“Work 24/7 – Night Shift”

Have you ever “WORKED” the  “NIGHT SHIFT” –  – and then the first thing in the morning – – be at COLLEGE –  and the topper of the day… your first class was  Physical Ed?

One never knows… why the things we do – – put us in positions that – – if we were really planning – – surely we would have made better plans. It was not until I was in COLLEGE – – that –  I finally did learn  “HOW TO STAND ON MY HEAD!”

Just think about it – – work all night –  then drive miles to COLLEGE – – change into my GYM clothes – – and as …  tired … as I might be – – well –  forget that –  – there I am standing – – on my head! – and  NOW I KNOW the correct way to get up – – balanced  correctly … and NOW if ever I have to stand on my head – – I have that lesson in LIFE  … mastered.





That is the “BOSS” –  winding her chair till it is the right height – –  guessing that her name is “FRANKIE”  and then next to her  a good friend “MARY MURPHY” – – have another photo of her at the door… at Christmas time – – – all decorated and wishing everyone a “MERRY CHRISTMAS”  – – and if you look through the different “POSTS”  – you will see her – – and the next lady is another “MARY” – – but her last name can not remember – – and when I put this camera down – – I will  be sitting at the next position – – and depending on the night – – we may and or we might not be too busy.

This is  way back… when …  you had to dial “OPERATOR” to be connected to most telephone numbers – – and when there  were  “COIN  BOX PHONES” – – and lots of them all over – almost every business would have one or more depending on the traffic through their business. –  “YOU are looking at the way it was sixty years ago!”

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LOOK… “Let’s TRAVEL and SEE”

Milan, zodiac sundial, 1768 created by the Accademia di Brera – Summer solstice the rays strike the bronze on the floor and for Winter solstice it stretches to the meridian


I want to see this – and inspect the SPOT – – Is there a “HOLE”   damage…yet???
                                 Lightning on Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

This is a for sure… for me to inspect – – when LIGHTNING hits – – is there damage – – I’m from MISSOURI – – and have to see for myself???

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For  “EARTH DAY” – —

To be able to “SEE” – – the REAL WONDERS of the WORLD – – is a wonder  – – above all the rest!

In order to  “CELEBRATE”  EARTH DAY – – you do need your FAMILY and FRIENDS – – so that  … You can  SEE them – – You can  HEAR  them – – –  You can  TOUCH them – – – You can TASTE all the good things that we love to share at our meals  with FAMILY  and FRIENDS – – –  You can  FEEL  the new LIFE  and share  the LOVE  of NEW  and  all the extended  FAMILY and FRIENDS – – – – and YOU can celebrate LAUGHTER  with lots of LOVE – – as we continue to celebrate  passing all this LOVE – – one generation to the next generation.

We all do need to take good care of   “ALL”  the CREATOR gave to us on this EARTH – for our pleasure  – – and  all done with LOVE in the sharing from this generation to all of the generations…to follow … It is  LOVE – – that we share…forever!


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“What To Do – HOW – When – WHY?”

When do we   — know  – – WHO WE ARE… – – In the beginning of our LIFE – – we are in the HANDS of OTHERS – – It is  in  their  complete directions – – it is – in and of  –   their “DREAMS and WISHES” – – that most of us are instructed in – – to  – –  do some thing…  GREAT or even SMALL – –  but –   their way  and basically in their   “old”  shoes! 

So…here are some thoughts – – – to ask ourselves

What in the WORLD are we doing – – NOW and WHEN – -WHAT are we waiting for?


                     …that life offers you an amazing opportunity 
                    in every single moment to see and experience
                                  Who You Really Are.


                 Watch yourself this day.  Just watch yourself.  Look at
                   what you are doing moment to moment…and why.
                     Ask yourself in the midst of it, “What does this
                     have to do with my real reason for being here?
         Is this what I have come all the way to the Earth to experience?”
                     If the answer is a resounding Yes, keep doing it.
                                If the answer is No, ask yourself,
                              “What in the world am I doing?”
                     Look at the words and consider them literally.
             What-in-the-world-am-I-doing?  What am I involved in
               every day, and what does this have to do with my soul?
                             It’s just a question…just a question…

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“Whatever you want to do, DO IT NOW.   There are only … so many tomorrows.”  —–  MICHAEL  LANDON

Sometimes in LIFE… you are led to pick up something – –  and read it. That is what I had just done the other day … the above “QUOTE” by  “MICHAEL LANDON” was on the bottom of this  one  page ad  – –  of a local store’s ad – – as they have “QUOTES”  – –  with each weeks’ ad  – – all very good  – – but does anyone take the time to read???

Looking at the ad and ready to dispose of the paper – –   first  – –  cut the above “QUOTE” – without even reading.  I have been cutting these “QUOTES” for quite some time – – as I have plans  to make a game  – – with these – –  so I very seldom take the time to read. This sales ad was only a one sheet – – so I just set this single “QUOTE” at my place to read later  – on the dining room table.  So… this   morning with my breakfast…  I decided to read this lonely  “QUOTE” – – – and after reading – – –  realized…why this was  by itself – – for me to read NOW!

Of all the people in the world – “MICHAEL LANDON” – –  his name  – has meaning to me. When the whole world received the NEWS of  his pending  health problems  – “PANCREATIC CANCER” – –   when someone gets word of a FAMILY MEMBER – – having that same disease – – they know  –  that – – they  have a death sentence – – a very short time to live.

My sister,  “KAREN  SCOTT” – – received  NEWS  – –  around  “THANKSGIVING of 1995” and the end of January 1996 – – just two weeks before  “KAREN’s”  Fiftieth   BIRTHDAY” –  she died.   Evidently    there is nothing that can be done??? I do not know…  if there is any real medical help – – today… not hearing anything in the NEWS – – of a cure – – but – — – when you hear that “DEATH SENTENCE” – – “It’s OVER!”

So… after reading  “MICHAEL’s  QUOTE” – –   “Whatever you want to do.  “DO IT NOW” – – – right here I must add… “IT IS ONLY TODAY!” – Forget about –  even thinking –  that you will do it tomorrow  – – there is no such day! I never heard anyone say… Sure glad this is tomorrow – as I have so many things planned for it – – NOW  …  where do I begin – let’s see – – 10 years ago I said  that I would add a room to our house – so I have that  – and 5 years ago –  I was going to paint the house – – – and only yesterday –  – I put off taking the children to the PARK – – so which is to be done  …  NOW???”

Just think about  “SAVING  TIME”  – – so that…  later  on…  that is when I will  have more TIME – to do this “project” – –  “Where is all of that “SAVED-UP-TIME” – – I sure  do want to put – –   some of it – –  to good use… NOW!”

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