“Birthday Party in HEAVEN… tomorrow”

“FEBRUARY 16th, 1946”


Do we all look HAPPY???

We surely should… It is “Visiting DAY – – and in those days – – that was the best ting that could happen – – getting together with your parents and in our case  – –  our brand new baby sister, “EVE KAREN” – – the surviving  “TWIN”  – – as  her identical  twin,  baby “KATHLEEN”  had a crushed lung at birth – – and in those days – – and conditions – – she was buried in the …  North  Saint Louis, MO  –  “Calvary Cemetery”  – – a place close enough for us to take walks  – –  since most  families  did not have automobiles  – – but we  did like to take long walks  – –   so to walk all around the neighborhood  – –  we  would include the Cemetery   sometimes…  to  visit others in the FAMILY …   buried there, too

Getting back to the “VISITING DAY” – -my Mother would always bring all kinds of good stuff to eat and some of the games and toys that we still had at our home in North Saint Louis – – and just having those very few hours on a SUNDAY afternoon – – were like being in HEAVEN – – and I am so grateful that my parents were able to be there – – as there were some children… that never ever had any FAMILY come to visit them.

When we first  went to this Orphanage – – they only had one VISITING SUNDAY a month – – but – – my parents would come out through out the week – – and what ever time that they could – – just to visit with us. It was against the “RULES” – – and that was one “RULE” that my PARENTS would break – – and I just LOVE them for doing that. Of course the NUNS were not HAPPY about that situation – – and of course some of the NUNS let us kids know exactly how they felt – –  – “thinking that we  were above the rules and being PRIVILEGED – – more so…  than others!

BUT… at the end of the day – – we were HAPPY as you can see – – and NOW that I think back it was all FUN.  Because… some time after our being there – – they changed “VISITING DAYS” to the second and fourth “SUNDAY” of the month – – which was good for everyone that would get VISITORS — – but…  even at that my PARENTS – – still came out even more  and since we are NOW in the “LENTEN SEASON” – – I remember so often on a FRIDAY EVENING DEVOTION – – while everyone was in the CHAPEL – – my FATHER would come to the ORPHANAGE – – and told  the NUN  answering the door bell… to get his kids ready – -“I AM TAKING THEM HOME” – – and a NUN would come to me  as I was kneeling at my spot – – tell me to get my coat and stuff and  go the “ENTRANCE DOOR” – – that my FATHER was taking us HOME!”

Now that  I am remembering even more – – “HOLLYWOOD” missed out in making a terrific story and MOVIE – – about the “McCLARREN FAMILY” living in the ORPHANAGE.  All kinds of “RULES” were broken – – because of my FATHER – – none of the other kids had a FATHER – – that would come out to see his  children  any time he felt like it.  I enjoyed the LIFE that I was given – – not what I would have selected – – but… thinking back – – “It was FUN and I have good memories…forever!” 

“EVE KAREN McCLARREN – – SCOTT”  has a big BIRTHDAY  PARTY tomorrow   in HEAVEN – – with her TWIN SISTER, KATHLEEN!”   D.V.

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“Happy Valentine’s Day” to YOU and ALL”

To all those that I do not get to see in person – – and to all those that read  what “GRANDMA” thinks is good for the DAY – – and to those that like some of the silly stuff that I can remember and pass on – – some old and some NEW – – as the world changes over the many years – – of seeing and doing so many things – –  that even if I wrote a book – it would  not contain all of the silly and special stuff  –  – just one person or FAMILY could remember to tell – – so that  – – just maybe  – – something of value was received by the reader – – something that would make a difference in a LIFE?

So… with all of that said – – It is that which is in the HEART – – and TODAY – – of all DAYS – – remember to send everyone your LOVE – – as with more LOVE shared – – that is TRUE LOVE – –  “What a wonderful world this would be” – –  and to  just  think – – that we all did our fair share  on this “VALENTINE DAY!


Happy Valentines Day images With Rose


This is the one DAY of the YEAR – – to remember the LOVE of YOUR LIFE – – –  Just a few words – – that you know will mean what you are saying – – is what is needed – – to show that … YOUR words are worth more than any thing that could be bought.

It is not the gifts that only money can buy – – It is what your “HEART” expresses to those you LOVE – – that speaks volumes – -and will last longer than TIME here or in the next.

Just being grateful and THANKFUL – – daily that you are LOVED – – and that that YOU have someone to give YOUR LOVE to – – is what LIFE is all about.




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“Today is MR. Wonderful’s BIRTHDAY”

TODAY is the  – 13th – – and   as a NUMBER – – standing for a “BAKER”S DOZEN” – –  – – which would make anybody happy to receive a “BAKER’s Dozen donuts – – just to receive  that  little extra donut – – all along the   “LIFE”  trail – – would put  “TOM”   into his  – – 6th –  dozen of donuts – – so…  I would guess “TOM” is  the BIG  “78”… TODAY!

So… the way I like to work with “numbers” – – a very difficult subject at any ‘old’  age – – – ha ha – – small/big  joke – –  just have to say that  all those numbers  – – all put together  – – only make for  our little ole  “TOM”  – – still  – – to be … the best looking  “MR. WONDERFUL” answering his door – – when his FAMILY and FRIENDS – – come a calling!

“If only every one would answer their door like you see in the above PHOTO  – – of our dear big BIRTHDAY  Brother, TOM – – this would end up being a “WONDERFUL WORLD”  for all of us – – such happiness – –   love –  spread to all – – making everyone so HAPPY just to be living and sharing the LOVE of LIFE…TODAY!”

TODAY – – BIRTHDAY wishes for TOM – –  LOVE and BLESSINGS from the Almighty – – who will richly bless us all  with LOVE and Kindness to share with all our neighbors far and near – – making for all of  us to be  smiling to receive  all those  that would come to our door. “KEEP sharing that  “WONDERFUL SMILE” to all the wold!”     D.V.

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“WOW” “Mr. Wonderful, himself”

Sometimes an old PHOTO – – will just pop up at the right time. Just wanted something new and different – – from  that which we have all seen – – a million times or more.  So… what I have  found on file – – and in just  looking  at this terrific old PHOTO  of  “TOM” – – well…  this is what I think  – – everyone  will  also be thinking…  that this  is the best  of  “Mr. Wonderful”   PHOTOS  that could have been  found  and selected to  be posted for TODAY!

Sometimes… especially around our “BIRTHDAY” – – it is good to see some old PHOTOS of ourselves – – just as a reminder – – that we were what we wanted to be – – that we did that which we wanted to do – – and that in all of what we did  and was able  to accomplish  with the help of so many – – on this  “LIFE PATH” – – we were able only with the real help of our CREATOR.

We are all given so much to work with in the beginning of our LIFE as it is stated in “Psalm 139” – – and with the help of the ALMIGHTY – –  we continue with His plan to continue  to make things with all of the resources  that He  provides us with  – – to further help all mankind – –  which is the “MISSION”  for our LIFE here – – until the day we all celebrate in ETERNITY – – forever more!       D.V.

 Waiting …just one more day to celebrate at the big BIRTHDAY PARTY – – with our very own, “MR.WONDERFUL”  himself.

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“It is TIME to wake up – MR WONDERFUL, TOM”


            “It’s NOT…the 13th…yet…”  – – “BUT”- – “GET UP!”


“HOW… can I get my  “beauty” sleep…If you keep waking me…before the 13th???”

“Some times a “guy” does have to get his rest…and that is what I would like to do!”


I hate to say…but if we do not wake you…. NOW… Your “BIRTHDAY” – – will be gone…over…all gone…it is NOW or never.  It is a little early…but you are too tired and  – – for your information – – just too  – –  too hard to wake up…especially…  when we have so many things for you to do  – – on your BIRTHDAY!

“and… What is a BIRTHDAY PARTY – – with out the “BIRTHDAY  PERSON” – – that we all call… “MR WONDERFUL” – – We all think that you have  had enough  ‘beauty’ sleep!”

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“Operator – Dial up TOM’s PHONE NUMBER, PLEASE”


“Long Distance” – Calling for a   “Mr. Tom McClarren”  – “Is he available?”  “If he is busy…  Is there a better time for our PARTY to call?  Thank you… we will call  for  Tom – at the time you suggest…  which will be later   today!”  “Our party does  want  to leave a  ‘phone -gram’  – Happy Birthday to you – Happy Birthday dear Tommy – Happy Birthday and many more!”







                  “Everybody is  on the  “PHONE”  and  “Calling Tom”

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