“Did You Prepare and Reflect this LENT – for EASTER”

40 Days from Ash Wednesday till Easter – so we are ‘almost  there’ – –  starting on February 14th – – which was also “Valentine’s Day” – – should not have been doing all of the celebrating  with the “VALENTINE”  – – as that was the case in Grade School – – the NUNS were very strict – – but…  at long last  – –  Easter will be April 1st, 2018… and when I was a kid – we were taught to reflect on our lives’ thus far – and start making some changes for the Resurrection of “Yahshua the Messiah” – beginning with a plan – just for me to work on making myself  a  much better   person. I was to want to do all these new things that were suggested by the NUNS – changes that by  implementing  while still  a small child – would become second nature – and also… throughout all my LIFE – I would know the right things to follow and do forever.

In the environment that I was in as a child – my Aunt Irene Riley, had the NUNS and everyone she knew at her Church –Our Lady of Sorrows, to pray for me – that I would become a Nun. Lots of prayers and meditation and living at the Orphanage – I almost thought that to be a NUN would be the LIFE for me. There was a “Brady in Dublin, Ireland”  – a relative to my Mother, and her sister, Irene Brady Riley – he was a very good Priest and I am guessing that several of my uncles were prayed for – enough – so as to hope for more to enter the “Priesthood.”

Just because there might be some “HISTORY” in the family – for a vocation into the Religious Life – it is something that you just cannot force. So, now with the LENTEN season, it would really be a good time to pray for everyone – for those who may be preachers and teachers – for those in the world in areas that are in war-zones – that do not allow their citizens to go to Church and for those in areas where they are killing people just because of their FAITH.

“PAY-IT- Forward” with our Prayers and our Charities that we can do for those around the World  – those who are hurting and their very LIFE is at a total risk – just trying to survive under the dictator type run countries  – where lives are consider worthless.

Let us remember our fellow-man – our neighbor – with LOVE – during this Lent Season – just as “Yahshua  the  Messiah”   directed us… in the New Testament.. to do!


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