“Just a Sleeping and Thinking”

When PHOTOS are taken of  “new-born” babies – – sometimes we wonder where in the world are they- – with their thoughts – as this world is all NEW – – and their brains do not have much to know of what is going on – – so to me… this PHOTO tells me – – that little baby, Lex is pondering this new exciting world – – that he has just arrived  in  – – to be the best thing that happened to all of us!

His little left hand is positioned to the left side of his face – – in a position that all most looks as if he is in communication… with another ANGEL – – since he still has his communication skills connected with the ANGELS!

Looks to me  as if  this is a serious matter – -just  the way that I am reading his facial expression – – “What do you think” – – “Do you see what I see” – – these Photos of little Lex – – are just the best!

……“This is a real authentic  “Mother and Child” Photo  – – if ever I saw one. Almost as if “Little Lex”  is asking “MOTHER”  – – I sure miss being inside of you – – we did so many things together for those nine months – – I do not ever want to leave you – – You are the very best MOTHER – – a little baby like me – – could have ever wished for!”

“This is the best place for me to be – – in your ever loving arms – – which I want  – – now and forever – – Thank you Almighty Creator for giving  to me, LEX…this best FAMILY – –  I know that I will be forever Thankful and Grateful – –  I am so  much very Blessed… in the arms of my MOTHER!”   D.V. ***    *******


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