Just thinking – – that when we were created – – we did not give it a second thought… as to  “WHY”  our little ole “NOSE” is smack dab in the middle of our face? Did you ever give that  a thought before? – – But when looking at this PHOTO – – the answer is clear!

 We talk with our NOSE!  Our “NOSE” is right there in front of our face – – and when we can  not see clearly  – – our “NOSE” finds the way to our “MOTHERS” – – where we can have the most intimate of conversation – – and all without any other person  hearing and or knowing what we are communicating  about!

Without our even being able to talk as yet – – we find our “MOTHERS” and we  place our “NOSE so close to our “MOTHER” – – that she will know exactly what we are wanting to say – – she can understand us – – and all without words ever being spoken! “It is as  if… “the  NOSE…KNOWS” – – and in the above PHOTO – – “Baby Lex” has a mighty powerful conversation going on with his Mother – –  and MOM is giving “BABY”  her full and undivided attention – – which is just what a “new born baby” wants and needs!



  “WOW” – – “It is wonderful to be a “Great Grandma” – – because like I had heard someone say along time ago… “If we could start out as “Grand-parents” first… we would make better “PARENTS” to our own children” – – and I do believe that statement to be so correct!”

“When we are young and first starting  out  as a married couple – – and then the children start to come – – WE parents… also  a brand NEW COUPLE – – hardly know who we are – – much less know anything about bringing  “NEW LIFE” in to this world?” We hardly know how to take care of ourselves – – much less our  married partner – – plus taking care of our work schedule and or if we are still  in school and or some other activity – – we really are not  settled and ready   to be parents – – we did no training in that field of study – – and we will be making all kinds of mistakes – – on our first children – – the “LOVE” of  our LIFE – – and suffer many regrets.  So…  we must be open to learning  and very fast – – “on the Job” training – – and never ever regret our decision as our “Creator” is watching and guiding us – – if we but ask for  HIS   HELP – – that we need!

“MY second PHOTO… “With EYES WIDE OPEN”… Our LOVE is here to stay – – and  with LOVE  first and foremost – – we will  do as our Parents did – – and with their LOVE for us and each generation  yet to come – – our Creator is leading us  on  HIS PATH – – the one  that we will follow!”    D.V.    ***    *******

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