“Pets and Children make good friends, forever!”



National Kids and Pets Day is observed annually on April 26th.  

National Kids and Pets Day is both a day to celebrate the bonds children and pets can share and a day remember safety where our pets and children are concerned.

There are many benefits of having a pet in a child’s life. From fostering natural nurturing abilities to developing responsibilities, pets have a lifelong impact on a child’s development.

It is also important to remember that small children as well as the pets may not know their limitations and should not be left alone with each other. They should always be supervised to prevent injury to both the child and the animal.


Help kids and pets learn to be good companions to each other. Use #NationalKidsAndPetsDay to post on social media.

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Colleen Paige, Celebrity Family and Pet Lifestyle Expert, founded National Kids and Pets Day in 2005.

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Just have to post this PHOTO of my Grandson, Alan with his very own little pet, and as you can see, when a young child receives a new PET –  that is only for  them,  and it is what they have asked for,  –  “Well,  it is LOVE at first sight – and you can see in their face – the LOVE just shines  out with the biggest LOVE smiles – forever!”

“Only because “Alan”  has  a “blue” jacket on – I just thought  that the song about,  “Little boy,  BLUE”   – should be with this post,  for the little ones that can hear the song,  and then remember that  with all “PETS”  – that you would  take home to LOVE  and to have  forever,   that there is some work to  be done, also  – and that to take good care of the little “PET” – will make for a very long and lasting friendship – with your very own “PET” for the rest of your LIFE!”

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“Remember using this TELEPHONE to Call The OPERATOR”

“Remember this style of  “TELEPHONE”  – and  when, you wanted to make a “LONG DISTANCE”  “Call” – which was,  a very long time ago?”

“Just put your finger in that spot “0” and swing it around the dial for me to answer saying,”  “OPERATOR, How may I help you!”



On April 25th, we observe National Telephone Day.  

The correct answer to a trivia question like “Who invented the telephone?” is the name on the patent. In this case, the whole world knows the answer is Alexander Graham Bell. Had his attorney been delayed by foul weather or poor planning, the answer may be a different name.

It was February 14, 1876, when Marcellus Bailey, one of Bell’s attorneys rushed into the US Patent office in Boston to file the patent for what would be the telephone.

Later the same day, Elisha Gray filed a patent caveat for a similar device. A caveat is an intent to file for a patent.

There is also a third contender. Antonio Meucci filed a caveat in November of 1871 for a talking telegraph but failed to renew the caveat due to hardships.

Because Bell’s patent was submitted first, it was awarded to him on March 7, 1876. Gray contested this decision in court, but without success.

Born March 3, 1847, in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Bell was an instructor at a boys’ boarding school. The sounds of speech were an integral part of his life. His father developed a “Visible Speech” system for deaf students to communicate. Bell would later become friend and benefactor of Helen Keller.

Three days after the patent was approved, Bell spoke the first words by telephone to his assistant. “Mr.Watson, come here! I want to see you!”

By May, Bell and his team were ready for a public demonstration, and there would be no better place than the World’s Fair in Philadelphia. On May 10, 1876, in a crowded Machinery Hall a man’s voice was transmitted from a small horn and carried out through a speaker to the audience.

One year later, the White House installed its first phone. The telephone revolution began.

Bell Telephone Company was founded on July 9, 1877, and the first public telephone lines were installed from Boston to Sommerville, Massachusetts the same year.  By the end of the decade, there were nearly 50,000 phones in the United States.  In May of 1967, the 1 millionth telephone was installed.


Celebrate National Telephone Day by calling someone and telling them Happy National Telephone Day!  Share your vintage telephone pictures on social media using #NationalTelephoneDay to show the different phones that have been used!

Educators, visit the National Day Calendar® Classroom for lessons designed around National Telephone Day.


Our research was unable to find the creator of National Telephone Day.

There are over 1,500 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day® with National Day Calendar®!

In order to start working for the “Telephone Company” I did have to get a “Worker’s Permit” as I was not as yet (18″  eighteen years old!”

The two young girls that are in the middle of this PHOTO – also started working the same week as I did,  and they were over eighteen years of age and also married.  At that time we received four weeks of training, while receiving  full pay, which may have been close to $40.00 a week. I’m guessing that TODAY – new employees would be receiving at least $600.00 per week. “How the times do change?”

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Some days are more special than so many others – because,  TODAY is a GOOD NEWS Day!

Just in case you did not know – It is EASTER SUNDAY  and little guys like me, are out there letting everyone know – have FUN with the FAMILY – and do Nice things for each other- just like me, little ole  me, LEX!

Just need to get these  “ear-phones” on correctly, so that I can hear all of those wonderful questions, “You all” are asking me – and in just a second or two – I will be able to start answering, each and everyone of you  “wonderful friends” of mine!

“I can tell,  by the way that you are looking at me – that you think that I do not know – that which, I am doing here – but,  you just hold on,  for another second or two – and  we will be ready for you to fire as many questions,  as you all,  feel that,  you want me to answer – and then, we can get this “SHOW” on the road – that is “FLY” as high as we want – and  we  will do, just as soon as we are completely ready!

“Thanks and my LOVE, to all,  that are standing by”     D.V.

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“Celebrate with Prayer and SONG”


Remembering the Messiah   – the ONE and only to pay for our SIN DEBT – now marked, “PAID in FULL”  per HIS death on the Cross!


“Happy Easter to one and to all!”    D.V.

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“Today is the DAY – Hang out the WASH”

“Just start doing it – you will be better with the  fresh outdoor clean air – and exercise, that makes you feel young agin!”



Each year on April 19, Project Laundry List works with hundreds of other organizations to sponsor National Hanging Out Day.  This day was set aside as a day to encourage communities to learn about the benefits, both financially and environmentally, of using a clothesline for drying laundry.  According to Project Laundry Lists’ website, clothes dryers account for an astonishing six to ten percent of residential energy consumption.  Hanging your clothes out has several benefits:

  • Good for the environment.
  • Saves you money
  • It is therapeutic because being outdoors in the fresh air has benefits to your health.



Celebrate National Hanging Out Day by hanging out your clothes to dry and sharing your pictures on social media using #NationalHangingOutDay.


National Hanging Out Day has been sponsored by Project Laundry List along with other organizations since 1995.  Project Laundry List is a New Hampshire-based group that wants to encourage outdoor drying of clothes, “making air-drying laundry and cold-water washing acceptable and desirable as simple and effective ways to save energy,” as quoted from their mission statement(http://laundrylist.org/about/history/)

Sure am glad,  that the date is on this old PHOTO of “me” and baby “LEE” in our back yard – where I,  would hang out our wash – and at the same time, keep  my eye on our baby “LEE” – as he would like to go where ever,  he wanted –  and when ever he felt like going some where,  no mater who would be in charge of watching him – even the “Day Care Nursery” – had no idea how he could wander off from their facility?

To be able to hang the wash out side on the lines is some of the best exercise one gets – the heavy wet wash – shaking the wet item out and getting it to hang  just so-so, and with the clothes-pins,  to hang the item up on the line – so that when you take down each item – you shake and fold the item just so correctly, that,  you can place on the shelf and or in to drawers – so that when you what that item, it smells fresh and is so nicely folded – half of  the time,  you never need to use an iron.

The above PHOTO is when we lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and we did not have a basement as we did  here in Saint Louis, and had to carry each load of wash up the steps and then into the back yard. So that right there – you can see that you are walking  and going up and down steps, with a heavy load of wash,  building up the muscles in the arms and legs and as a bonus the fresh out-doors smell of freshness with wonderful SUNSHINE, where else or what could you do and still receive all of that wonderful workout – always feeling better each time you decide to wash clothes.

Sometimes there were seven or eight lines hanging from tree to tree  and each line full of clothes. In and out  the door from the basement downstairs and smelling all of that nice clean load of clothes blowing in the wind, WOW! The best part is putting all of those nice clean  sheets and pillow cases back on the beds – sure does make for a real good night’s sleep and ready to do it all the next week again!

“It is a shame that so many areas where people live today – the hanging out of the “WASH” has been  disallowed.”  My thought – they prefer everyone to stay in the house and get fat sitting in front of the TV.

“Still today, I hang my wash on the lines in the basement –  – just can not break the habit!”    D.V.

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“Be Prepared for EASTER SUNDAY”

“Did You Prepare and Reflect this LENT – for EASTER”

40 Days from Ash Wednesday till Easter – so we are ‘almost  there’   starting on  March 6th, which was also  the day for you to receive your  “ashes” on the forehead, remembering from dust to dust – that is what happens – so we  then, should try to make some good changes in our LIFE – if at all possible.  This is what we did learn in the Orphanage,  as that was the case in Grade School, the NUNS were very strict, ” we were to be seen and not heard from”  but,  at long last when  “Easter SUNDAY” would  arrive, we knew it, there were two hard boiled eggs in our cereal bowl – the only eggs that we would ever receive, and if,  this was also a 2nd or  4th SUNDAY of the MONTH – that would be a “VISITING SUNDAY”  meaning my PARENTS would be there to see me and my brothers – and that, was worth more than all the “TEA” in China!

Also, when I was a kid – we were taught to reflect on our lives’ thus far, and start making some changes for the Resurrection of “Yahshua the Messiah” beginning with a plan, just for me to work on making myself  a  much better   person. I was to  “want to do” all these new things that were suggested by the NUNS – changes that by  implementing,  while still  a small child – would become second nature,  and also,  throughout all  of my LIFE , I would then,  know the right things to follow and do them  forever.

In the environment that I was in as a child, my Aunt Irene Riley, had the NUNS and everyone she knew, including  members at her Church –Our Lady of Sorrows, to pray for me,  that I would become a Nun. Lots of prayers and meditation and living at the Orphanage,  I almost thought that to be a “NUN” would be the LIFE for me. There was a “Brady  relative in Dublin, Ireland”  a  close relative to my Mother, and her sister, Irene Brady Riley, and  he was a very good Priest and I am guessing that several of my uncles were  also prayed for enough , so as to hope,  for more to enter the “Priesthood.”

Just because there might be some “HISTORY” in the family, for a vocation into the Religious Life,  it is something that you just cannot force. So, now with the LENTEN season, it would really be a good time to pray for everyone ,  for those who may be preachers and teachers,  for those in the world in areas that are in war-zones, that do not allow their citizens to go to Church,  and for those in areas where they are killing people,  just because of their FAITH.

“PAY-IT- Forward” with our Prayers and our Charities that we can do for those around the World,  those who are hurting and their very LIFE,  is at a total risk – just trying to survive under the “dictator type” run  countries,   where lives are consider worthless.

Let us remember our fellow-man, our neighbor, with LOVE, during this Lent Season,  just as “Yahshua  the  Messiah”   directed us, to do  in the New Testament.


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