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In looking through boxes of old  PHOTOS – – found this “PRIZE of a PHOTO”  of all time!  

If … I had seen this PHOTO  ten to twenty years ago – – I would have  had this PHOTO blown up  and  displayed in a prize of a frame…  for all to see hanging on one of my walls – – and it would have been called  “MY SON”  the best pilot that I know!

“My DAD”  – – those are wonderful words to hear your children say and  – then…  especially when your  “Grand-Children”  used those words out loud and even when they write them on a “PRIZE” photo – – for all of their friends to know – –  “My DAD”   flies high above the sky in his very own “Long Eze”  plane – – entertaining the crowds below.

Those words – “MY DAD”  which are  so rarely heard – that  when you stop to think about  – – right  NOW – –  you   just do not hear said – – TODAY – – with all of  the LOVE and reverence that our children should  be having  for the best friend and partner in their life – – that they will ever have, for a LIFE time.

Somewhere in the “HOME”  we are failing to teach and show admiration and appreciation with honor and respect to our PARENTS – – especially to  our “DAD”  – – the poor guy is just forgotten and ignored  – – and we wonder why…  we have the problems that  we are  having… TODAY.

“PUT  DAD back in the HOME and at the head of the table”  – – work a better home plan for the  FAMILY  – – to PRAY together – – to stay together – – forever – – if you read the BIBLE – – you will find out that there is a special blessing to those children  that abide by the that loving principle.     D.V.

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