“Taking 40 Winks – Here and NOW”

Just thinking and wondering about babies  and  what they think and or know about sleeping? When I saw this PHOTO  of our baby, LEX – – just had to post it  – – NOW – –  WOW  – – and when  ever – – soon I will go and find one of  “Gramps” when he was a baby – – and by GEORGE – – when “BABY” has had it – –  everything goes to the  “DO NOT DISTURB” mode – – Lights are off – – Noise is not heard – – and even the smell of more food – – just would not interfere with the  – -“taking 40 winks” – – right NOW – – just do not disturb me!


There is a very special place that all small infants go too – – It is that relaxing place  where their “ANGELS”  gather  and just kind of huddle over … being  near – – watching  and with  their wings  gently extended just in case there is a sudden  roll over  – – and or a wrong turn – – the “WINGS of ANGELS” hoover and  move so mysteriously – – in  fact they seem to work miracles – – that we humans have no idea of doing – – nor can we do – – even if we tried!


“Time Flies” when you are looking for an old PHOTO – – that you know you have – – have never posted it before – – so hours have gone by – – and so what you see – – is an example of when the “lights” go out – –  they are done for the day!”

This is “Uncle Lee” at about “eighteen months” of age – – and when evening came – – he would go to sleep early – – but he then…  would get up earlier  than any body else – – and I mean very early. Little Lee was born early in the day – – and being in the NAVY later on – – he still gets up with the “chickens’ – – as he has on his farm.”

“Little Lee” is still at the dining room table – – and the last to finish eating – – as I am doing the cleaning up – – and my next “to do” will be to carefully carry him to bed so the rest of us can get ready for bed – – as “LEE, SR.” sitting behind Little Lee – – also has to get to bed  – as he will be up  early and on to the “Lucky Boy Drive-In” – – have to have the “COFFEE” ready for customers – – and the grills on for those that like to grab their meals on the way to work!

“Now that I think about it – – everybody is on a “schedule” – – for as long as they  will live – – there is a certain TIME and a  most  definite  PLACE each of us has to be – – and with all of us running around just as fast as we all  can – – LIFE –  – just seems to run smoothly – – but…  just let one of  us  – – get off track – – maybe  even  try to do something  a little different –  – “WOW” – – the whole train  with all of  us people – – jumps  track – – and catastrophic – – eruptions  fall all over!”        “What a huge mess we made for ourselves – – just for the lack of   a  measly little ole… “40  more winks”  – – and  all  done… in just …  five more minutes!”      D.V.

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