“Summer Prayer” 7/28/2017



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“No wonder … the TELEPHONE is not ringing”

This looks like my “Aunt Irene”  – – on the left.



I was wondering  – – why she told me the other day she called me  – – so often – – but that I did not pick up the phone – – to talk to her – – 

So… today – –  I receive this PHOTO  — above – – of someone showing  “Aunt Irene” – – that she has just picked up the wrong … gadget –  – – she needs some new glasses…

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“TODAY…Stop Everything for TEN SECONDS”

n this day of your life

 I believe God wants you to know…

…that it doesn’t matter if you can’t get a cell phone signal
or Wi-Fi where you are. You are always connected to Source.
I’m not kidding about this. I’m serious. Wherever you are,
wherever you go, you are always connected to Divine Wisdom,
Divine Intelligence, and Divine Love.
Just close your eyes. Breathe. Stop whatever you’re doing
for ten seconds and find The Silence. Visit The Quiet.
Just for ten seconds. Do it six times today.
One minute a day. That’s all it takes. 
One minute, divided into six parts.
Go ahead. Do it now.  
 ********** **********   ********* *********   ********* *********
On this day of your life
 I believe God wants you to know…

…that there are worse things in life than
are going on right now for you.
If you don’t think so, pick up a newspaper.
If you don’t believe me, talk to some friends.
This is not the end of the world.
My mother used to say, “Even this shall pass.”
She also used to say, “When you are 90, how important
do you think this will seem?”  Then she would
advise me, “give it that same importance today.”
I just thought I’d pass that on…

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“Happy Birthday… Aunt Irene”

This is the  “DAY” – – to wish Aunt Irene a “HAPPY Birthday” – – SOME REAL hot numbers… 07-17-2017 =25 = 7 – – –  NOW…  IF …  I WAS ONE TO  – – believe in taking a chance on the HORSES – – and or even to buy LOTTO TICKETS – –  TODAY …  would surely be the DAY.

So… TODAY… If you are a regular reader – – and you do not need to be in the “swim” of things – – I would not play the numbers as posted above – – because… since I said they were WINNERS – – they will not WIN – – that is the way my LUCK runs. I always get the opposite of what I ask for… or wish for – – that is the way LADY LUCK  runs for me – – but for YOU… let me know what  “YOU” decided to do???

********* *********         ********* *********         ********* *********

This is one of my FAVORITE PHOTOS  of Aunt Irene – – maybe 1910 – – with her one and only son, little Bernard.

Aunt Irene has such a beautiful and happy face – – holding her most precious gift – – a wonderful and perfect  child – – such a gift only our CREATOR YAHWEH can give to us.

As you can see… Bernard was given everything – –  and my MOTHER  was only ten years old at this time – – and said that baby, Bernie   was just the best of little babies – – everyone enjoyed having him around.


This baby in this PHOTO could be the adopted baby girl  – – that the eldest brother Jim and his wife adopted and named “Jimmy Brady” – – but… standing along  the side of this building is little “BERNIE” – – just trying to stay out of the way of the PHOTO  for the baby.  But I am sure glad to see that  for some mysterious reason – – we  do have a nice shot that shows him as  having FUN.

This is really one good looking child – – no doubt about it – – Little Bernie – – was  one  absolutely destined to  – – if at all possible …  be more than just a  terrific child.

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“The BIRTHDAY GIRL – Out and About”

Some times… the ‘Girls’ just have FUN – – If you are one of those that likes to  ‘chit-chat’ and have a voice that  is interesting –  and always up-to-date – – on all of the latest and  greatest  things  – – you need a group of like-minded people to hang out with.

Now if you join a group of  ‘card-players’ – – sure hope you are good – – and know how to WIN – – as I know there are always those that like to make ‘card-playing’  worth their while – – –  –  as their are some … that have money to bet with – – and  know even how to make it increase – – right before your eyes – – and  they are so fast with their tricks – –  they just rake in more than you can keep up with.

This PHOTO is  of the “South-SIDE” Card-Sharks… they may look like a group of old LADIES – – but do not be fooled – – they know the game – – and are out to WIN.

On the left bottom front step and sitting…  is our dear Aunt IRENE – – and the lady with that lovely smile… sitting on the right corner is  “Mrs. Callahan” she did live on “RED Avenue”  a very long time ago – –  and since Aunt Irene did not drive – – Mrs. Callahan would swing by and pick up Aunt Irene – – for many an occasion. 

There were at least twelve members to this “card-playing club” as they would meet once a month at a different  MEMBER’s HOUSE  – – for  Cards and Refreshments – – and the WINNERS – – always left with prizes – – they won for an afternoon’s hard work… playing cards only… to WIN!

Here is Aunt Irene… right in the center of this PHOTO – – and this is celebrating Tom and Rose – – their WEDDING   day – – from the left is Denny Jr., and his wife Judy… IRENE RILEY… and sister to IRENE  is   MARIE…  and the GROOM, TOM McClarren.

This was a wonderful day for all – –  so much FUN and LOVE.

           *********         **********         **********         **********        

NOW…  for one more activity that “Aunt Irene”  like to be a part of – – since AUNT IRENE was a member of the “Ladies Solidarity”  – – that would take part in the PICNICS – – that the GERMAN St. VINCENT  HOME would  have in JUNE and August – – every year – – the LADIES of her Church would make things that were raffled off – – “Quilted Bed Spread”

“Pillow CASES” and other items created by the Ladies of the Church – – as their part in the helping to raise money for the Children’s needs… at St. VINCENT.

So… in this PHOTO is…  “AUNT IRENE”  with nephew and niece … DENNY and JUDY McCLARREN. As you can see in this photo background – – these PICNICS would  have  lots of people… all  early in the morning for MASS – – and they would stay till very late in the evening. One attraction would be the “Chicken Dinners” – – that were so very good – – and also they would have MUSIC all day with a German Band at various times throughout the day.

Almost forgot… they would also have “PONY RIDES” and even a “FERRIS WHEEL” – – so that…  there was something  for everyone.


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“Aunt Irene Riley Birthday… almost here”

It sure is good to be able to remember … Birthdays – – of the  rich and famous “RILEY”  FAMILY – – whether they are here – – and – –  or where ever…  they may be.

“How is this PHOTO of the “RILEY’s” – – in the lap of luxury   in the 1960’s – –  – – that is “IRENE”… herself – –  on the left and “BILL” on the right – –  there is “company” as we can see some  ‘shoes’  of someone on the sofa – – and between the “NEWS of  the DAY”  on the  new  “TV” and the “newspaper” – – what an exciting  – – “LIFE for RILEY” – – or what would you expect?”

NOW… let us compare the above PHOTO – – to the PHOTO  below – – this could be from the very same “MOVIE” – — “my oh my…o” – – WOULD these be the very same people?

That is …”AUNT IRENE” on the left – – with… her  little apron on as she is still on “KITCHEN DUTY” – – they may have had the first course – – and are making room for dessert – – (one thing that I know for sure – – Aunt Irene could out cook and bake anyone – – she did know all about having the food just right – – oh well – – may as well – – just say so here – – when she prepared anything  – – it was the BEST) – – I know – – – –  that there was never a complaint – – everyone always wanted more of all the “GOOD EATS” – – as they were TERRIFIC!

This must have been the “RILEY” theme – – “BILL”… himself – – always sitting on the right side – – that way  there was never a question about… “who dun it” when something was ever out of place – – there is something about that “old saying” – – “A place for everything… and everything in its place” – – adds up to not having any  discouraging words. That is one way to be HAPPY – – forever!


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