in case you did not know these are  very, extra special,  as I will tell you!

We,  that is those,  in your family abode,  that resemble me – come into  your HOME – with special abilities,  just  to take good care of you. That is why you decided,  that you wanted me – when you did your proper search for the very best of my kind!

Some of  “us” like to just be waited on,  all day and night! BUT,  and,  that is  a  very big “BUT”  some of you did some real sharp research, and found out,  that there are some of us ‘felines’ that will help you,  “those”  that are now living in the same house-hold as “ME”  – to obtain all of the riches, that  only, I can bring into a HOME,  considering  all, that I  am and have  those,  “NINE LIVES” – I have out lived so many, that know nothing, and or so  very little,   so just  for me,  to be your extra special guidance, if and when  ever, that  “I”  may be  the “ONE” that is  needed!

We communicate with the “BIRDS” – so that we are well informed,  as to what,  is going on in the neighborhood,  So,  with this  extra special information and special communication  skills, with our mutual friends – we  do see to it,  that – those elements that are not good for  YOU,  will never ever,   be allowed to enter into our “HOME” – that is “where”  I  now, come into the big PICTURE!

You provide for me, as  I provide for you – everyday  and all night,  long!  As to those,  that I communicate with, will pass on to me information,  that you could not receive, as you no doubt have heard, “A Little Birdie Told ME!” – Just,  “WHERE”  in the world,  do you think that – that saying come  from  – if  “IT” were not needed in our world, today.

Here’s –  to the best of LIFE for my good friend,  “ALAN”  – the one and only very special friend that I,  NOW  have!  “Alan” has given  to me a very special room – all to myself, and freedom to roam the whole household – to see and communicate with my outside  friends – and to see to it – that we live in PEACE and Tranquility, today and forever!

Thank you dear, “Alan” and may the “Almighty Bless you”  – as He blesses me,  each and every day, too!

“Happy Birthday –  Meow…meow! xoxo”     D.V.

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“More BIRTHDAY Celebrations for ALAN”


“NOW,  this is my kind of a “PARTY” someone brings a tray of delicious cakes for me to see and maybe even have some or one!” 

Even though this  lovely tray of  “Delicious”  delights  are  for “Birthday Alan” – on this  1st  of JULY,  and even  a  “lighter” is  all lit up –  for ALAN to blow out, so we can all taste some of  “cheese treats” I do know,  that this is a  very good PHOTO of   “Uncle ALAN” holding   little baby “LEX, nephew”  and at the same time having to blow only one candle out – also  very careful to not blow away,  that beautiful tray of luscious treats. 

 It was terrific to  just watch  how cool  “Uncle Alan”  is at blowing out that one big  candle lite, while  they  pass  the tray  of cakes around, too!  Just so much going on, and “Alan” has the best big smile, showing that,  we all are having the best  time of  our LIFE, enjoying  “ALAN’s BIG BIRTHDAY celebration!”

“Just wondering if,  I could accidentally let one of my little  ole  fingers on my hand,  just  kind of, hit the top of that  tray,  and  snatch  a very small taste,  of one of  those  yummy and ‘good’ eats, they just look so good and could become a favorite to me, in no time at all!”

It is so wonderful to have so many BIRTHDAYS,  in JULY – they all require  people like me – to come and enjoy all of the wonderful  new and excitingly good treats to sample, as I always like to give a good report on the things I really like!

Remember – we are celebrating Alan’s Birthday all week!

Happy Birthday Alan – Congratulations and Good Luck – May the Blessings of the Almighty exceed in abundance this coming year, with  much more good,  that will be  coming your way – more than you could  or would have ever  thought possible!     D.V.

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