“22 YEARS ago… and WE still all miss and LOVE our little sister, KAREN”

Today… 22 years ago… My little sister,  “Eve Karen McClarren Gonzales Scott” died.  Her husband, “James  Scott”  … had called me and told me all about the  miserable treatment  that  “Karen” had received at the    “Firmin Desloge Hospital”   … talking  with me  on the plone, for at least three hours.

“Pancreatic cancer”  is one disease that you have in your body for a long time… then one day … you go to have something in your body checked out…  and in about two months time you are dead.

After “JIM” telling me all about “Karen’s problems… there was nothing that I could do… but only wished that I had known about this problem …  long before  the treatment that she was undergoing had taken  her in such a miserable way.

He had told me…  that she did know  that something was wrong… long before she said something to him…  just thinking that she would be able cure herself with some strong dose of  “Vitamins”  or some  other unknown recipe…  that she would  also try…  and  also said, that she had cabinets full of all kinds of things…  that she was using… and or trying to cure herself.

As you can see in this next PHOTO of  “JIM and KAREN” on a vacation to “Hawaii”  and where JIM had just  purchased  a very expensive piece of jewelry,   that  “KAREN” was  now  telling “JIM”  that she  was being treated so much better…  especially now … she wanted JIM to know… that she was never  ever treated  well by the “Gonzales” family…as they were always trying to stay in touch with her.




This next PHOTO … we NOW have of  “KAREN” … she is still  sucking her thumb…causing her teeth  to be a real facial deterrent…  for when  she will be getting into her teenage years.

This  PHOTO  is at a PICNIC at St. Vincent’s …  and “GAIL PORTER” a classmate,   is on the right side of a Saint Joseph statue… and that is ME on the left side  of this photo…  little “KAREN” is standing below me…  not enough room at the top of the statue…  for all three of us and  of course… ST. JOSEPH.


One more old PHOTO – – and this is  “KAREN” and her first son, “Christopher” when they were first living  in  the Arnold, Missouri area. And just two years ago…  “Christopher” passed away… leaving with  her a  second son, Steven.

There is more regarding this picture … in another article  of “KAREN”  as she was a terrific person…  only wish that she could have lived if  just a little longer… but someday, all of us will be reunited in “CLOUD NINE” with our brother, “Denny H. McClarren”  and  have to include  “KAREN’s” other son  “STEVEN”   who is still living and doing well.     D.V.

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