“Remembering favorite SONGS” “Never to forget”

Is your “NAME” attached to a favorite song – –  and that person in your LIFE loved that song so much that you received that “NAME” and every time it was heard on the radio – – they would sing it to you – – with all of  the LOVE  – – that comes only from the “HEART” when sung with LOVE!

In my case the song “Maria Elena” or in  English… “Mary Ellen” – – that is me… and my MOTHER would sing that song – – with so much LOVE – – that I can almost still sing it – – with  all the power I can muster – – to make it sound good to me – – and what it sounds like to someone  else – – well I never bother to ask.

So… I collected the words – – so everyone that would like to sing the song can follow – – as I also have the music following. Try singing this song – – see if  you also like the words and music – – and I will be listening – – to hear this song – – as I just LOVE it!


          Maria Elena you’re the answer to a prayer
          Maria Elena can’t you see how much I care
          To me your voice is like the echo of a sigh
          And when you’re near my heart
          Can’t speak above a sigh
          Maria Elena say we two will never part
          Maria Elena take me to your heart
          A love like mine is great enough for two
          To share this love is really all I ask of you

When the music starts and  “JERRY VALE” sings  “MARIA ELENA” – – you might do like me – – start singing – – and dancing around the room – – at my age…  good exercise for the voice – – and to get these old bones moving smoothly – – “WOW” – –  “Miracles  still work in  mysterious ways – – for us SENIOR CITIZENS” – –  just have to add.. “Think young… STAY YOUNG!” 



This is one of the songs my husband, Lee would sing to me – – his voice was like “DEAN MARTIN” – – I have him on tape from way back and when – – but when he would sing  “When I get too old to remember” – – “WOW” – – It was just “HEAVENLY to HEAR”  – – Lee was older than me – – but his voice was terrific – – and every year we would drive to Florida from Missouri and back – – and between singing  Lee would play the  “HARMONICA” and the kids and I would sing – – we always had so much FUN on our long driving trips – – they were always FUN – – all the way!

MUSIC is one of the things … that I feel that all children should  get  from the start – – day one – – sing to the baby with all the LOVE – –  you can muster into  the words – – and add music as you are dancing with “BABY” in your arms – – and even when you are rocking  “BABY” to sleep and or whatever – – good MUSIC and SONG – throughout LIFE – – is a LIFE of LOVE!     D.V.

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