“Peek a Boo, I See You… Song”

“When “Baby” is in his first months – –  He will just LOVE to see YOU… “Mama” – – and even more … he will LOVE you singing and playing  some easy to remember games – – that will get his eyes focused on you and what is going on in his  brand “NEW” world!


“This is what I see… “BABY LEX” is starting to wake up – – he hears something going on around him —  he sees  “MAMA”  putting a choice of shoes for the day near to him – – lots of activity – – all  NEW stuff to learn today – – and his eyes are just about to open – – for this brand NEW DAY… of learning!”

“Mommy…  you woke me up just in time – – as I am now hungry     and ready to get all dressed up in some brand new clothes – – want to take off these  nighties – – and start to learn all NEW stuff – – have to keep up with all of the other  “NEW BORN BABIES” on the block!”

“There is one very important thing that I want you to know… Mommy –  “I LOVE YOU the mostest” –  when you hold me in your arms – – like you are doing right NOW – – this is my very favorite Time!”

“I know that you do not understand me – – since the words are not coming out of my mouth –  like I wish that they would – – but I hope that you can see – – that the way I am looking at you and my facial expression is full of  all the LOVE that I can muster up just for you – – and my arms are holding you – – in the only way that I can hold you right NOW – –  – and I know you are looking into my eyes – – as I am looking into your eyes  – – and  my LOVE… right from my heart    is being return to you  – – as it will be – – forever and ever!”

“MOM” – – “Just so  that  you will always know – – YOU will always be…  my very first LOVE – – because the Almighty Creator… gave  to me… the very best MOM in  this… MY  world!”


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