“Happy Birthday Russ”

“What a Day it is TODAY” 

First Day of Spring – – and we have had all kinds of weather in just this one  day… just to prove  – – that if you live in MISSOURI – – YOU can live  anywhere in these UNITED STATES of America!

Today is my friend, RUSS LESSOR’s BIRTHDAY – – but of course he is no longer here on EARTH – – he has already joined  along with others…in the realm above with all of  those that believe in a better LIFE in HEAVEN – – and so that is why the  above Photo.

Some time before  Russ had left here – – he had wanted my son,  Al to give him a ride in the air-plane you see above. Russ  was  a bit on the larger dimensions – – as  the interior of the plane in quite narrow – – and sometimes people forget that they are absolutely  – – just going to feel like a stuffed sardine in a small  and narrow air-plane – – but… Russ just put himself in – – could not buckle in  – – but no matter what – – he was not going to fall out.

After the flight all around town and neighboring areas – –  Russ felt like he fitted in so well – – he was ready to take another trip around – – best FUN he had in years – – he just could not stop telling everyone – – about the terrific time he had with my son, Al just flying around in Missouri and some parts of Illinois.

I only wish that – – back then –  I had a movie camera that day – –  for it would have really been FUN – – to have motion pictures  – – NOW – – of them flying around – – up and down and doing all kinds of maneuvers – – as only Al can do – – especially for those on the ground that are watching and for TODAY – – as we could all be watching and enjoying  the “Air SHOW” that Al will perform when   he has an audience  – – as we  are  just wanting to see more and more fancy flying!

So.. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY… Russ Lessor and many more” and I’ll bet you are  NOW able to do a whole lot of “FUN FLYING” – – but not where we can see you – – so until… we can see you again – – have FUN!   D.V.

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“Happy Birthday Grandpa BRADY”

“Grandpa… Thomas F. Brady”

On the back side of this “Post-Card” Photo… in my Mother’s handwriting is “Age 85” and next line is  “Dispensary Dept.” the last employment he had – – was for the “St.Louis Police Department.

AND… Just to compare  – – here is Mr and Mrs. Thomas F. Brady – – and  he is much younger on this PHOTO  and from Ireland – – and Anne Elizabeth Smart-Brady is from England.

Here is the  “Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Brady” – –  My Mother’s…  “MOTHER and  FATHER” – – and when they  were  married  – – and –   all of  the time –  that they were married – –  ANNE’s MOTHER came to live with  them! – – This must have truly been a very blessed FAMILY – –  because… just   how many  young men  – – do you know –  that will  “WELCOME”   the “MOTHER – in- LAW”  –  to be a permanent   FAMILY member – – and  – – they must have had a very happy  relationship – – as they all lived  long lives – – all  in to their 70’s and 80’s – –  something  to think about???

“Inquiring Minds”… always want to know – – so if you are…  up to date … in “YOUR” reading  of the BIBLE – – you will find that the “Fifth  Commandment” (the 5th) gives a promise – – –  to truly LOVE and Respect your PARENTS – – and you will receive a long LIFE!  –  “SO” –  If you can do that – – You will find that you will LOVE and be CONTENT with your PATH here on earth – – finding enjoyment in all of  the  plans our CREATOR has  “HERE” –  – for you!   LET… “Moderation   in everything” –  – be  the “KEY” WORD!”

Just a foot note;  for that  which  I do  remember my Mother telling me about her FATHER –  He was the most wonderful man that  had ever lived in her book – – He had a strong attachment  and great care for  his home and his family  and his parents… “they were always first”  and  when he married…  his “Mother-in-law” lived in his house all of her life – –  also…always so kind and gentle  with the family – – each child received the best of education –  and his word was his bond – -honest in all of his dealings – -and generous to all – –  and he was always in the higher fashion of the day and times – – a clean handkerchief with  something fragrant in his pocket… back then  in those days – that was a necessary item  —  and always let everyone know his wife “Anne” was the best and would only eat of  her fresh baked goods – – never anything store bought!

One important thing – – every SUNDAY – – all of the FAMILY had their  dinner at his house – – all  of the best of everything for all – – even when the older  brothers of my  Mother  – -when married  would  now bring  their wives  – –  and filled up for the week. “TIMES were just GRAND” – – back then!

“Happy Birthday to my GRAND-FATHER THOMAS F. BRADY” – – and keep on celebrating in HEAVEN – – with all of your FAMILY!”

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“Saint Pat’s – MEMO for You and YOU…”

“Just in case you missed my previous memo – – this is just for YOU and You and all those – – that are near and dear!”


Image may contain: text

Consider your self and YOU and Yours  – – well BLESSED… for ever!      If I may say so – – myself!         D.V.


The Irish Rovers & Six-String Soldiers

The Irish Rovers and Six-String Soldiers wish you all a charmed St. Patrick's Day!#stpatricksday

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“TODAY – You are IRISH or YOU WANT to BE”

“The  very best part of any PARADE – – is that small children get to see it and be a part  of it   – – in person and up front”  – -In other words  “a  ‘real ‘hands on’ – – being included in something – – that will remain as the most important  and  a number one  “terrific memory”  for ever!”

“This PHOTO – – will be the  very best childhood memory – –  that this child will  have  – –  and never  ever  be able to forget this most memorable and  exciting DAY!”



We welcomed our dignitaries, from Ireland and the St. Louis area. Our guests were joined by the Mayor of St. Louis, the St. Louis County Executive, other local and regional officials, and the parade’s general chairman in leading our parade.

“Looks like a whole lot of GREEN… These men in uniform  do   so proudly carry our important Flags – – with honor for all to see and  to be proud to be living in Saint Louis, Missouri – – a GRAND STATE in the United STATES.

This  is what we want to see.. when you  are IRISH”

The 49th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade will take place on Saturday, March 17, 2018, at 1:00 pm in downtown St. Louis. The parade always takes place “rain or shine.” It began at 20th and Market streets, and proceed east to its conclusion at Broadway and Clark streets. Visit the Parade Route page for additional route details.

Regularly noted as one of the top in the country, the parade was comprised of over 120 units, including marching bands, floats, huge cartoon-character balloons, 5000+ marchers, and lots of clowns. Over 250,000 spectators regularly attend, the largest of any event in downtown St. Louis, packing the streets with smiling Irish eyes and festive green attire.

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“With the MARCH WINDS – Let’s FLY”


             “Let’s FLY…NOW!” – –  “It’s FUN!”


If you want to learn to FLY…  and also  have some  real  FUN – – “LET me show you how to do it…   NOW!”

This is Al Aldrich  – – and there are a whole  lot of  “Want to do IT”…“LOOKERS” – – but  – – just in the looking – – they   seem to be  afraid… that just maybe  –  they  can not muster  up – – some real  “get-up and go”  – – just maybe after awhile of more watching others take the controls and FLY  – -as if they were born “FLYERS” – – there is always something that will just hold back some… from being FLYERS” since  – – deep down inside…they are just…  ol’ fraidy-cats???

Just watching   “Al Aldrich”  take off and  FLY   all around the AIRPORT – – makes one think  – –  that they can do it too – – but when  it comes to  just sitting in   that  “Pilot’s seat” – – all of that  “get up and go” – just  got up  and flew the coop ! – – Just watching someone do all kinds of  maneuvers in the air – – seems  as if   just  anyone can do the same  – – – but without that special  “NERVE” –  – “OH  Well” … – so many give up – – just at the moment – –  that the crowd is thinking that a  “NEW FLYER”   is going up and show  us something NEW – –   we all wait patiently…  just to see… if he will… and what… will he try to  do!

“Catch your breath… and come out to the AIRPORT – – so we can  all have lots of FUN!”

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“March Winds … Blew in PERFECTION”

“How is this  – – JUST the best of  PHOTOS – – When brand NEW LIFE – – comes into this  World – – WOW!” 

Image may contain: one or more people, people sleeping, baby and closeup

“This is  my  number one  PHOTO – –  when the Almighty wants to send a GIFT – – He did more than marvelous in my book with this extra special gift … just  for  me!”
“As you can see – – looks like I blew in…  on a  very strong wind … of my own – – just to get to my “Grand-daughter’s home – – to visit  with my  “A #1”  “Great-Grand-Son” LEX – –  I just had to dance and sing – – just so that he will know my voice and what I  LOVE  doing   – – is to be able to  dance  with him – – in my arms…  all around  the room  – – and let him  know and think – – that he is still connected to HEAVEN  above… and  with lots of  new FAMILY and FRIENDS here on EARTH.”

“Whatever…  I was singing… must have   been good stuff — Just put LEX to sleep – –  He just does  not know it yet – – but  – – I do like to keep the “KIDOS”  happy with lots of silly stuff – – that only this ole  GREAT-GRAND-MA  can still do!?

 D.V.   ***    *******

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