“Friday the 13th”

“When you grow too “OLD”  – – to do – – You have to just listen to some old tunes – – that just might revive the old gal – –  back to where she was – –  when  she was  just a sweet sixteen – – or even maybe a little bit older – – but just so that the   old brain cells get – – a rejuvenation  shot or two – –  to see if everything is still working ???”  D.V.






“Just sit back… and start to remember those “good ole days” – – when days went by so slow – – it was as if  the world was not even turning – – the day’s lasted longer than  “twenty-four” hours – –  no phones ringing  – – no cell phones  – – hardly even an automobile driving by – –  – – just a whole lot of TIME – – to do nothing at all!”

“WOW” – – “Just a whole lot of time to wonder… what will I be doing maybe five or ten years from NOW?”

“Back to reality – – there is no free time to wonder about anything – – TIME is going so fast – –  can not even  take TIME to think and or wonder about anything – – the DAY is OVER – – and tomorrow is almost here!”




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