“On March 24th, 1962, 56 years ago”

Just compare the above date with this PHOTO – – and look outside – – what a difference a day  can be in  – – any given year!

“Yes… that is my little baby brother, Tom on his wedding day – – with his beautiful wife “Rosie”  and our brother, Denny Jr. and his wife JUDY is on the right.

“For this to be … TOM and ROSIE’s  Wedding Day – – the Almighty  provided them with a very fine   day  – – so that good PHOTOS could be made – – that will last a LIFE-time” The PHOTO that I wanted to  post – – was of the happy couple coming out of the CHURCH – – with lots of rice being thrown at them – – and they are ducking their heads – – so as to not receive too much rice  – – right into the face – – but they were so full of smiles – – maybe I should say  – -just full of LOVE – – what would a little rice do to you  – – on your WEDDING DAY?

That PHOTO  – – that I now… can not find – – after just seeing it a couple of days back – – never thought… that I would not be able to find it again – – just when I wanted to – -but that is the way it goes – – when you have too many PHOTOS to sort through.

So… TODAY – – If you know TOM and ROSIE – – call and let them know that you also remembered – – wish them a great many more years of  knowing the secret to a HAPPY and  CONTENT MARRIAGE – – when so many  others…have not as yet found that  extra special message for living together forever with LOVE!

“CONGRATULATIONS TOM and ROSIE” for many – – many more HAPPY and Blessed years together!     D.V.

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