“WHO” – “Goes there” – “We SEE YOU”

** “As young as I am… and sitting way down here in my stroller – – I can see YOU… and so does my fierce protector,  my very special one and only… “Teddy BEAR!”


88  “My eyes are wide open… and I have my very favorite  “Teddy BEAR” in my arms  – – and if you look at him and then look at me – – you will see us watching “your” every move – – as my “GREAT-Grandma” told me to be on the watch for people who just might like to take me  to their house – – when she  also  wants to do the same thing… herself!”

“Great – G” said that she has  lots of children’s books that belong to all of my older relatives – – and lots of old time music – to be played on the  old time “record-player” – – and even some of the old “records” that are still in good shape and she will  put on the record-player and sing along to little ole me, LEX.”

So… pretty soon – – I am planing on going to the “GREAT-G’s”  home and see  what I can get my hands on – – and  sit back in “Great-G’s” arms while she rocks me – – which will not be as fast as  she rocked  – – my  MOM, ALYSSA – – because that was a hundred years ago – – and “Great-G” moved like one of the fastest of  “FAST  MOVERS and Shakers”  there ever did live in MISSOURI!  Just heard someone saying something  about the good “old-timers” – – that they would dance past MID-NIGHT – – sometimes into the early “day – light” – –  – – they just seem to have  more “get-up and go” – – back then – – and did not save any for … tomorrow!

“So with our eyes… wide open… – –  little ole TEDDY  BEAR and me, Lex – – are just hanging around to see what happens – – when the “MUSIC” starts to Play – – and I  am  in the arms of the  one and only “Great-G” … herself!   D.V.

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