“Birthday Party in HEAVEN… tomorrow”

“FEBRUARY 16th, 1946”


Do we all look HAPPY???

We surely should… It is “Visiting DAY – – and in those days – – that was the best ting that could happen – – getting together with your parents and in our case  – –  our brand new baby sister, “EVE KAREN” – – the surviving  “TWIN”  – – as  her identical  twin,  baby “KATHLEEN”  had a crushed lung at birth – – and in those days – – and conditions – – she was buried in the …  North  Saint Louis, MO  –  “Calvary Cemetery”  – – a place close enough for us to take walks  – –  since most  families  did not have automobiles  – – but we  did like to take long walks  – –   so to walk all around the neighborhood  – –  we  would include the Cemetery   sometimes…  to  visit others in the FAMILY …   buried there, too

Getting back to the “VISITING DAY” – -my Mother would always bring all kinds of good stuff to eat and some of the games and toys that we still had at our home in North Saint Louis – – and just having those very few hours on a SUNDAY afternoon – – were like being in HEAVEN – – and I am so grateful that my parents were able to be there – – as there were some children… that never ever had any FAMILY come to visit them.

When we first  went to this Orphanage – – they only had one VISITING SUNDAY a month – – but – – my parents would come out through out the week – – and what ever time that they could – – just to visit with us. It was against the “RULES” – – and that was one “RULE” that my PARENTS would break – – and I just LOVE them for doing that. Of course the NUNS were not HAPPY about that situation – – and of course some of the NUNS let us kids know exactly how they felt – –  – “thinking that we  were above the rules and being PRIVILEGED – – more so…  than others!

BUT… at the end of the day – – we were HAPPY as you can see – – and NOW that I think back it was all FUN.  Because… some time after our being there – – they changed “VISITING DAYS” to the second and fourth “SUNDAY” of the month – – which was good for everyone that would get VISITORS — – but…  even at that my PARENTS – – still came out even more  and since we are NOW in the “LENTEN SEASON” – – I remember so often on a FRIDAY EVENING DEVOTION – – while everyone was in the CHAPEL – – my FATHER would come to the ORPHANAGE – – and told  the NUN  answering the door bell… to get his kids ready – -“I AM TAKING THEM HOME” – – and a NUN would come to me  as I was kneeling at my spot – – tell me to get my coat and stuff and  go the “ENTRANCE DOOR” – – that my FATHER was taking us HOME!”

Now that  I am remembering even more – – “HOLLYWOOD” missed out in making a terrific story and MOVIE – – about the “McCLARREN FAMILY” living in the ORPHANAGE.  All kinds of “RULES” were broken – – because of my FATHER – – none of the other kids had a FATHER – – that would come out to see his  children  any time he felt like it.  I enjoyed the LIFE that I was given – – not what I would have selected – – but… thinking back – – “It was FUN and I have good memories…forever!” 

“EVE KAREN McCLARREN – – SCOTT”  has a big BIRTHDAY  PARTY tomorrow   in HEAVEN – – with her TWIN SISTER, KATHLEEN!”   D.V.

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