“WOW” “When the SUN Shines” “Watch-OUT”

 “WOW” = “Women Out Walking”

“When the SUN Shines”  =  “New born “SON”   shines as the major event taker on his tour of the PARK – – is visited with  his “Aunt Jaime” – – which would be “MOM’s” younger sister!”

“Watch OUT” =  “When you see a new born baby in a very fine carriage  – – on a stroll – – on  one of the  “BEST  SUNSHINE DAYS”  through the PARK – – You will know immediately that our “ALMIGHTY CREATOR” is providing that fine weather for them to enjoy!”



…… In the 1940’s… we were told to PRAY together as a FAMILY – – because … if you do  – – then  that… FAMILY will be well BLESSED and stay together… forever!   Since  the  “TIMES”  were so different back  then – – compared to what  we  have and are doing   TODAY – – if you are also among us that are  much  older now  – –  something like I tell friends… in our  “second child-hood”  – – you  already know of what I am talking about.

Just thinking about those years… WWII was going on and everyone  was doing their best – – to save and conserve all resources – – so that  our “Service People” would have whatever   they needed to  “WIN the WAR” – – and come HOME safe and sound. Almost every FAMILY on your block would have a  small “STAR  FLAG”  hanging in their front windows – – indicating someone in the  WAR effort.

Some of my  little  friends and I would pull our wagons and go door to door – – collecting news-papers and magazines and taking to the collection posts to un-load  – – and we would also go  through the alleys and climb into the “ash-pits”  collecting any type   of material on the list – – that could be recycled – – and then to the next block – – until we had done our full share of work  –  just for the  WAR effort, too!

Now… that I think back – – what I miss most of those “good ole days” – – is the walking.  We young kids walked everywhere. We walked to “SCHOOL” back and forth – – and after School – – to our FRIENDS HOUSE – – and we would stand on the “side-walk” and call out … in a sing-song type of nice sounding  call.. “Oh… Mary Ellen – – can YOU come out and PLAY… Today!”  – And then we would  nicely sing-song  – – again and agin – – till someone came out of their house – – or someone  else would  just…holler “she can not come out today!” – – And off we would go – – to our next friend’s house.

As a small child – – we were  the “messengers” – – no matter who or where… Family – – Store…Grocery – Bakery – Drug, that is where the “ice-cream” would be purchased – – as the oldest – – I was that “MESSENGER” – –  and I would be sent alone – – with a note and or money… counted to the exact… one cent and or  even “mill” – –  could be a half-cent  or fraction of a cent for TAX!

What I was thinking – – that… “WALKING the BABY” is one of the best of all exercises to do. First of all – – out-doors  and fresh-air  go together… like so many of the old songs – – some you do not hear any more – – but just thinking of the  FUN – – have someone to WALK with – – chit-chat – – and walk and walk – – a mile or two  – – maybe even ten miles – – but  more  FUN – – and exercise make you feel so good – – YOU just want to do it everyday – – and with FAMILY and or FRIENDS  – – let’s just say – – we are making  “MEMORIES for EVER” – – and that is what LIFE…  is all about!

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“Almost the same as in 1962 – Today 2018”

“You would almost think that I had invested in the  “PHOTO MAKING”  business – – since…  I like to tell everyone to take more PHOTOS … of important events!”  “And “FIRST-TIME” parents will just LOVE seeing their children’s first PHOTOS – – of all of their “FIRST EVENTS” later in LIFE!”

This PHOTO was just taken last month of my “GREAT-Grandson, Lex”  and his MOM, my “GRAND Daughter, Alyssa” now a first time MOM… and she is so beautiful and so content which is a must for baby,Lex – – and for any MOTHER – – if she wants peace and quiet and harmony. One thing that I have seen  in different households – – is when the PARENTS are not  able to keep their selves “HAPPY”  when around the new born baby – – the cries… only because that is their only way to say – – “your being content makes for me to be even more content” – which means – – we all get a good night;s sleep!

 Just looking at this pose – – just had to look through some old  photo albums to see if I am remembering  – – almost a similar     PHOTO of myself – – and my first born,”LEE” only sixty years ago!

 “This is new born “BABY,  Al  – – and this Polaroid Photo taken on January the  16th – –  Al  was born on the 9th of January – – in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So in doing the easy math – –  “baby Al” is  now “one week old” – – this must be a night time feeding as it is dark – – and I see a bottle in the back ground – –  and guess everything is just  “top drawer” as  “baby Al” is yawning – – looks like he ready for more sleep for him and “forty winks” for me!

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“Taking 40 Winks – Here and NOW”

Just thinking and wondering about babies  and  what they think and or know about sleeping? When I saw this PHOTO  of our baby, LEX – – just had to post it  – – NOW – –  WOW  – – and when  ever – – soon I will go and find one of  “Gramps” when he was a baby – – and by GEORGE – – when “BABY” has had it – –  everything goes to the  “DO NOT DISTURB” mode – – Lights are off – – Noise is not heard – – and even the smell of more food – – just would not interfere with the  – -“taking 40 winks” – – right NOW – – just do not disturb me!


There is a very special place that all small infants go too – – It is that relaxing place  where their “ANGELS”  gather  and just kind of huddle over … being  near – – watching  and with  their wings  gently extended just in case there is a sudden  roll over  – – and or a wrong turn – – the “WINGS of ANGELS” hoover and  move so mysteriously – – in  fact they seem to work miracles – – that we humans have no idea of doing – – nor can we do – – even if we tried!


“Time Flies” when you are looking for an old PHOTO – – that you know you have – – have never posted it before – – so hours have gone by – – and so what you see – – is an example of when the “lights” go out – –  they are done for the day!”

This is “Uncle Lee” at about “eighteen months” of age – – and when evening came – – he would go to sleep early – – but he then…  would get up earlier  than any body else – – and I mean very early. Little Lee was born early in the day – – and being in the NAVY later on – – he still gets up with the “chickens’ – – as he has on his farm.”

“Little Lee” is still at the dining room table – – and the last to finish eating – – as I am doing the cleaning up – – and my next “to do” will be to carefully carry him to bed so the rest of us can get ready for bed – – as “LEE, SR.” sitting behind Little Lee – – also has to get to bed  – as he will be up  early and on to the “Lucky Boy Drive-In” – – have to have the “COFFEE” ready for customers – – and the grills on for those that like to grab their meals on the way to work!

“Now that I think about it – – everybody is on a “schedule” – – for as long as they  will live – – there is a certain TIME and a  most  definite  PLACE each of us has to be – – and with all of us running around just as fast as we all  can – – LIFE –  – just seems to run smoothly – – but…  just let one of  us  – – get off track – – maybe  even  try to do something  a little different –  – “WOW” – – the whole train  with all of  us people – – jumps  track – – and catastrophic – – eruptions  fall all over!”        “What a huge mess we made for ourselves – – just for the lack of   a  measly little ole… “40  more winks”  – – and  all  done… in just …  five more minutes!”      D.V.

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“Friday the 13th”

“When you grow too “OLD”  – – to do – – You have to just listen to some old tunes – – that just might revive the old gal – –  back to where she was – –  when  she was  just a sweet sixteen – – or even maybe a little bit older – – but just so that the   old brain cells get – – a rejuvenation  shot or two – –  to see if everything is still working ???”  D.V.






“Just sit back… and start to remember those “good ole days” – – when days went by so slow – – it was as if  the world was not even turning – – the day’s lasted longer than  “twenty-four” hours – –  no phones ringing  – – no cell phones  – – hardly even an automobile driving by – –  – – just a whole lot of TIME – – to do nothing at all!”

“WOW” – – “Just a whole lot of time to wonder… what will I be doing maybe five or ten years from NOW?”

“Back to reality – – there is no free time to wonder about anything – – TIME is going so fast – –  can not even  take TIME to think and or wonder about anything – – the DAY is OVER – – and tomorrow is almost here!”




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“ACTIVITIES GALORE”- “It is that TIME of the YEAR”

“Let’s do it right –  NOW!”

                                 “Lee in Action!”

“Little Lee”  – – not quite two 2 years old and pulling the lawn mower – looks like he  has lots of strength? Everything from  our  “Lawn & Tool Shed” that was  at all possible for “Little Lee”  to haul to his friend’s house  only one block away, he brought  and or pulled there! We were the first house  on this block on N.E. 18th Avenue and Lee’s friend, Arthur’s house was the first house one block north. Our house was on the block next to the Bennett School, and most of the kids in the neighborhood would pass by our house if they walked to school. In the 1960’s, I do not remember any school buses picking up kids – but maybe some of the parents might  have  taken the time to drive their children.

“Little Lee”  is a very friendly child, and with his two step-brothers, who were older,  there were quite a few boys in and around our house. I was also “DEN-Mother” for Donald’s  Cub-scout group and we would have weekly meetings at our home  and  the “PACK” meetings once a month at the school. In my Cub-scout group – “Little Lee”  was included in lots of the activities we did in our home as I would take my group of boys on trips which included “Little Lee”  – as he was having lots of fun seeing and meeting boys and learning  activities  with the boys in my “DEN” group.

With each of the “DEN” weekly meetings, there were supplies that I needed for each boy to work with, as I did not think that each of the boys could afford to be buying the necessary materials that were required,  I would go to different stores and ask for donations of things that  they might be throwing out – but only  items and or things  that we could make do for  our BOY  Scout projects. A great place to get lots of items – were the local “wall-paper” stores. They would have expired sample books of wall paper swatches and other items that the “CUB  SCOUTS”  really enjoyed looking through for papers that blended in that which they had in their own homes – and one popular item  that the boys would make…  was a “WASTE BASKET” – and other fancy papered boxes to use in their homes! “Kentucky Fried Chicken”  provided the buckets that my group of boys would decorate.

“Little Lee” would participate in making waste baskets as well as lots of the other things they were doing –   in the “past” stories you will see  “Little Lee”  in a “CUB SCOUT” uniform  as you see him here – – in “Donny’s”and just as soon as Lee was old enough – he joined the “CUB SCOUTS – – picking up lots of Badges and Prizes for his work  – – and just being the best “Scout”  – – the best one  – – that I know – –  as he enjoyed the  work he was putting into this – – “Lee later on joined the U.S. Navy – – and was the best looking “NAVY MAN” that I know of – – what else would a MOTHER have to say about her son!    D.V.


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“The Quick… Brown Fox… Jumped Over”

   “JUMPS   over the farmer’s fence!” ***    *******  “OH… so you think that  – – that is not correct?” – – “Well the answer is at the bottom of this  page – – check it out – – and practice your typing skills – – just for FUN!” ***    *******

“Just be as quiet as you can be – – when we move – – it will be in a hurry!” – – “OKAY?”

 “If you see something… that I do not see – – let me know?”

“Sometimes we have to share with FRIENDS”

“Is the coast clear?”

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