“Happy Birthday Kathleen and KAREN McClarren Scott”

Happy Birthday  “Kathleen and Eve Karen”                                                                                               just seven days old … twins.


“Little KATHLEEN” did not survive due to a crushed lung but “EVE KAREN’ was stronger and did   make  it – – each twin weight  ‘eight and a half pounds’  – – quite a load of baby – – just LUCKY that Mama was able to make it – – as for her last couple of months’   could not get out of bed – – so  the older children… Mary Ellen – Denny – Tommy  — were placed temporarily in the German Saint Vincent Orphanage.

So… to the survivor, “EVE  KAREN”  we wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY – –   WHO is NOW also in HEAVEN with her TWIN, KATHLEEN!

“EVE KAREN” did  marry Jim SCOTT and had two boys… “Christopher”  and  “STEVEN”  – – and in the last couple years “Chris” has join his MOTHER in HEAVEN.

In this PHOTO – – is KAREN and her husband JIM – – a trip to Hawaii and in this photo they are celebrating the purchase of a beautiful gift

that most women just LOVE – – diamonds and a very nice trip to Hawaii all at the same time – – “WOW”   – – WHO could  ask for  any thing  more???

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY  TO MY  “TWIN SISTERS”  KATHLEEN and KAREN”  LOVE and Best of  Wishes – – forever and ever more – – we all LOVE and miss you! – – D.V.

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