“Happy Valentine’s Day” to YOU and ALL”

To all those that I do not get to see in person – – and to all those that read  what “GRANDMA” thinks is good for the DAY – – and to those that like some of the silly stuff that I can remember and pass on – – some old and some NEW – – as the world changes over the many years – – of seeing and doing so many things – –  that even if I wrote a book – it would  not contain all of the silly and special stuff  –  – just one person or FAMILY could remember to tell – – so that  – – just maybe  – – something of value was received by the reader – – something that would make a difference in a LIFE?

So… with all of that said – – It is that which is in the HEART – – and TODAY – – of all DAYS – – remember to send everyone your LOVE – – as with more LOVE shared – – that is TRUE LOVE – –  “What a wonderful world this would be” – –  and to  just  think – – that we all did our fair share  on this “VALENTINE DAY!


Happy Valentines Day images With Rose


This is the one DAY of the YEAR – – to remember the LOVE of YOUR LIFE – – –  Just a few words – – that you know will mean what you are saying – – is what is needed – – to show that … YOUR words are worth more than any thing that could be bought.

It is not the gifts that only money can buy – – It is what your “HEART” expresses to those you LOVE – – that speaks volumes – -and will last longer than TIME here or in the next.

Just being grateful and THANKFUL – – daily that you are LOVED – – and that that YOU have someone to give YOUR LOVE to – – is what LIFE is all about.




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