“Christmas EVE” and going HOME”

********* This is the continuation of …Christmas EVE – – so if you have not read  “December 24th” – – go back a couple of days – – for the full story!*********

Back in the 1940’s – -when I was  in the third grade and in the “ORPHANAGE” and our teacher was “Sister Florence” – – following the Advent services  in the beautiful Chapel where  the  “INFANT baby Jesus   was placed in the crib  – – we would  – – then go to our  “CLASS ROOMS”   and march around the class room – – singing “CHRISTMAS SONGS”  – – with the main idea of seeing what we were to receive as CHRISTMAS GIFTS – – and at the same time see what our classmates were receiving, too!

After a few minutes of getting an idea  of all the surprises that were brought by “SANTA” and left on your desk – – just for you – – we were given the okay signal to go to our desk and open  the gifts and share our excitement…  with our classmates. For me this beautiful “BRIDE DOLL” was almost too much to believe … was just for me! I just loved having a doll as I had several dolls at my home – – before I came to live at this Orphanage – –  and was always hoping to have one of them here to play with as I usually carried one of my dolls – – with me – – any where and every where.

At ten minutes after seven – – in the evening – – we were in  our regular rows of marching on up to the third floor – – where the dormitories were – – and to our designated room and bed. In some of these rooms … there were 15 to 20 beds – and along side each bed a chair – – where as we would undress – then we would put our play clothes  on the chair carefully – and put on our pajamas – – which had been folded  as  we had  place under the pillow – – when we made our bed – – at five-thirty in the morning. We did start the day – – nice and early.

Going to sleep this night … was one of those nights’ when you just do not know what to think about – – as there is going to be so much more excitement happening in the morning. Just thinking about the doll on my desk – – want  my MOM and DAD to see it in the morning when they come to pick my brothers and  me up – – as we are going to our house in the CITY – – for the CHRISTMAS VACATION – – that if…  you have some where to go – – and people to come and get you  – – well  – – it was like going to HEAVEN!

It was difficult to dream just…  ABOUT ONE THING – – THIS NIGHT – – was just too exciting – – too much to think about – – just the knowing that  – – after “CHURCH” at six o’clock in the morning – chores and breakfast – then to finish your particular  chores – –  must  be finished  – when your parents arrive – – – off you are to the great big world – – somewhere  – – where it is only a little memory – – to you in this ORPHANAGE – – and  the only thing that you can think of – – “I’m going HOME” in the morning – – on “CHRISTMAS” morning!

********* more to come…CHRISTMAS EVE and GOING HOME *********

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“A DIY Chanukah menorah for the kids”

A DIY Chanukah menorah for the kids

by Jonathan Fong

Posted on Dec. 16, 2016 at 2:04 pm

Photos by Jonathan Fong

Photos by Jonathan Fong

This Chanukah, make a menorah just for the kids. This do-it-yourself menorah is made from cardboard tubes and the “flames” are actually felt, so little fingers won’t get burned. Making the menorah also can be a fun family activity that gets everyone excited about the upcoming holiday.

What you’ll need:

– 8 bathroom tissue cardboard tubes
– 1 paper towel roll tube
– Wrapping paper
– Tape
– Stapler
– Yellow and orange felt
– Scissors
– Glue
– Clothespins

1. Wrap the cardboard tubes

The eight bathroom tissue tubes are for each night of Chanukah and the paper towel tube is for the shamash candle. Trim the paper towel tube to 8 inches, so that it is about twice the height of the shorter “candles.” Cover each cardboard tube with decorative wrapping paper, using tape to adhere the paper. At the ends of each tube, tuck in the paper rather than taping it. 

2. Staple the tubes together

Line up the tubes with the tallest one in the center and staple them together. You also can attach them with glue or tape. Attaching the tubes to one another adds stability, so they can stand without falling. 

3. Cut flame shapes

Cut 3-inch flame shapes out of yellow felt and smaller 2 1/2-inch flame shapes out of orange felt. Glue the orange flames on top of the yellow ones.

4. Glue flames to clothespins

Glue a flame to one side of each clothespin. When it’s time to “light” candles, just clip a clothespin with its flame onto a wrapped cardboard tube. 

And the great thing about these felt candles is they will last much longer than eight days and nights — it’s a Chanukah miracle!

NOTE; When we are young and learn to make new things with our “own” little hands – – we will be able to pass this same knowledge on to the next generation – and they will pass this same message of learning of “true LOVE” to the next generation – – for all TIME!

Something from the BIBLE – – just for TODAY!

Unto us a child is born,
unto us a son is given;
and the government shall be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
–Isaiah 9:6

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“CHRISTMAS EVE” in the 1940’s”

Do you attend the CHURCH of your choice to CELEBRATE – -what the “EVE of CHRISTMAS  is all about?

This is taken in the CHAPEL of GERMAN St. Vincent Orphanage – – and we would follow the very same procedure at the very same time  – – only some of the children partaking might be different – – as he older children graduated from the eighth grade and left – –  the younger children – – having been here for years – – knew just how and what to do – and when.

The girls were on the left side of the building living quarters  and so we were on the left side  pews of the Church  – – and the boys  were always on the right side pews  – – as you  can  see – – and that looks like my brother, TOMMY  – – the boy in the pew in front of the NUN – – and he is third from the left side aisle  – – in a fairly white color shirt.

After our Church Services – – ending the “ADVENT SEASON”  we would  proceed to the class rooms  – – and this was the best part of the evening. Each child would go to the class room and in single file – -and we would sing CHRISTMAS SONGS – – and walk around the perimeter of the “class room”  – and this would be for a few minutes – – to give each child the chance to view from a distance their desk – – and their friends desk – – to see what was on the desk  – – that was for them for CHRISTMAS.

One year… as we were doing the “march” around the room – – there was this beautiful “BRIDE DOLL” standing on my desk top – – “I could hardly believe that  – this beautiful  doll was for me – – it must be a mistake!” I even  ask the NUN, Sister Florence – – if this was for sure for me?  She  said it was for me – – and I was really so HAPPY – – to have received such a beautiful CHRISTMAS present!

“to be continued… tomorrow”

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“Introducing…”Little Miss Termite” – herself”

“How’s this   – –  for something  extra special…  our very own… little  –  “Miss TERMITE” – – she is just a little handful of LOVE  – – and she also “LOVES” everyone – – while being the best of  royal friends – –  that any human could have!”

Image may contain: dog and indoor

“Little Miss TERMITE” is here – – sitting on her royal “RED” throne – – and gives to all – – her extra…  “special LOVE kisses!”

Image may contain: people sitting, dog and indoor

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“Watch the “NIGHT SKY” for SANTA”

“MERRY CHRISTMAS” to all…  and to ALL a very good NIGHT – – to see “SANTA” fly to all the HOMES in your neighborhood!”



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“Little Bee-bee Baby – celebrates CHRISTMAS”

This PHOTO of my little “Bee-bee Baby”  – – is without a doubt – -just the cutest little  –  miniature  “German Shepherd” – – that you will ever see.

Whenever we were taking a walk in the “SUNSET PARK” – -there would be other “OWNERS” of dogs – – walking their dogs – – and I just have to tell this one story – – on one of my “walks with Bee-bee – – as she would always  receive admiring  looks and comments.

On one of our  after-noon walks – – we were near to  the top area in the PARK – – where you could see forever- – up and down the Missouri River – – and  there  was another couple with their dog – – it was a “Jack-Russell” – – if I am remembering the correct name of that  dog-breed – – and they were just watching us – – that is my little “Bee-bee Baby”  – – and me talking to her… as we walked – – and they just had to stop me – – to ask “What kind of dog is that?”

This was one question that I just had to give a silly answer too – – as  the size  of little “Bee-bee” tells you – – what breed she is – – but…  I just had to play the “GAME” – – and I answered – “SHE is a “miniature  German Shepherd” – – just one of a very specialize breeds – – that I was LUCKY to have received.”

Well…  we stood there as they looked and whispered to their-selves – – in dis-belief – – that they just never thought suck a thing possible. So they then…  just had to tell  me … that they have a special breed of the “Jack-Russell” – – of which I knew nothing – – and  I just was not impressed with.  – – So… this was just too good – – I just never thought that someone would half believe me – – when I said … “MISS BEE-BEE” WAS A MINIATURE “GERMAN SHEPHERD” 

Well – – I could not keep from laughing – – so I had to tell them – – that when I look at “Miss Bee-bee Baby” – – to me she is so cute and sweet – – and with her coloring and features – – she sure looks like a miniature GERMAN Shepherd – – and I just love to talk about her – – and tell everyone – – how terrific she is – – that sometimes – – I do get carried away – – with telling “TALL” tales – – and after awhile – – I sometimes start to believe the stuff – – that  I tell about the cutest and sweetest little “Chihuahua” – – and when we take our daily walks – – “Little Miss Bee-bee”  walks – – just as if she is “ten foot tall” – – which would bring her up to the size  – – of a full grown German Shepherd – – in her mind – – after all … that is what I tell her – – so it must be  true and  by all means… correct!

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