“It says daddy’s little guitar man ūüėä”

“When you take a¬† “LOOK” at the writing on my “BABY SHIRT”¬† – –¬† YOU may not be able to clearly read all the words – – that kind of spell out – – what I may just be in a couple of years. Sometimes – – one has to think about what they may like – – and then some things require lots of¬† study and work – – the ‘work’¬† ¬†that I¬† am talking¬† about… is to be practicing the instrument that makes the kind of MUSIC – – that my FAMILY likes – – and what I will LIKE… and what we¬† can play together and enjoy¬†– – just having lots of FUN… doing¬† IT!

“DADDY’s big boy” – – that is what I am¬† – – and each day I am doing exactly what the “Doctor” ordered for¬† little¬†ole me, Lex!”


“WOW”¬† “Is this a bright eye and ready to go on “STAGE” to entertain the millions – – a brand new entertainer,¬† “Lex” himself!

“I just LOVE this outfit – – this sure is¬† of the high quality¬† ¬†and¬† ¬†¬†¬†entertaining¬†style that – –¬†¬†a little guy like me, Lex needs to give a top drawer¬† performance in!”

“Every “Entertainer”¬† needs a Grey Top Hat – – fancy mustache¬† ¬†¬†¬†and a fancy “RED” bow tie – – which will¬† get the attention of the audience immediately – – if not sooner!”¬† “I can hardly wait till I get my¬† “Tap Dancing Shoes” and maybe even good¬†¬†old G- Grandma’s¬† ¬†dancing cane – –¬† – – just know¬† that I can do some “soft-shoe”¬† just like…¬† I know everyone will love to see me dancing¬† ¬† just¬† for them!”

“Just looking at this PHOTO – – I do believe that I could pass for being maybe even a “six-month” old baby – – what do you think – – It¬† seems to me¬† – – that it is…¬† all in the wonderful¬† outfit that¬† the¬† man¬† will wear!”¬† ¬† D.V.

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