“Now… I Lay ME Down To Sleep”

“When I start to go to sleep  – -play this  “Lullaby” – – and also start to sing along – – because… I want to know that you are very near to me…Mommy – – and your voice is so sweet!”



“This is what I look like at first – – just getting comfortable – – focusing in on  what “Angels'” are trying to communicate with me – – if there are some special messages that I am to pass on – – before I loose this extra special connection with the Almighty!”

“TIME is flying by so fast… right NOW … I am up to being  one whole month old – – in the human time  code!”

“OH BOY” – “This is getting really good NOW!” “I know that you can tell – – that is without me even opening my eyes — – You know that I am really having a real good time – – here in my DREAMS – – this dreaming stuff – – is really the best FUN that I am having – – that is… since “DAY ONE” – – and I sure do hope this continues!”

“Right – – NOW – – I am in a special place in “HEAVEN” – – and I am saying “GOOD-Bye” to a whole lot of my “baby”  friends – – they also have new homes and are really HAPPY – – and the talk is that some day… maybe years down the road – – some of my FRIENDS and I will be seeing each other – – as we learn the ways of living on EARTH – – with all of their new hand-held information bars – – we will be going over all the new and different things we have been able to learn here on EARTH!’

“Love and Blessings to all of my new teacher!” xoxoxo    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo     D.V.

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