“When a little bit of HEAVEN – Arrives on EARTH”

“THIS is what a little bit of HEAVEN… looks like!”

To see a brand new little  BABY – – that  has just arrived here on our EARTH – –  to look at his face – – I can tell – – that he is still in secret communication with the  “Angels” that  had been at his side – – just to make sure that everything here on EARTH – –  was in preparation to receive an extra special  gift from our Almighty CREATOR. 

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No doubt about it – – This is a BOY – – and he is wearing his colors – – “BLUE” – – also my favorite color – – since “Sapphire Blue” is for my month of birth – – and to wear the “STAR SAPPHIRE” seems to have a healing effect on its chosen recipient    – – like I say – – there are some things…  I just know!

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It is wonderful to see a new born  BABY – –  “new LIFE” – – everything ahead – – with the doors  opening each day – – with new and different things to learn about this  new  way of LIFE here on EARTH – – but for TODAY… rest as much as you can… DEAR  LITTLE  BABY – – Each day from NOW on – – will be a new lesson.

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“WOW” “What can I say… a NEW LIFE – – so sweet and gentle – – sleeping without a care  and not a worry – –  Our CREATOR makes  marvelous  Creations – – like  only HE can do – – I am grateful and most Thankful that  our little baby boy,  LEX Andrew is here making me a GREAT-GRANDMA – –  sure  hope… that I can qualify for the  position and all that I will need to do – -Help me  to do my best – – each and every day –  – that you provide me with.     D.V.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sleeping, baby and closeup

“This  is the PHOTO of  a THOUSAND WORDS ***    *******”

“This PHOTO just speaks volumes – –  to write anything at all – –  it is that which is in the heart of the one viewing!” – – “TO LOVE BABIES”

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