“Great Grand-SON, LEX in EASTER Basket – Sunday Morning and it is April 1st”


…”WOW” … “What a DAY this is”  – – “Just look at my “Great Grand SON, LEX” taking  ‘forty winks’  in his very own and first  EASTER BASKET – – and this is “EASTER SUNDAY” – – and also  is “APRIL 1st” – – the  DAY –  for all of the great jokes… that are a regular part of this day!”

>“Can a PHOTO say any more than this Photo  – –  and to  “TOP”  it all  off – – is the baby’s shirt – – “My First EASTER” – – this is a real first…  and a collector’s  item for  ME!” <

********* This is “ME” the “GREAT GRANDMA” and  “Boy  “OH” BOY” – – is it ever…  GREAT!”  Before baby, LEX was born – – there was a party for him – – and I kept a napkin… announcing…  “It’s a BOY” – – and posted it on the door of the refrigerator – – ‘top left’ – – so glad that I took it – –  and have it also in…  this PHOTO!”

“This next Photo  of Al, my son – – with his first “GRAND-SON”… 

*  was the best of all – – for keeping our NEW BORN, LEX  comfortable and  so asleep for hours – – his arms  made the best of all…  ‘baby bed’  – – which were  more comfortable  than any other arms  – – that I have seen in a long time  – – and the music in the back ground was  – –  as  I remembered and like  – – when I was   rocking AL  to sleep  – – so many years ago!

This is  truly   a most  wonderful and very Best EASTER – – all provided by our CREATOR – – the one and only to Bless us with HIS best of GIFTS – – “brand new  infants” – – to LOVE and Care for with all the LOVE that we can muster up!

“The good word for the day… Pass on more LOVE to each of our FAMILY members and our Neighbors – – as  we show our Gratitude and LOVE  – – we receive so much more back – – and our World is more at PEACE!”   ***    *******    D.V.

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  • Jaime Cardwell says:

    Awwww great story & pictures! Happy Easter! I love you!

    • Mary Ellen says:

      “This EASTER Sunday was one day to remember – so many things happening and so happy for these PHOTOS to share with everyone!” “LOVE and BLESSINGS to you and Tyler!” *** *******

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