“6 Weeks old and Dressed Ready for WORK”

“This is what I look like   “TODAY” – – and  according to the calendar – – I am up to “Six Weeks of Age” – – and I feel as if… I am all dressed up…  to start  to work…NOW!”

“I know that you may  think…  that I am too young to start to work – – but…  have you ever  seen anyone better dressed – – including…  a brand new tie – – just what the men of today are wearing – – and when you look at this tie – – it just brings out the readiness in my  eyes  (my eyes just seem to sparkle with enthusiasm… don’t you think) … getting these  “fancy pants”  on is just what a man needs – – NOW…  I can dance up a storm – – and no wrinkles as I fly through the air… like  good old “Fred Astaire”  with  “Ginger Rogers” his leading lady of dance!



 “I was just thinking that may be – – a little  “old time” song  – – one you may not have heard for awhile with   some music might just  be needed here…  since I am ready to DANCE – – and this old song came to mind…”


“… as someone was saying…  that… “I was their  “SUNSHINE” – – but – then  maybe…  they were saying something…  just  about little ole  me, Lex   – – that…   I am their  favorite  “SON” in this “Family”  – – and  when the “SON  SHINES”  it is a wonderful day for all the world!”

“So…  with all of my singing and dancing – – I just might be hired to work  in the “MOVIES” – – they need young men like me – – to inspire them to make good MOVIES – –  “MOVIES”  that have young children that sing and dance… and  we will all have more good days ahead – – with even better tomorrows…for everyone!     D.V.

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