“I’m… Just Thinking” *** *******

“This is my… “Just Thinking” pose  – – just selected  this special  position – – so that when being photographed – –  in this very nice and comfy  and cozy   wrap around – – softer than one of the Clouds in the Heavens above- – to be here – – just for lots of PHOTOS – – to show that I am here – – and I am just  a loving the wonderful care – – that my MOM and DADDY are giving  me!”

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“Take note of the  “Thumb” under the  “Chin” – – Just thought  – – that if I pose with this  “LOOK” – – someone will make a note – – that when I am old enough to work – –  “I will have that attitude about myself – – that I will  ponder over a matter – – for a  full and thorough     consideration – – before turning in my report” – – is that  the “LOOK” you are picking up – – while  – – you study this PHOTO!”

My GREAT-GRANDMA   just loves   when people are  very  conscientious and   meticulous – – when at work – – so that everything     that needs to be done – –  is done without having to be…  re-done later – – causing a complete waste of time and money – – since TIME is going by so  very  fast…   for my dear old  “Great-Grandma”- – there is no room  for  a re-do of anything in her book!

“For being just a very new born baby – – I must say… that I really do like this … “Just Thinking” pose – –  no one knows the amount of energy – – that I am burning up – – with all of the stuff … I am hearing  – – with my eyes closed – – everyone is free to say all kinds of silly stuff about me – –  – – but… for NOW –   I am just putting it all into my “Memory File” – – and someday when I say something that was said… everyone will just marvel!”

   D.V.   ***   *******


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