“Extra SPECIAL Happenings in MARCH 2018”


     “EXTRA and SPECIAL… in and above the… March Special Days”

Have a picture of my  Grand-daughter, Alyssa    –she is giving “blood”  on her  “Lunch”  Hour  – and with the big smile – you can see she is enjoying  that she is able  to  give the best gift – one’s own blood to save another’s LIFE!

March is the Red Cross Month – and…  I am so proud of Alyssa for caring enough to give her own blood – and without having been, even asked to do so.

When Alyssa, e-mailed this photo over to me – it was the best picture to have received – I just had to make a couple of copies  – immediately!

I used to give blood years ago and even did RED CROSS volunteer work for the grade school that my sons were attending – so you know how long ago that was. 

 There came a time- when  my blood decided to change. When they do those tests  to be sure you have enough iron – my blood would not do the drop and spin test  – and then they just could not get my blood to fill up the require amount needed for a successful donation?

Looks like I needed to take iron supplements – and still have to take my vitamins.

Alyssa giving blood

So… the extra-special NEWS – – 

Alyssa  and her husband Andy are expecting their first child – – which will  make me  – – a GREAT-GRANDMA – – and so  with that  great NEWS – –  it looks like it could be any day – – but…  then one never knows… exactly  – – the date and time – – when   this special event will happen. – –  I think that while the baby  is  so close to being on his way – – soon – – –  but … there is still communication  going on with our CREATOR  – – and between the  two of them – – the correct timing will be here – – no mater what else happens – – we just leave the details to the “ONE” that creates us to decide – – what – when –  where – – and the…  HOW and WHY –  – – gives us something to PRAY about – – that all works out well – – for all concerned.

So… in my book – – the month of MARCH will always be a very extra-special month – – for me!  D.V.


      “Just one other  – Little  – –  reminder and note for MARCH”

            March 1st…  was Peanut Butter Lover’s Day! Without knowing that – last weekend I had made Peanut Butter Cookies – and they were the best. It was only in the last year that I had decided to try “Peanut Butter” – all the years that my sons were having “Peanut Butter” sandwiches when they were in grade school – I just could not even think  to eat it. And, to put Grape Jelly on the same sandwich – that was too much for me – but now I just love “Peanut Butter” on one slice of toast and then on another slice of toast, I’ll put some jelly. I cut each slice of toast into four pieces and will eat one little square of peanut butter and then one little square of the jelly toast. It sounds odd – but at least, that’s the best way for  me to enjoy the favorite sandwich of everyone … and NOW for ME, too!


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