“Gift-Giving” at “Schnucks Grocery Store”

When you get to be my age…never  gave it a  second thought…  that I would be … as old as I am – – because…  there is still … a very  young – –  “18 year old”  – – running around  – inside this old – –  “bag of bones” – –  still trying to do … that which…  “she” used to do!

So… the other evening… my son, Al said  that he had somewhere to go – – did I need to go anywhere? Well… of course I did want to get some things for the… “Thanksgiving Dinner”  – – and  “if”… he would be going near the  “Schnucks Store” he could  just drop me off – – for a few minutes??? So… I grab my store notes and purse – – have to wear a coat – – as it was getting cold – – and when outside – – it had started to rain – – what a combination of weather to have to go out and…  into  – – but  – “Thanksgiving DAY” was only two days away!

 In the store… I have the  “SCHNUCKS STORE” sales  for the week with me – – the items that I was interested in – all circled  -putting different things in my basket – forgetting to mentally keep track of how much I was getting  – in dollars – as I had cash  to use first… with me – – and would then… put the rest on my bank card.

NOW… in line to pay for the groceries – – and when the young man behind the counter gave to me the total – – I began to count out the cash… and ask how much more – – will put the balance  on my card – – – There I am…  looking through every thing in my purse… – can not find my “card” – Almost turn my purse up-side-down – – but… every kind of CARD not the right “CHARGE” CARD!

Pulled out my check book… and ask the “Clerk” – “what was the amount again… I’ll write out a check for the balance?”   The young “Clerk” said as he was wrapping up my “register receipt” – -“There is no balance!” – – –  I replied to him, “But you said… ” there was a balance” –  – and I am ready to write out a check!”

The young CLERK – -hands me the wrapped up ticket – and said… “It is all paid up- – for you!” – – To that … I said “How can that be???” He is  NOW… looking down the row of customers –  in this line… without saying “WHO” – “It has been taken care of!”  So… I turn to the next customer in line and start to “Thank him!”  That man backs …  out of the way of the customer, “WHO” is  behind him,  and … just pointing to the woman behind him – – so I  then … move down the row…  to thank her – – and I just get carried away with many  “THANK YOU’S!”

My last words — –  and so as to not block customers any longer  – – reached out to “HER” – -and said…  “May the Almighty Yahweh Bless you –  exceedingly more than you would ever expect – – I am surely Grateful and Thankful!” —  I was so nervous – – could hardly believe what had just happened  – to me – in the store – – such generosity – never ever happened to me  – nothing  just like this.

Pass it on…” there are daily MIRACLES!”


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“Let’s All Share Giving THANKS – This WEEK!”

Is this “MR WONDERFUL” and wife ROSE – –   – – Have to give TOM and ROSE thanks…  for this terrific PHOTO – – to share – – and just remember  – – he is…  my baby brother – – 


This next  group of dinner guests – – all together to celebrate some very special occasions in their  lives and  the  two are seated next to each other… can you guess “WHO THE TWO ARE” – –  Family get to gathers…  are so much FUN – – you can tell… by looking at all of  those big smiles!


When “YOU” have exciting “PARTIES” and extra special meals – – at this time of the year – – Let us never forget to say “THANKS” to those that work in the “KITCHEN” – – You  would never…  stop to think – – that those “WORKERS” in the KITCHEN – – –  “WHO”  work so hard… and  could you  also believe that  – – just one of those “hard workers”  – – could be related to you!

5-10-2011 105720 AM“Do you know “WHO” that very “hard worker” is?”  “Send your answer in – –  we would  like to know – – if we are correct and if “YOU the “READER”  can tell by looking at this PHOTO!”

“Be sure to send your “THANKS and Compliments to the CHEF”  of your choice this week – – that is one way to receive a second helping  of the good stuff!”


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“Stitching History from the Holocaust”

“WATCH… Let us never forget – – should you not have been alive during WWII – –  –  I  do remember what we did here … in AMERICA – – to help with the WAR effort.”

A photograph of Paul and Hedwig Strnad, paired with Paul's letter

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“Invite “Someone” to Celebrate Thanksgiving Dinner”

“Thanksgiving Day is Thursday… November  24th,  2016”

This is the season to start thinking about “HOME!” Everybody has a “HOME” somewhere, sometime? Men need a place to throw their “HAT” and women need a place to call all their own, with ideas of making it a  wonderful place for their family.

Cannot leave out those who may not want a “Home” – they always wanted to be on their own, so as to be more independent than the rest of us, but at this time of the year something inside is saying to them, “Well here you are again, all alone, nobody wants me, I’m just not close enough to my old family to be invited to their “HOME” to celebrate ‘Thanksgiving Dinner?” “I think I need to make some changes and in a hurry!” “I want to be with other people, but it’s been too long – what will I do?”

We, who have received so many wonderful gifts from “Almighty Yahweh” need to take stock of our families and remember those, who have left the family for one reason or another, and consider forgiving and forgetting some of the petty differences, and call our forgotten members to join in the season of giving ‘Thanks’ for just being able to share one more time, as a family, should!  Every family has someone that is in need of a very special call, now!  So often you hear someone say, “Wish I would have given “SO AND SO” a call, if I did this would not have happened to them!” Don’t live with those kinds of guilt feelings for the rest of your life – wishing – could of – should of – if only, I could kick myself?”

“Time is of the essence – It’s now or never – The clock is running – It’s never too late for  “LOVE”  – Show that you have what it takes – Are you a Man or a Mouse?”

Thursday – this week –  – – make that call to “someone” –  NOW – –  having  everyone  remembered – – and invited to your table  – – so that  this…  “Thanksgiving”  – the big DAY  –  in  your celebrating – –  let’s hope we hear everyone around your table exclaim…   this surely is “HOME SWEET HOME!”

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When I was a little girl…  and that has been a long time ago…  it seemed to me that “TIME” just stood still. I can remember sitting on benches with some of my little friends … at the ORPHANAGE…   and we were talking about – “How long do we have to wait for supper?” We also were saying, “The clock just is not moving – how do ‘we’ get the clock to move faster?”

It was as if …  there might just be a possibility  – – that  – if  we did something or could even try to do some  “thing”  that  moves “TIME”  and  – would move  “IT” faster  – then –  we could have something to do? When you are little…  and I’m guessing this goes for all little “SMART TIKES” – that’s the class of “SMARTIES”S” that we thought we were in – and we just had … to get the world…  to move faster?

So now, I’m putting my foot  “ON”  the “BRAKES” of time – we need to slow down on our  “TIME” – it’s going too fast – – –  I cannot keep up with what I need to get done…  in one (24) hour day! I find myself complaining about things that are not getting done – –  especially since…  I am either “too slow” or the day is going “bye-bye”… just a little  too fast!

There is so much that I  would like to do –  –  – like the stuff – – that I set aside for  “LATER”  – and still …  I want to read, and if I take time to just sit and read – the day is shot – all gone? And, I have a whole list of stuff, which just has to wait for another day – hopefully a longer day or a faster me? In reading something that just seem to be what I needed to read – is inspiring me to stop complaining about what I cannot change… and think about the blessings…  that I have received, and ask blessings for  everybody and every thing – – –  that is requiring more time than  that which…  I can give…  at this  time! In other words…  I should  realize that – –  as one gets “older” – –  one must also learn to slow down.

Today, we are on a very fast  journey, which is turning into a “rat race” – and this  “body”   just having so many “YEARS” to use –   – – did the very best job  – – of using my portion of “TIME” just so…… FAST – – I can say  now  – –  that… I  have already used up – –  the best of    “its”   “BEST” energy…  a long time ago. So… “NOW”  I am doing a better job…  because I am “blessing” everyone around … as I go, and with  that  “blessing” – – to  everyone that I meet each day on my daily rounds – I feel  – that  I have  “more energy and strength”  to get more done each day – –  – more so than in the past.

I just “LOVE” blessing everyone … as I go – You know that saying –  –  “what you say – –  is what you get back” – and NOW…  getting all those “BLESSINGS”  – – back… is the best part of this – – – “on the “FAST TRACK of TIME”  journey!”

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“3 Cheers – for the COOKS!”




“HIP- HIP!  HOORAY!”  “3 CHEERS  – for the COOKS!”

Sure hope that you remembered to say  “THANKS” for whoever made the best of meals this year – and you were there to enjoy and have lots of “FUN!”

This picture was taken several years ago and this senior chef with her very helpful assistant – the two of us pulled off another big feast – for everyone to enjoy???

In this picture you can see    –        that – it does not   pay to wear  something  ” all white” –  and then –  stand near the refrigerator???   This  is not  the best of pictures, since it is a copy   and  I will have to locate the original – just to see who’s  – who and what’s – what???    This is a quick item – since we are still doing things with the last of the turkey!

Sometimes “Turkeys” can last longer – than you want – but they do make good sandwiches – in a hurry!  Hope that you are also – enjoying the last of your “Turkey! – TOO???

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