“A BEST FRIEND will always be Remembered”


   “Happy Birthday Sister Mary Emeline!”

Almost twenty years ago, one of my very best friends went to her Heavenly reward ,  ” Sister Mary Emeline Gander”  of the order   –  “Sisters of Christian Charity”  –  in Wilmette, Illinois.   Sister Emeline’s   whole life was  a continual prayer.  Everything she did   –  was  with  “LOVE!”

I first met  “Sister Emeline”, while  living at the “Orphan’s Home”  and was assigned to work for her , in the  “BOY’s” dining room. This was in the mid 1940’s  –  and each of our job assignments lasted six months. Also – -another  assigned tour   at a year or two right  before I was to graduate from the 8th grade… I  always enjoyed working  for Sister Emeline,  six (6)  months –  and even longer… if allowed.

Sister Emeline became a good friend right away, because she was so nice to talk  with,   and seem to understand what ever I wanted to say and do   –   more important  she would    talk to me as if I was a friend  and what ever   I had to say  –  made some kind of sense?   She was more friendly  than most of the “Nuns”  –  and that is what  I needed  –  since I missed my own family!

Also, Sister Emeline was one of four (4) sisters and two brothers, who were placed in the same “Orphan Hone ” when her mother died and she was only three (3) years old.  All four sisters  –   joined the  Sisters of Christian Charity, her youngest sister,  “Sister   Mary Alvira”, was my  5th and 6th grade teacher and also became another very good friend  –  that I kept in touch with until she also went to Heaven.

I miss not having such a good friend  – we were always writing and sending stuff back and forth  – always the best of communications  and up-lifting words  –  still have every card and letter. So hard to forget your really  “good friends”  – no matter how long they  are gone  –  but never ever forgotten!

Sister Mary Emeline  –  “Happy Birthday!”   You will always be “Family”  to me!    D.V.

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“Just Remembering DADDY”



This first PHOTO… of DADDY and  DAUGHTER (me) is when I was eight months. Since I do not have the photo handy – – can not write the whole list of stuff – – that my MOTHER wrote on the back side – – as to what I could do and say… which is  a good thing for parents to do – – because… without a written record… who would remember everything that a first child  – – is learning  – – and then… is also able to do.

  • Should I run across the “PHOTO” above – – I will add those wonderful things – – that my MOTHER – – did take the time to make note of – – especially for me – – as I am one of those “types” – – with inquiring minds  – – sometimes people get sick of my questions – – but how then does one learn – – if they can not ask  more than enough “QUESTIONS” – – so as to be well informed  – – 
  • “What television series is that – –  where the investigator always comes back – – just after taking a few steps to leave… and he says. .. “I just have …ONE MORE QUESTION?”  **********        **********
  • This is JUNE 26th, 2017 – – and I have the answer…  to pass on  – – to one and all – –  so and since ‘no one’ sent  to me an answer – – will have to save this “PRIZE”…  for another time – – – so…  the  “STAR of Colombo” is the  man in the very old  ‘Rain Coat”  – -“PETER Fault” – – himself” – -“Good Luck…  till  next time!”
  • “Every one has my “number” – – for doing that exact thing – – when they think  – – that I have turn to leave – – and with a quick step back… “Just one more thing,

“Do I look like – – I  am pushing ‘two’ – – in the above photo? – – WELL… that is DADDY holding “ME”  – – and we are in the back yard of my “AUNT  Irene RILEY” — on ASHLAND  Avenue, in Saint Louis – – – we would visit  Aunt Irene – – as it was only a quick  run through the FAIRGROUNDS  PARK – –  – – short drive…

This was a “BIG DAY”  for me. It is JUNE 8th, 1952 – – and I have graduated from the eighth grade – – “WOW”

That is DADDY, DENNY, SR. standing on my right side – – and on the  left of me … is my younger brother DENNY, Jr., – – who is in the seventh grade – – and next year – – he  will be graduating from the eighth grade.  Isn’t it wonderful… to have a child of yours – – graduating each year – – after so many years of the same thing – – you finally know the general routine and  can almost … do it in your sleep.

After living a fairly…  long time – – it is  the the good memories that you have – – and if you also have old photographs to jog the old marbles floating around in the old brain – – well… “It is a wonderful WORLD… after  all  is said and done!”

“Thanks to the ALMIGHTY – – for all the wondrous things – – that ‘YOU’ have provided me with – – I am grateful and thankful – – each and every day – – LIFE is every thing and more – – some times… we just forget to give THANKS!”  DV

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Sensational – Stunning “SUNSET” at Sunset Park!

Last night… if you missed the extraordinary way that the “SUN”  was setting for all of  us at the “SUNSET PARK” – – You really missed something that all I can say … “The “SUN” sat there… and sat there… and then all of a sudden – the most exceptional thing…was to see the “SUN” go up some and then finally down – and then just sit there to  do something different and only for those that were there had the joy of seeing something so magnificent –  – in plain words the most beautiful “SUNSET” ever!”

Usually… there are several automobiles and or trucks that just sit along the road coming into the SUNSET PARK – – they are not blocking the view for others – since the hill down has such a nice decline – it is as if you sitting in the theatre – and no one’s view is blocked by the “LADY” with the large brimmed hat!

Actually – it was around a quarter passed eight in the evening and just dark enough – so that vehicles and people walking would not really be noticed. The magnificent “SHOW” was “WEST” and that is all anybody with eyes – would be interested in – when the “SHOW” to see was worth a million!

You know, we watch the “SUN” setting every night – someone will say, “There she goes…five – four – three – two – one – all gone!” That’s the way it is – here. We are just a bunch of big “KIDS” – and to have right in our very own backyard – something … sort of like a “MIRACLE” – there is no way – any of us could develop or even  try to make such  a marvelous sensation take place  – every evening – all year through and for hundreds of years… does not cost a dime to go and see – take that back  – there will be a day when someone in politics will figure a way to tax the public for viewing privileges… they always find a way to tax everything else!

During the rest of the years – that is the years that I may have yet… I do not see myself going around the world to see any of the “SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD” – but right here in “RIVER CITY” like they say in the old time movies… “All the “WONDERS of the WORLD” are right here in my very own backyard! No one  would ever think to tell the “REAL ESTATE” agent that …”  “The property that I want  to buy – must have the MISSOURI RIVER close enough to see and visit on foot and there must also be  visible  a most beautiful  and magnificent   – make that a extraordinary “SUNSET”  – that will take place for my FRIENDS and of course  for me to view with O OOHS and AAAAHS – so that at the end of the day  – we can give THANKS to the ONE and only Almighty Yahweh –  who is the only ONE – that can create such WONDERS for HIS people to view and all for FREE!!!




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“Fathers’ DAY should be celebrated all WEEK”

“Special Occasions like Fathers’ DAY  need to be Celebrated all week long!”

  Celebrate…“Happy Fathers’ Day” …all week!

Fathers and Sons  –  Thank You!    FOR on this special    day  – – the third SUNDAY in the month of JUNE…  we celebrate  Fathers  and  remember to  ask   “Our  Heavenly Father”  to bless you  in the most abundant and helpful way for your walk on earth!

Some verses in the  “Bible”  that…  I thought would apply  for FATHERS’ DAY –  today and all week long.

“Proverbs 17:6  Children’s children are the crown of  old men,  And the glory of children  are their fathers.”

“Proverbs 23:24,25,26    The father of the righteous  will greatly rejoice.  And he that fathers  a wise child will  have joy of him.      Let your father and your mother  be glad.   And let her that bore you rejoice.    My son give me your heart;   And let your eyes delight in my ways.”

Just thought these verses were so right .  Blessings come to those who seek the good words of the bible and pass these good words on to the next generations   and    –  also  pass the blessings on from generation to generation!   This,  or words to that effect  stick in my mind.  And, it  is better to play the  “game of Life” correctly;   we are  all on a journey on this  Earth and our aim is to enjoy  Eternity  with our “Creator” as a  wonderful and most blessed ending… when that DAY arrives!

So,  with the above in mind   –  every time I buy a game  –  what is  the first  thing you have to do   –  that is if  you want to learn to   “WIN”  the game!   You start by    “reading the  Instructions!”   So,  it is  the  same way as  I understand our  “game of   Life”  here on EARTH     –     our  instructions come in the book  called the  “Holy Bible.”

“Happy  Father’s Day”  to all those in my family and  every  Father    reading this special message –    whether celebrating or not!   ” MAY  our CREATOR the ALMIGHTY YAHWEH  richly Bless You – – Now and Forever!”   D.V.

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“Fathers’ Day June 17th, 2018”

       “Father’s Day at Fairgrounds Park”

Doubles 001

Nothing like a “PARK” within walking distance to your  “HOME” – – because you can then enjoy  all  of the big  FAMILY  with RELATIVES and  FRIENDS  or even the Neighbors  getting together  –   there are  “PARK” benches with lots of nicely mowed green grass for he children to play and run around  to play  GAMES – – while you find the perfect spot to set-up the REFRESHMENT table – – and  your  much bigger containers filled with blocks  of  ice … to keep all  of those favorite drinks ready  – for all  – to cool down – – at just the right moment.


2-4-13 001

Here we are… my brothers,  DENNY Jr.,  and TOMMY and “ME” – – and to have  this wonderful lake  – – right in the middle of   “FAIRGROUND PARK”  – –  and  also the bridge – – as you can see in the background – – sure  does make  for lots of FUN —  as we have so much ground to run around on – – and  then   we know  finally…  end up  near the “LAKE”  for a real good  cool down  – as you see us having our picture taken – together!

In Baby Karen 001the 1940’s this is what I  can call a very  perfect
FATHER’s DAY”    PHOTO … “FATHER and Children” and in this PHOTO – – – we even have our “brand new baby”   our little  sister, “EVE KAREN” – – this is a very special day to all  of  us – to  be able  –  – to have this PHOTO of a HAPPY DAY – – when we were all together!  

In   LIFE… we are each on a “journey” and some of us are designated to be together …in a FAMILY setting – –  and then sometimes – – our “journey” takes one or two of us out  of this FAMILY – causing grief and sorrow – – and at other TIMES great JOY and LOVE – – but that is what this   “JOURNEY” is all about – – we do need to learn different lessons – – on HOW and WHEN to make changes  – – look for the TRUTH and LIGHT – – that the CREATOR of us… is providing  for  our needs  – – and  in the end …we each reap that which we  did sow … 

Looking back… each generation from  as  far back… has done all that they thought was to be  the  “PATH” for them – – and their  NEW FAMILY  – – but when someone…takes the TIME to look back and see  the LESSONS… that  each previous generation went through – and then…   if and what they  may have  accomplished – –  then…   and a big  MAYBE … “ONE” can start to understand  – – if only   there would have been a  more perfect  “LOG of EXPERIENCE”  passed on down  – – to the next generation  – but in this LIFE – – each generation feels – – that they have  a NEED and or  a right  – – to do it  “THEIR WAY” – –  not using any of the previous  generations  experiences – so  NOW –  COMES  more unnecessary   suffering in their life  to  justify  a redoing of  the  very same old  mistakes…   ANCESTORS before and  all along   their  way – – have suffered – – and for what?

Let us all learn to be content with that which we have – – our PATH in LIFE  can be more enjoyable if only we all cooperate with each other – – our FAMILY – – the NEW FAMILY – – the In-LAWS and all of the extensions of FAMILY – – as in this day and age of TIME!

“May the Almighty Yahweh bless all FAMILIES…  this “FATHERS’ DAY” – – Today and Forever – – exceedingly more than they expect – – so that the FAMILY that PRAYS together – – will stay together… ever more!”     D.V.

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“To My DADDY…from Alyssa”

When I ran across this “Father’s Day Card” and from little Alyssa – – some years ago – – everyone knows that if something lands in my “hands” – – it will be saved… forever!

For “Father’s DAY” this JUNE 17th, 2018 – – I am posting for “FATHERS” everywhere – – if you did not receive a card – – consider this card for YOU, too!

 When I read these words on this card  – – when I found it among lots of old mail and cards – – just thought that  these words were so nice for a FATHER to read – – and know that his child LOVES him and also thinks that these words apply to him and his children… today!


…   Left inside of card message….

and  Right inside of card…

The best part of  a card – – for whatever the occasion… is the personal message that is added  and in the sender’s own handwriting – – that really tells the story of LOVE – – better than any printed words – – even if they come from the best of the  “card companies” – –   It is the message from the HEART of the SENDER – – that is worth millions!

“And of course – – these messages and writings   are  from ME – – and as I say – – in “MY BOOK”  – – which means to the world – – if  YOU do not agree – – that  is your prerogative!”

“May the Almighty Creator that gave FATHERS and Mothers  the good children that they receive – – continue to BLESS each of HIS creations this FATHERS’ DAY – – with extra special BLESSINGS!”     D.V.

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