“Nothing like Making a Telephone Blouse”

One thing that I really did a lot of  – – was to buy patterns of different things  that, with the right material, would like to  wear and just found this “Telephone” material – and figured  – that when working for the  “Telephone Co.,” – one should let people know,  that  I like working there so much – I advertise that  fact by wearing a blouse that I made – and it is just full of nice little “telephones!”                                                                           Way back and then, that dresser with  that really nice mirror   had been in the Family for so long – guess that, when it came to moving we sold it and  with a few other pieces  of  furniture –  and they all had  a nice heavy sheet of  “marble” – that if we had kept them – they would be still in style – and so much better than the light weight stuff that is made today. But that is what happens – – when moving it is better to just get rid of the good stuff – and buy cheaper stuff down the road.  That was well made, as I sitting  on the edge of the dresser – just low enough for  someone –  and what a terrific mirror. It is really hard to get a real good mirror,  today!

The PHOTO on the right was taken – just  for  a full length PHOTO of  my newly made blouse with a favorite skirt of mine – a PHOTO just for effect – – do I like it this way,  or would it look better another way?  Always had to take a PHOTO with something that I had made – sometimes  just looking in the mirror – you do not see what others would be seeing – and PHOTOS will give a better idea – is this a “keeper” or will I be giving it to someone, that just may like it a bit more than  I do?

Back then, working for the “Telephone Co.,”  there was a young girl that started working the same week as I did, and she did like some of the items I would wear and wanted the same thing but,  in the material that she would provide me with. So, I would sew different  things  for her and for my “TIME” she would also give me  a few yards of different     materials – – some I liked and made things for myself –  and there were some that I just never used – but it was FUN – and we did have FUN working together!

It is amazing how much,  I was able to do back then  – evidently, the days were longer than they are today – or maybe as we get older – we start to slow down – where is the rush – and why “RUSH”  when you do not have too!

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“First Time Vehicle”

When at College  –  what better place to ask friends  – about buying a vehicle – since so many have them and look like they like their purchases – – and not hearing any complaints – – maybe  the vehicles were made more sturdy as I did not see any with damage?

So one of my classmates, a Robert F. Duggar and as I remember a Marine, but,  here for  some classes told me about his roommate having a vehicle – that he was going to sell. So I ask them to bring the vehicle to this “Service Station” near my house to get an opinion of what they thought and if they thought it would be a good  “buy” for me. Having the checkout with an “OKAY” – I did agree to purchase it, “1955 Dodge Coronet”  and they brought it to my home – and so, I also took their PHOTO  – the man on the left was the “seller” and can not remember his name – and,  BOB Duggar is sitting on the right.

 We may have had the “TV” on – as it looks like they were quite interested in something televised,  other than me bringing out my camera. Those were the days when television was new to the world and there were a lot of the shows on,  that were “LIVE” –  so guess they could  have been more interesting – – everyone waiting to see something happen,  that they were not prepared to broadcast – and  just maybe even stir up some talk – causing more people to be wanting to buy these  “boxes of  nonsense”  since so many people back then enjoyed their regular “Radio” programs!

 Not sure  just when this PHOTO was taken – but,  it is “WINTER” time as you can see,  that there is snow on the ground. With the driving in the bad weather – the vehicle sure does need to be washed

The colors of the vehicle were a light creme color on the bottom and a dark shade of pink – it seems to me – but, since this was  so long ago – I will have to see,  if I  ever took a PHOTO in color – to even be sure of the colors. What I do remember, is  that it did go FAST –  something about my foot on that gas pedal  – and it just seem to almost fly.  It was nice to go fast – but after getting my fair share of traffic tickets – I had to move the seat further back – so that I could hardly reach that gas pedal.

Just thinking that,  I should thank the Almighty for sending His Angels to be with me, when I was first driving  – as  something could have happened – and I would not be here today – to even talk about those good old days!   D.V.


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“Work at WORK and Work at Home”

 When  you start working,  one thing leads to another around the house,  and each part of the house has  been “a long time waiting”  and  “way past due”  area,  that just has to be taken care of.

When this PHOTO of me was taken – it was to show that our “tomato” plants were starting to do something – but very slowly and the “peach” tree was still surviving although, I do not believe we ever saw any fruit , something about you needing  a male and female tree near each other , so that the “birds and the bees” can make magic!

In the  1970’s when we  had some acreage for horses and also planted some “Fruit” trees,  – we did not have any fruit – because,  the horses  also like their “apples”  fresh from the tree – so , there is a whole lot to learn about planting  for the benefit of receiving something good to eat – -the  birds  and animals get  first pickings, way  before I can – to reap the harvest!

But looking straight back and to the right of the PHOTO – you can see part of the NEW PORCH – the old  porch has been taken off and away – and NOW the size of the porch would be large enough to put a “Hollywood  Bed” in and a few other things.

“How’s this PHOTO  of our very young “Mr. Wonderful, himself” – and in  the taking of this PHOTO – “Tommy” is getting his  ‘wake-up call’ – – have to get up and ready for WORK!”

Sometimes  I wonder about what the easiest way would be to get someone up – – when it it is TIME to go to WORK? When you have a nice large bed – lots of room and plenty of pillows – and  everything so nicely prepared for you – – to get to bed – to get up and have breakfast – – such wonderful “MAID- SERVICE” –  and just because you are a part of the “Wonderful” family that thinks you  are “Top-drawer” stuff!

These PHOTOS were taken in the 1950’s – and a few weeks ago,  just thought,  that I would put this address in Google – just to see what I would find – and would you believe it – this house is still there. While looking, also  did a scan from the alley area – and this porch,  that I had added to this house was still there. There were lots of trees and shrubs growing all around – almost looked like a forest back there. So I was almost wanting to know if someone still lives there.

When we moved away – and getting tired of all of the stuff to move left  lots of “Banners” in the basement  and even a real authentic “cannon” on the work bench.  This was something that did work even had its own  “gunpowder” attachment – never heard of anyone getting hurt – so I am guessing that everything that was left, behind – was useful to the new owners!

“Thanks be to the Almighty for an  ‘old house’  that still stands and has more LIFE and Fun  for all that enjoy it!”   D.V.

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“Have YOU ever received a “WAKE Up” Call”

Sometimes in LIFE, we receive “Wake-up Calls” – is a nice way for me to say – that I was trying to do too much and not stopping to think about all that I was doing!

My “WORK” came first and foremost as that is where I was able to make the money to help out at home –  living with my MOTHER – I just felt that,  I did need to do my fair share of  fixing up the house,  and also to help MOM with the monthly bills. Back then , by working for the “Telephone Co.,”  – I had the their bill put in my name – and it only cost me $1.95 per month.

Then, there was the time while at work, always will remember the date, “December 8th” – the weather ice and snow and that was for several days before, causing an overload of weight  in the center of our “roof” to start to leak – and nice big drops of water coming into the bedroom. My “MOM”  – home alone, had to find and carry buckets and place all around – – making sure that  good furniture was moved out of the way. So when I got home in the morning, we had to call and  have a “Roofing Co., come by and give us a quote – -and most importantly – “HOW SOON” could the repairs be done? We sure did not want the “roof” to just fall in – and do lots more  of this leaking damage?

Now that I am working, I can see that everything is not going to be a “bed of roses” –  because,  before I can make a pile of money – some crazy extraordinary expenses are showing up on my door-sill – – and  now,  that I am thinking about things – as they are happening – what is the cause or change of PLANS for ME – things were going so very well – – and Now,  I must be so careful riding the “Bus and or the Street-car” when carrying my arm full of BOOKS and stuff on the over-crowded transportation systems. What in the world should I be thinking –  other than, something is wrong – somewhere?

This is where I start to talk with someone at the “Credit UNION” – have to see,  that which others  in my same situation   do,  when major repairs are to be made on the house – -number one – the need for a whole new roof and number two “I most certainly will have to buy a vehicle” – so that I can get around better – and by myself, with my books and all of the other paraphernalia, “ONE” must drag  from this place to the next – and always  being in a big hurry!

One of the very best things in the world – that is back then, the “Telephone Co., always needed people that did like to work on SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS – as so many had families and small children,  that those  workers had better things to  do,  like spending all the time  that they could –  with their family – –  I was right there,  to pick up all of those extra hours, what  ever shift –  and the best part is when working three (3) Sundays if a row –   there was extra “PAY”   for that –  and with all of those extras –  I was able to get that new roof done and had a way to finance it.

One thing at a time –   to get a vehicle –  well,  that  will take some thinking about –  but at least a new “ROOF”  that,  does not leak  is terrific!  Thanks  be to the Almighty for starting me out with  very  small “LESSONS” to learn… first!      D.V.


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“Always in a HURRY – Must be CAREFUL”

Sometimes,  and this is for me – as there are many who just may have more good sense,  than I do, at times – but when you are young and just feel,  NOW is the TIME – and must do it all, TODAY!  “Did YOU… or should I even ask,  if there are some others  – that feel, “If it is  going to get dome – I  will have to do it” –  and right NOW!”

One must remember that what is happening today, is more higher tech stuff, but sixty years ago, the same stuff  (crime) was taking place then, only  we did not hear of it fast enough – so  that, so many of us were not fully  aware of the many small types of crimes happening and going on, right under our noses.

  When I was going to SCHOOL and WORK and using the PUBLIC transportation systems here in Missouri – mostly the “Streetcars” – that as you are riding, that “car” is moving from side to side  – almost as fast as it was going forward.

All of this is just fine – – when you have a seat on the “streetcar”  but not,  so good for you when you have your arms full of school books and any other things that you just have to have when going to School and or to Work!  – and the “streetcar” is over-crowded – in fact you are packed in – like in a can of   “sardines!”

At  first when going to Work, we were all assigned a  “Locker” for all of our personal stuff… the hat box over head type for some amount of stuff and then  an area beneath for your coat  and something  lower for maybe your boots, should you travel in ice and snow and need such a space for the bad weather items.

Take note of that “Handbag” sitting on the ground beside me, in the PHOTO above. Nice! At least that is what I thought.  Looks like it has plenty of room for all kinds of little things that you may need at School  and it is “Hands Free!” Just slap    that nice long “strap” over the shoulders and off and on your way – you go!  Your arms are NOW free,  to carry all of your books and maybe even some other package or two – as the purse is pushed to the side or even all the way and around to your “back” side, but  “IT” is out of your way!

Leaving SCHOOL, arms packed with my books and stuff and like everyone else running to catch the “streetcar” – everyone pushing to get on  and  each doing a very good balancing act, I am mow holding  as much as I can in one arm – using the other the grab the rail to pull my self up the steps to get on – and  also holding my  “BUS PASS”  between  fingers – getting on – and it is so crowded – reaching around, myself,  to put the “Bus Pass” back into my purse, having to flip the slide up and down, lift the flap and hope that I am putting the “Pass” into the right side pocket – so that,  I will find it the next time I need it.

This is doing so much and in a hurry, and this “CAR” is full – almost like a full can of  “sardines”  – and in this hurry-up state – am not even conscience of where my “PURSE” is – and  if  it is even closed – too young to even give a thought  as to the fact – – that right there,  I was being robbed!

How can you feel that someone is sticking their  greedy little fingers into my purse and taking my wallet out – with everyone being shifted to this side and or the other – bumping into one another – “You could get away with murder – and not a soul would know!”

This was a “wake up” call – if ever I received one! Sure need some HELP from the Almighty, and fast!  D.V.

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“Always in a HURRY, Work and then School”

Sometimes we start things to do in LIFE –  and later on start to think, “What in the world was I thinking?”

Now that I think about  some of the stuff that I do – I really wonder – what in the world,  gets me to think,  that I can do so many tings – and at the same time?

One of the first things that I have always wondered about – was  that,  of “ME”  and the signing up to take a “GYM Class” as  my  first class at School – just after having worked all night?  “Who in the world does that?” Maybe… some ONE that likes  PUNISHMENT and lots of it – even if you are young and in good shape – why try to kill yourself?

 It sure was good  to have two days off work and the weekend off,   from  SCHOOL – at least, I was able to take time off to visit the “O’Fallon Park”  with friends and kind of like this old PHOTO that was taken.

Without this PHOTO, how in the world,  would I have ever been able to remember  what good shape,   that I was in?  May  have to give ‘credit’   to my first class at College,  twice a week  having GYM!

In your first year of College,  what do you remember more than anything else?  Something that in all of your LIFE – – you could  have lived,  and never ever  would  you have had,  the desire to learn – but this first  year  in College –  in your “GYM”  class – we were taught the correct way to stand on your head! “That is right” – and  after  having worked all night – and  really ready to  go home to bed and sleep –  but,  there I was in  this CLASS   – and  – that the most important  lesson for  my LIFE and,  in the world  – that day  – was to learn  “HOW”  to stand correctly on  my  head!

I was able to stand on my head,  doing so the correct way – and was I ever surprised – that I was able to do so – and it was rather easy – once you did it – – there I was doing it – just for the FUN of it!

There is nothing else in the “GYM” classes that I can remember – as I was always playing base ball and basket ball  and running around the assigned areas – just to wake up the body and be prepared to do a bunch of jumps up and down – this way and that. the best part of moving the body , in my book would be dancing – as to dance with the right kind of music – I could dance all night – every chance that I got! – That is where I would lose weight,  if I needed, too  – but in those days – I was just as healthy as I needed to be!

“Just so grateful and Thankful to the Almighty for giving  to me the strength to do all the silly things that I was doing way back then – and for keeping me safe and sound – as I was trying to do , too may things – all at the same time!”        D.V.

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