“My GIRL – ALL LOVE – Here SHE is”


“I give up… if you all really and truly want for me to wake up… right NOW… I will!

BUT… I really  would…  just love hearing that piece of music that you are playing just for me… again and again!

Guess… that … I will have to start paying more attention to what is going on… on  the BIG EARTH … and what is going  on in my  very own… new HOME… seems that … that there are  so many new ways of doing things… looks like… I will be having so much more FUN … NOW … with all of  the new people that keep  singing and  smiling and sending to me… some  real big juicy KISSES!        D.V.


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“The Instructions YOU NEED – For the Gift YOU Received”

Everyone receives an extra special gift…  that they always wanted, but do not  receive the correct INSTRUCTIONS!

So… today the very first thing I decided to check out on the computer… “TODAY”  was an old time friend,  “BOB ROSS”  to  which … so many  of us, did take the time to watch  a  good number  of years ago…  remembering  that we would take the time to watch… as a family group or with their  Grandson… like I did!

Sit down… right NOW… with your children  and or Grandchildren, if you are so LUCKY to have…  as I am, because …this is good medicine for everyone.

Remembering… when I was in the Third and Fourth Grades, we had “Sister Florence” as our teacher and she had a table  in one corner of our classroom, with all kinds of artistic painting colors suppliers in paints and pencils and  a whole assortment of the necessary things to create “Works of Art!”

At that time… I do not believe that we were too interested in that stuff, as we did not really have the full length of time to sit and pay attention, as well as to understand…  that which would be creative in many ways – if at that time, we like being there… instead…we did not want to be there.

I did enjoy the time that I had to make several things for my MOTHER,  as she would give us the highest amounts of  praise for any and all of the things that we would make, and the best part of those creations we made for her… she kept and saved forever!

So with the items  that MOM saved of ours, and  when we were in the process of moving… those treasures of long ago,  I wrapped to be saved and have kept with my stuff,  just as if they  were the best treasures on this Earth… to be saved…forever!

Some things in LIFE mean more to some people than to others. Since my MOTHER saved all of our PRIZE offerings when we were little, something  so simple… not that I had seen done by other families… made a difference to me internally.

When my children came into this world,  and started to create  “WONDERS” of all kinds, I found special boxes to save each and everything, all  hand-created items… no matter what!  So today, I have all those “Treasures” still nicely boxed and in some cases… the box is overflowing!

Once you become a “TREASURE-Keeper” always a “TREASURE-KEEPER.”

JUST… the other day… as I was  opening boxes that have a variety of CHRISTMAS STUFF….  there was that largest of boxes the “TREASURES” of the CREATIONS of the GRAND-CHILDREN … and  now the Grandchildren are having their own families and children… and  so soon, I hope to be seeing more wonderful  hand created items… made by the GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN!

I do believe that this world is a  very wonderful place to be… when you have the chance of a LIFETIME – that is to have  the next GENERATIONS … that just seem to be more creative  than the  last…  with the next  generation having ideas of how to do and  able to make  many more highly creative items… than those items  made by hand… that even  “US”   the older generation will  still want to  collect and keep forever!

This week of Christmas Time … we need more TIME to be with  those we LOVE … getting to remember  all of the good times we all had…  while continuing to make more memories that  will fill volumes…   So NOW… always giving THANKS to the ALMIGHTY that He put us all together in the best  of FAMILIES … where we will all share the LOVE  and with  as much as   we  were given to share!    D.V.

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“Children are the very Best of Gifts”

We all want a very good family, one that has both parents at home and with the children, for all of their  lives.  That is what we want! But, what are we willing to do, as  good parents to see to it, that we have a  very good family – can not say a “perfect” family, as there is nothing,  that is so  very perfect on this Earth, right NOW!

With all of that said, take a look at the  following…

Do you realise that the words,  those words, that are  the most important, are  words that most of  us, do not use in our daily LIFE as we should.

TIME – that is  so important, as none of us know for sure just exactly how long we will be here on EARTH!  The next important WORD Is  MONEY!

“SPENDING” what a word?”  From day one, we are given “money” as a child to buy something – and we did nothing in the world to earn it and for no good reason, but that someone just thought we might like it? They may have even coached us about how to spend it, like getting something that we might like?

As we reached that age, when we were not so cute and sweet, “NOBODY” was just handing out any kind of money, and made it clear – that one does have to work, to earn it, and there we are wondering, “What in world happened to me, I can not have something for nothing?”

So it looks like we have to  start thinking more about “TIME” – and how much “TIME” do we feel we really have?  Having our children,  and now, that they are small, and everything is new and amazing as  it can be, this  is a  very big and beautiful world and everything we see is new and so wonderful, that which we hear, we never heard before?

We are learning from the very first day, we enter into the LIFE with our new family, and we want to enjoy the new road that we are on – on EARTH – and what those best of ways would be  – for each child  here, it should  be so special,  that  – we must think of, just how,  we want to spend all  of our TIME,  and as much as we can, right NOW this very new minute, showing my new child, everything that is beautiful for my child to enjoy with me, the parent, as for this very first TIME in my LIFE.

I am  NOW, seeing it all NEW,  as if, I had  never seen it before, because now,  my child is asking questions about everything that is new and beautiful – as this  is his first TIME, and  is a first TIME for me. too!

“Small children are just so  extra wonderful – the most precious  of all of the GIFTS, that our Creator can give to us!”    D.V.

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Laugh out loud on National Knock Knock Joke Day! October 31st encourages telling a few funny knock knock jokes while going door to door. And the day is for jokesters of all ages, too.

A little history of the Knock Knock Joke:
1929:  The game of Buff – A child with a stick thumps it on the ground using the following dialogue:
Knock Knock
Who’s There:
What says, Buff:

Buff says Buff to all his men, and I say Buff to you again.

1934:  The standard knock-knock joke format was used in a newspaper humor column:
Knock Knock
Who’s There?
Rufus Who?
Rufus the most important part of your house.

1936:  Likely the beginning of popularity for knock-knock jokes.

Knock-knock jokes became a regular part of the Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in Show in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

At a very young age, children often learn to tell knock-knock jokes as one of their first types of jokes. They also like making up knock-knock jokes to tell their family and friends. What’s your favorite knock-knock joke?

HOW TO OBSERVE #KnockKnockJokeDay

Take turns telling knock-knock jokes with your kids. Make up new ones or tell some old classics. Trade them back and forth and let the giggles ensue. Laughter is some of the best medicine you can share.

Have a knock-knock joke-writing contest. Take videos and share them. Visit fatherly.com to find some funny ones for kids.

Tell your best knock-knock jokes and use #KnockKnockJokeDay to post on social media.

Educators, visit the National Day Calendar® Classroom for projects, puzzles, and more designed to Celebrate Every Day® with your students!

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“The Spirit of St. Louis Air Show”

  Here we are sending GREETINGS to all of our FRIENDS that were unable, to come along for all of the FUN!

Looks like little LEX is busy watching the main event, the “Blue Angels” – because that is what “LEX” wants to be when he is a little older!

If you did not get your tickets,  in time for the “SHOW” just hate to say it,  but you did miss out,  on one of the very best  “EVENTS” taking place, right here in the “Saint Louis” area!

     “Spirit of St. Louis Air Show & STEM Expo”

“Just one of the BEST   “Air SHOWS” and everyone we talked with – just had so much Fun,  enjoying all of  the planned  “Activities”   here at  the “SPIRIT of St. LOUIS  AIR SHOW”  a most  wonderful  “TIME”  for all of  us, in Saint Louis!”

“LUCKY  Saint Louis to have the History and Heritage with men and women to carry  on  with all of the “AVENUES of  FLIGHT”  now,  and  for all generations,  that will  follow!”     D.V.

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“Happy Birthday to LEX from Great Grandma”

It sure is a good thing, to remember the “half-way mark” in time. What I mean, to say is – that little children love music, and when it is just for them – well then, that means more FUN,  for them too!

So, when you are  at the big “one and a half” going on to the BIG  BOY  “TWO” – let us start singing and dancing all  to some “HAPPY” music – made just for “LEX”  himself!

Great Grandmas’  just LOVE to sing and dance, since they are  “NOW” in their second “CHILD-hood” stage, and just LOVE  playing like a kid,  again!

As a “KID” again – I am trying to decide, if it is more “FUN”  doing the age of  “TEN”  better, than starting out again, at the beginning age, of  just  being the big “ONE!” 

“It is so much more  “FUN”  at this age – when you can change the years around, this way, or that a way,  just to see where the cooperating  “BODY” wants to take you!”  All these many years, I remember telling everyone  – that is,  to all  those, that were so nosy, and just had to ask, “HOW old,  are you  anyway?”

For so many years, I was keeping company, with good old “JACK BENNY” himself  – till all of a sudden, my son turned “39” and then, even for a while, I would just tell  everyone, “We are both, “39” again!” 

There were a few “dumb looks”  as I remember – but then, as time goes on, “It goes on without, YOU!”  There just seems to be an awakening amongst the people that do  know you, and they already have a good idea – so why go through the old, “Song and Dance”  routine,  again?

Life is so FUNNY, at times –  that is when you are young – I mean “real young”  you tell everyone how old you are – but,   you have added too many extra years. Then when you do hit “21” – you stay there for awhile.

Some are like me, when I was “15” and applying for work, I was asked, “Are you, 18” and thinking that I may look “18” to them, I  just said,  “YES!”  So I filled out all the paper work and did not have a Social Security card. I just said, “No one ask me for one, before?”   They were so nice, they said, “Don’t worry, we will send for one, for YOU!”

So the good word for “TODAY”  is, “Be what  ever age you feel comfortable, at being – no matter what age you are – YOU will have FUN – if you can just show everyone  some “LOVE and KINDNESS”  for all  of the wonderful things,  that they are helping you  to do, each and everyday of your LIFE!

“OH” one more thing,  everyone was created for a very special job,  and or task to do here on EARTH.   If you give THANKS to your Creator day and night, when getting up early in the day and when you go to bed at night – You will be guided along your journey here, as to what you were created to do!  “Seek and find” and before you know it – you will find that “special PATH” made just for you!   D.V.

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