“Words of Wisdom for TODAY”

… and while…  we are thinking of it – – FOREVER…

On this day of your life
 I believe God wants you to know…

..that when a loved one leaves the body,
it is a cause for a genuine and special joy.

It can be difficult to experience this joy over the death of
a loved one, and sadness is both perfectly natural and very
“okay.” Yet know this: your Beloved is celebrating
Continuation Day. This is the most glorious experience you
could possibly imagine. It is, truly, heaven!
And there is this: You will once again reunite with the soul
of this loved one. Nor will you ever be separate even now,
for their Essence flies to you at your very thought of them.
I would not tell you this were it not true.



On this day of your life
 I believe God wants you to know…

..that the time has come for you to nourish your soul.

When was the last time that you swam naked?
Or sang in the shower? Or blew bubbles?
Or held a puppy? Or kissed a baby?
Or made love all Sunday afternoon?
Or prayed really softly, not from need, but from love?
Has it been a while?
Then hurry. Do it. 
This is life that is going by…


On this day of your life
 I believe God wants you to know…

..that helping family is the greatest joy. 
Let no family member go without, or be in real need,
if you have what they lack.  Share of your abundance
Even if you think you are not abundant,
share what little you think you have.
What else is the point of having something if
you don’t share it?  To use it for yourself,
and yourself alone?  Would that be the point?
I don’t think so.  In fact,
that would miss the point of all of life.  
And while we are thinking of family…could we think
of all people as members of our family?  Now there’s a thought
that would change the world overnight…

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