“Be very … CAREFUL…”

In  TODAY’s world… we are teaching our domestic animals – – how to talk – – and what to do… – – and when to go outside – – and when to be inside the house – – and we even have several types of   “Animals”  that ordinarily are not   for the regular …  in the home and  to be of  the domestic type of animal – – but we have decided that – – our FAMILY must be different – – and do things differently – –  – – so that  _ NOW – – our ANIMALS – – can communicate with each other – – and would YOU believe – – some can even communicate with the POLICE – – – and they will report – – what you are doing to them!


Just this last weekend – – there were two nice looking dogs in my back yard – – they were inspecting everything – – and even so much as to mark a few places – – as if they were going to make this their home – –  my son asked me if we had something to give them – – so I went to the refrigerator and found a few pieces of   “HAM” – – and took it out to them. 

Well.. the one dog was the  “BOSS” and took charge of that treat – – and was…  not one to share. So… my son said,  “don;t you have something else – for the other one?”   Well… I did have some “CAT FOOD” for the  “Sunset CAT” – – she still comes  by – –  now and then – – –  so…  another dish and a dish with water – – took this out – – and  – – everybody  is so  happy.

My son, Al  said – –  “I’m going out and take some of that    ‘ham’   from the one dog and give some  of it … to the other”  – –  “WOW”  – – that was not not going to happen – –  the dog with the  “HAM”  growled like – –   “take this and loose your hand”   – –   “you did not give  it…   and you can not take it away  – – even if  to share.”  

Well.. they both finished up  – – looked around – – left a deposit – – here and there – – marking that they were here – – and should they need to let some others – – to  know – – this is their territory – – they discovered it – – finders… keepers…   forever!       D.V. 


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“Oh… Beautiful…”

“Wow – – Beautiful —— and it is ours – – for all of us in AMERICA – – – such “BEAUTY” – – but what a price of LIFE – – was paid  –  – – I only HOPE that the Almighty Creator can have mercy on us…






“My Favorites”     D.V.





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“A Little Music… Goes a Long Way”

“Life is a musical… DREAM – —  when you first hear the “Doctor” declare that you are now  ‘expecting’ – – YOU feel that you are in a  ‘dream world’ – –  even in the BIBLE… “MARY”… said…  “How could this be!” – – – and nothing happens in a day – – it does take months  – – but – – to be sure… the  ‘MUSIC’  of the process in our bodies starts to play… mixing different little notes of this and that – – some tapping together and joining in on the  building up of  power and strength – – and in a very  few months – – – that  “FIRST HEART BEAT” – – the best music to our ears –  – – we are expecting our first baby!”









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“11/11/2017″ GIVE Every VETERAN a BIG HUG of THANKS”

“This is the  “SONG’ that I will be singing  – – all day today!




“The most exciting moment in your LIFE… is when your son… arrives HOME – – on leave…  and in this PHOTO… my son, Lee Aldrich Jr., has just arrived HOME for the HOLIDAYS!”


This is “Lee, Jr.”   – – only wish that his Father, Lee, Sr., – – could have lived long enough to see  this day – – but one does learn early in LIFE – – that this journey on EARTH – – is only a proving ground – –  we all need to seek and find the TRUTH – – the Almighty will guide our paths – – if  we are diligent in our seeking  and  learning the message that is in the BIBLE – – I am grateful and Thankful – – for all the BLESSINGS…  that we receive daily – – and want to share that same message to all.    D.V.

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“Bless all those we LOVE… Our VETERANS”

“You’re…  in the NAVY… NOW – – – NOW… hear this!” – – –  My son, Lee is A #1 in my book – – my Thanks and PRAYERS for Lee and the whole crew that were with him aboard the U.S. Ranger  – – as their SERVICE was the best  – – and like all Moms across the NATION – – – – it is WONDERFUL – – that your  Son is able to return HOME!”

“Next going back in time… my brother,  Tom McClarren – –  the “Para-Trouper”  – – he just LOVES… to fall out of a perfectly good flying  – – nice and high… Aero-Plane – – just so happy that TOM was able to make it back to the STATES – – he was in service in GERMANY – – when “Elvis” was station  there – – – those were the days!”

“This is my brother, Denny Jr., – – and he has that “million dollar smile” – – this PHOTO is with me – – and he has the best shade of red hair and freckles – – that came from   the Irish side of our FAMILY – – was stationed at  “Red Stone Arsenal”  – – but in this PHOTO Denny is on leave for the “HOLIDAYS”  – – and there I am with a ‘tidbit’  of something in my hand to eat!”

“This is a very old and well worn PHOTO of my “DAD”  –  Denny H. McClarren Sr. – –  this PHOTO was still in his wallet – when he passed away – – so it did get lots of wear and tear – – “Daddy”  was stationed in the  PHILIPPINES” – – and he did sign up for three… two-year terms – –  and in his last sign-up  term… was injured – – and sent home.”

Here is a very old PHOTO – – and of my husband, Lee’s – – brother Al E. Aldrich – – Al  served in  “AFRICA”  – – when they were running around in those  “tanks”  – – and from what I heard – – surprised that he was able to live through the mess – – of fighting that was going on back then.

“This is TOM Aldrich and ….    In the 1960’s… when Tom was in the Army – the K-9 group – – he was in HEAVEN – – he just LOVED  training and working  with dogs – – he had special communication skills – – with animals and the DOG  – – was the best  place for his talents to be used.      This is  a very young TOM and his  “WAR DOG, SHANE” – –


So to all the Veterans – – and to those that are in the “SERVICE” today  – – YOU are the ones that protect and keep AMERICA  a NATION under the direction of our Almighty Creator Yahweh – –  a land of FREEDOM for all – – and if we all stand UNITED with our AMERICAN FLAG – – flying  high … above us all and at all  times – – remember  – – that it  is… when we all work together  – – in unity  – – we will be  a NATION always protected    – – knowing that to LOVE our neighbor – – makes LIFE worth…  LIVING!  D.V. 

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“Do YOU like Number…91”

Everyone has “FAVORITE  NUMBERS” – – and a reason for   deciding on a certain number – – – something had to happen – – for YOU to make a  NUMBER – – stand out in your LIFE – – and become a FAVORITE!  “RIGHT?”

When I was only “eight years old” – – my two brothers  and I were  temporarily placed in an Orphanage  – – suppose to be for only six months – – since my Mother was going to be having “TWINS ”  – – MOM being 45 years old and only a five foot two inch woman – – small frame and not  too strong – – –  since each of the babies weighed in at eight and a half pounds. Those were the basic circumstances – -and of course my FATHER  was not of much help… he, himself and  his work and drink  – – a mixture that did not make for  a FAMILY that sticks together through thick and thin.

When you go to an Orphanage to live – – everything that belongs to you needs to marked – – as everyone there already has an identification number on all of their items – – so that perhaps your personal belongings will be given to you – – and “YOU”  will also become   “KNOWN” as that number – – since the NUNS will call you by that assigned number – – instead of using your name. MY assigned number was “91” – – and I still know a lot of  “NUMBERS” – – of FRIENDS – – in my grade  – – some younger girls and some older – – just heard them so often – –  – – they  are that person – – as well as their  personal NAME.

Why do things in LIFE happen the way they do? – – Number “91” is a very special number –   “PSALM 91 in the BIBLE”   is so special – – and in reading the BIBLE each and every day – – new verses become  so informative – – more understanding and LIFE in each and every reading – – and today ran across something   – – that I feel that everyone should see and hear – – as everyone is using their computers more and more – – and to me – – it is important to pass on the  good messages from the BIBLE – – and  “PSALM 91” – –   comes to LIFE – – for those that want to see and hear – –  “Listen and let me know  – – if YOU, too enjoy this message?”       D.V.


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