“Grateful and Thankful to be here again – TODAY”


********* HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ONE and to ALL *********

I remember this  day so well – – lots of  hard work  – – to do…  had to learn how to speek   to the INDIANS…  but I’ve been busy  – – doing this same thing each year – – just did not want  to ever forget to be as GRATEFUL and THANKFUL – – the ALMIGHTY gives me the strength  – – to be here  each year with you… and you… and you… too!  D.V.


P.S. How do you like this old…  PHOTO of ME?

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“Give Praise and receive Blessings… forever”

Every body just loves to have  some fresh and home made “Corn Bread  Dressing” – – it just isn’t…  Thanksgiving – – without it!

So… if you can not find your favorite recipe – – NOW – – copy this and start  making a dish – – that everyone will  leave  you hearing over and over – – what a terrific time they had at your house for “THANKSGIVING DINNER”  –  because of the great meal – – including this dressing.

We will just say a  “THANK YOU”  –   NOW… to the Almighty Yahweh – – for all  of the wonderful gifts he provides his chosen people – – those that LOVE and are Grateful – – especially THANKFUL for the many Blessings … that they are receiving… and daily and forever!   D.V.

*************************                           *************************


“Classic Cornbread Dressing”

Classic Cornbread Dressing
Makes 10 to 12 servings
  1. 1/2 cup bacon drippings or unsalted butter
  2. 2 cups diced onion
  3. 2 cups diced celery
  4. 1/2 cup chopped fresh sage
  5. 20 cups (1-inch cubed) day-old cornbread
  6. 6 cups low-sodium chicken broth
  7. 4 large eggs, beaten
  8. 1 tablespoon kosher salt
  9. 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
  1. Preheat oven to 350°. Spray a 13×9-inch baking dish with nonstick cooking spray.
  2. In a large skillet, melt bacon drippings or butter over medium heat. Add onion and celery; cook, stirring occasionally, for 15 minutes or until tender. Stir in sage, and cook for 3 minutes.
  3. In a large bowl, stir together vegetable mixture, cornbread, and all remaining ingredients until well combined. Spoon into prepared pan.
  4. Bake for 40 to 45 minutes or until golden brown.
  1. When measuring the cornbread cubes for this recipe, do not pack the cubes or crumble the cornbread into the measuring cup; simply add them to the cup. Twenty cups might seem like too much cornbread, but the bread will break down some during stirring and baking, and there is no other bread in this recipe to supplement it.

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“Is there a DREAM – YOU want NOW”

The PHOTO  below – – was the way this bedroom looked in 1952 – – when I left. As the  third bed up from the bottom…  on the left side of this PHOTO was mine. For the four or so years that I was living here – – at the German St. Vincent Orphanage –  for a period of six months… I was in charge of keeping this room clean. Each bed had to be made in a certain way – – no dust bunnies on the floor… flying around and once a year on our hands and knees three of us girls would scrub this floor and then wax it and the finish…  polish  it.

In bed at eight-thirty… every evening for us…   eighth grade girls – – and up at  five-thirty in the morning and in Church at six o’clock – – everyone – – even the NUNS.

So… for me – – my greatest desire was to be at home with my MOTHER – –  and that was my main  “DREAM”  – – when will that happen?  My MOTHER needed someone at home with her – – as there were lots of things that needed to be done – – and she just did not have the strength to do the cutting of  the lawn and pulling up the weeds and all kinds of cleaning in the house and even of fixing stuff – – not as I could do – –  even the  “ringer washing”  machine  was the old style – – and then to carry the wash basket up the out side steps – -and hang the wash on the lines in the yard. This was just too much for  her – – but easy for me.

After my telling my MOM to ask the NUNS  – – if I could leave the Orphanage on SATURDAYS… early after my  “chores”  there and by bus… return SUNDAY evening. “WOW: – – Wonders never cease – – I was allowed to leave every SATURDAY – – taking three buses and doing a lot of walking  – – but back and forth “I DID IT” – – and as far as I know – –  no other poor ORPHANS left … to do work at their own  “Family”  homes.

“If YOU DREAM IT” – – chances are  YOU will work on a PLAN to accomplish it – – that is what I have to do – – even TODAY! That is the reason for that  “BED” – – to rest easy – – let your thoughts start to come up to the front of the fore-head  – –  just sort of thinking – – if this needs to be done –   –  I could do this and then the problem would  be solved – – and if the solution – – just does not seem to be correct – – or another idea pops up – – and seems to work better – – and then before  YOU know it – – YOU are in DREAM LAND – – and working out the  kinks… till   the correct solution arrives in the early hours of waking up.

“WOW” – – What a wonderful night’s work done in DREAM LAND – – new ways to work out things that were in brain – causing all sorts of upsets – – but NOW – – a new day – – and the WORLD is just wonderful – – for you and ME. Thanks to  our CREATOR – – who gave us that “DREAM LAND”  – – same as the SABBATH … a DAY to   REST and gather up fresh strength to  go back to work – –  all refreshed!  D.V.

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If you like to  –   “COMPLAIN” – –  I’m betting that – – you have no friends.  – – Especially at this time of the year.

Right … NOW – -Everybody is getting into their “HAPPY” mode – – no matter how hard it will be – – as some have done so much complaining and for so long – – they hardly know what a “KIND WORD”  would sound like – – especially coming from their mouth.

When one starts getting into a  habit… good or bad – – and continues at it for any amount of time – it is so hard too stop – – even when they see all of their “so called” good friends dropping them… like a  “HOT POTATO” – – because who in the world wants a guest at their home   – – who only is sitting around and complaining  – – complaining about everything and anything – – and none of it makes any sense to those around – – but to see this person – – you are looking at…  a body of   “flesh and bones” – – drying up – – and just about ready to be buried!

At an early age… like this PHOTO … below – – children can learn to change their attitude about anything – – – if only you can change the scene – – and what is going on – – into a more friendly affair – – engaging into doing something…  that they like and will enjoy!

I can remember back to the early 1940’s  – – – when my two younger brothers and I  would have been  too wild for  our parents – – and even sometimes when we three received a spanking – – for whatever – – and we were not in too good of a mood – – something to correct the situation needed to be done and soon – – otherwise – – we three would have been thinking of making trouble for someone the next day.

During those  WWII years – – there just were not the many things that you could do to make things especially nice for everyone at home – – So many families had a FATHER or SON  serving in the   “WAR EFFORT” and…  all those at  HOME had to learn to do without a lot of the extras that we have today. BUT…. there was still  one thing that would make everyone “HAPPY” – – just to be alive in AMERICA!

“ICE-CREAM” – – and  TODAY – – that is still a real treat  to PLEASE   everyone. Little ole “ME” was the oldest and would be the one to go – – as I knew where everything important for our FAMILY  was – – if it meant  that someone had to walk and get it. I knew where the “Kissel  Drug Store”  was and could walk   there … all by myself – – even when it was dark out side – – and I was sometimes scared  – – and would duck behind a tree – – if a car light would  come down the street – – of course there were very few – – who has the money for “GAS” in those days?

This walk for the “ICE CREAM”  took me across three streets – – going to and coming back HOME – – and I would almost run – – as .. “Who in the world wants to be on the streets – – late at night – – and… all  by their selves” – – not me!

“BUT… when I got back  “HOME” – – “World WAR THREE” was over – – no matter if we received the worst of spankings – – that “ICE-CREAM”  that we were receiving – – forgave everybody and every thing – – no matter what!”

Those were the days for – – lots of forgiving and forgetting – – no complaining – – we learn to LOVE being together – – when we were HAPPY and LAUGHING – – the “roof’  over our kitchen would lift several inches – –  some of the “BEST of our TIMES” were those days and or evenings…  that we were gather around the kitchen tale.

“Thank you…  Almighty YAHWEH   – – for our sharing LOVE around the dinner table!”


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“GRATITUDE is of an inner ATTITUDE”

In  November… if ever we should start being GRATEFUL – –  take a  note  from the change of the “SEASONS”… it was “WARM” and now…  it is turning “COLD” – – but…  there is a lesson to learn – –  in the words of  changing  our  “ATTITUDE” by just showing the world our   “GRATITUDE.”

Each and every day we are different – – change is in  just the slightest way – – and  makes for us to act differently  in all of our duties for the day – – someone near offends us – – a word or two that we  just do not like – – the words sounded harsh – – where not what we thought we should have received – our immediate thought is how we should retaliate in some defensive way – – and we  are brewing an internal hurricane… to be sprawling out in full force to and on  everyone near and dear.

Image result for gratitude is the best attitude

So… with an  “ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE”  in yourself… each day and very early in the morning – – just with the ‘mind-set’ that to make this the best day for those near and dear – – we will find at the end of the day – – we feel so good – – something special happened to all those in that  day – – they just sorta – – were so happy and pleased with what we were all doing – – “It just seem to be a magical day…I’m going to do the very  same  in the morning.”

Image result for gratitude is the best attitude

Each and every morning – – no matter what – – this month of   “NOVEMBER” – -I am  going to ask our Almighty YAHWEH – – to lead me in his ways – – to put others’ and their feeling first and foremost – – checking that I can see and am willing to be of a support in their ways of doing things  – – holding back the usual words of complaint and disagreement – – that leads to discouragement in their plans – – helping them to know that what they have to do and what they  are thinking  about  – – needs my encouragement to help  them feel so good – – that  my “ATTITUDE”  is the correct helping hand they need.

“Gratitude” is received back  and forth – – when the  “ATTITUDE” is working on the front burners – – sleeping better at night and waking up each day with the best of   “ATTITUDES” – – we will all find “LIFE is WORTHWHILE” – –  and ever so much more enjoyable for all… for ever!   D.V.

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“Three Meals a Day – Seven years”

This PHOTO is of the “BOYS’ Dining Room”  at the “German St. Vincent Orphanage”  – – – and  is where we had our meals.  That is for last two to three years that I was there. Depending on…  if a girl or boy is the eldest in the FAMILY – – then you will use that dinning room – – and since I was the eldest in our Family … for the  better half of the seven years,  that I was there – – we had our meals in the “GIRLS’ Dining Room” – – which looked exactly like this one.

The “McClarren Family” sat at the last table in that fore corner of the room… under that window along the wall.That wall is along the front side of the building. The table in the corner back there and near to that door… was the “Porter Family  Table” – – as  I would talk  across the table to  my friend, Gail Porter… as she had older brothers – – and was in this dining room longer than I was.

Since “Thanksgiving” is this week…  and “memories” about different things always “POP UP” for all the years of being here and there… is a FUNNY memory about this “Dining room” and “Sister Michael”… the NUN that was with us during the noon meal. “GAIL” and I would always have so much to talk about – – sometimes… even after “Sister Michael” would call for us all to eat in silence… we … Gail and I … would continue… with short messages back and forth – – not too loud, but loud  “whispers” – – and I guess she did not like it – – and one day she had enough!

On this one occasion… Sister Michael came close to our tables … and in a loud voice so that all the children could hear  – – and be warned… that she had had enough of us… SISTER said, “The two of you will  be talking ‘forty years’ after you are both – – dead and buried!”   – – I won’t say she was “MAD” – – but she sure was highly upset! – – But the way she  said this with her arms flying in the air and the movements she was making trying to get close to our ears – – so that we would understand – – ‘shut up’ – – everyone in the dining room – – had the best laugh for a heck of a long time.

To this day… I get a kick out of the whole episode   – – just can not forget – – that such a cool and calm NUN – – had something to say to us – – something that I will remember forever!

“Sister Michael” was one of the NUNS – – that most of the children liked – – can not remember ever hearing anyone complain about her – – she was on the “BOYS SIDE”  and the “NUN  that did the same chores as Sister MICHAEL –  but on the  ‘girls side’  – – and a  very terrific   NUN – -“Sister Seraphine”   …  she  was  in charge of the ‘girls clothing” as   Sister Michael   did for the boys – –  both of these NUNS were well suited for their work with children and in case no one has ever  said so… let me ask the Almighty Yahweh … bless them – – as they were very good to the children – and I think  chose the best of  “LIFE’s WORK”   in their calling – – to work with children – – as  not all  are called for such a “Life-time”…  work!






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