“MOM” has her hands full with all of us!

“Every year another baby – – looks  like “MOM” has her hands full – – with all of us – – but as I remember “MOM” was the best of Mothers’ – – as we always came first – – no matter what!

2,3,4 yrs, old 001

Back…  in the day  – – when our MOTHER was a young girl – – she did want to be a “Kindergarten Teacher” – – but in her Family – – being the thirteenth child and the last…  and her parents getting older – – they wanted their daughter, Marie to be their personal care-giver – – not to have an out side position – as a teacher  and not even to go into the Convent – as the Bishop of the HOLY   NAME    CHURCH – – came to their home to request  – – but…  only received a – –  NO WAY   will she leave us.

Since my MOTHER – – had a real LOVE to READ to us, children – – just the  same as she would do…  if she were a TEACHER – – I remember some of the stories that MOM would read from her BIBLE.    ONE STORY…  of the three young men who were thrown into the fiery furnace   – – their names as she would read them – – just tickled my ears… to hear – – as the  names were like none of the names for children – at least none…  that I had ever heard…  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were three Jewish young men.

So… just in case… you have not heard this story – – thought that…  I would add the story – – but this reader  – – reads nothing at all like my MOTHER would read to us. “MOM” would put so much into every word – – that as I remember we would  – – just sit… “spellbound”  – – just waiting to hear something  more – – it was like a magic time  to hear…  so spectacular – – we could hear this story – – over and over again.


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“Remembering “MAMA” reading to us”

When we … children in the 1940’s were “LUCKY” – – to have a “MAMA”  – – that would take the time to read   – – as in those days – – there was no “TV” to park your children.

Mom & all 4 001

WE had in our Living Room… a “Davenport” – – that is a sofa  that would open up – – into a very large bed – – but during the day and no company that would spend a week or so with us – – we would sit in a row – – with MOM in the middle and she would start to read to us.

One special thing about my MOM – – was that she would   change her voice to indicate a child speaking or whatever the story would require. Another thing when reading – – there was no word that she could not say – – and every story would come to LIFE in our minds – – as we could see exactly  what the “author” of that book wanted us to see – – to really understand fully the story.

The one story that – I  really  remember more so than any other is  of little “Hiawatha” – – – especially  when MOM would be reading… 

 A much-anthologized excerpt begins:      “On the shores of Gitche Gumee, / Of the shining Big Sea Water, / Stood Nokomis, the old woman, / Pointing with her finger westward, / O’er the water pointing westward, / To the purple clouds of sunset.”

  and as this was coming to LIFE  –  these poems of “LONGFELLOW” – – just  found a permanent place in my brain – – so that when I had my children and they were very young – – I also bought the  same book… “HIAWATHA”  – – and my MOTHER also read the same story – – just the way she read it to me – – and to this day – – I still have the book – – as worn out as it is – – it is a real treasure to me!

For those that want an idea of this great story of little “HIAWATHA” – – have it added for you … listen if you like?



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“Remembering Mama’s Favorite Music”

This week is for remembering … MARIE BRADY – – this PHOTO is one that I liked – – but my MOTHER  did  not like – – she never said exactly why – –  and NOW … I never will  find out – –  so … if someone knows what I do not – – let me know??


When thinking back about some of the music that “MAMA” liked – – I have found that I have enjoyed as well. In fact when my sons were taking music lessons –  – some of the songs that  we  LOVE – – my sons have also decided to learn to play on the piano – –  some MUSIC is on the difficult side to learn – – but with practice and determination to please the ones you LOVE – – by playing what they enjoy – – it makes for  much practice till perfection is reached.

To be able to hear – –  “Clair de Lune” – – for yourself… is worth a thousand words – –  of which…  I could not do the music justice… so listen and let me know what you think???







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“Marie Brady in the 1920’s”

This is the 1920’s and  my “MOM” to be is here with girl friends – – and ready to have FUN!

Mom 1920's 001

“MARIE BRADY” is sitting in the middle of the three girls on the upper step – – and has that longer Pearl necklace – – and I think…  the best looking of the five girls.

In those days… most of the girls were tall and slim – – long skirts – – black stockings – – and their hair style was just “so so” – – just the latest and always looking like they just stepped out of a “BAND BOX” – – that is  the “word” – – which…  I remember my Mother  saying – – when she would refer back to her younger days.

In the 1920’s… the “Charleston Dance” was the   hottest    dance – – and to be  any kind of a “DANCER” – – you would know…  how to do the “CHARLESTON” dance! So… just in case you want to see and hear the music… this is just for you.


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“Grandma tries “Out” – a NEW Motorcycle”

Doc’s Harley-Davidson

930 S Kirkwood Rd, Kirkwood, Missouri 63122

Saturday, September 17 at 12 PM – 4 P  M

3 days ago……..


Looks like…    my favorite color is “RED” – – they sure do know what colors to have these bikes made in…   especially …. these fancy motor bikes – – this one is my favorite – –    That is “ME” on the “three-wheeler – – and such a nice big and safe bike – – this is truly – – just what “SENIORS” in their second “child-hood” need!


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“Remembering SEPTEMBER with Music and Good Wishes”

September…  is a very good month to remember… with some little fingers running up and down on the piano keys – – and while listening – – reading some encouraging helpful words – – words with positive thought power – – enjoy today – – – while thinking…  just how much better  – – your tomorrows…  are for sure  to be!




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