“Happy Birthday Darlene and Miss Rainbow”


         *******   Happy Birthday “Darlene!”  *******


“Happy Birthday Darlene”  – Happy Birthday “Rainbow” one year old today! Today is a wonderful day to be alive! One of the best things in life is to be able to have what you like and to be able to work at that… which  is really “FUN”  especially when you are “WORKING!”…..  Or should I say  – hardly working?  “Since when you are working with your FRIENDS – – your very best FRIENDS – – your horses and other animals – – which are FAMILY – – and they are all the best of FAMILY – –   your     animals show their LOVE to you every minute of the day – – every day of the week – – and  those weeks  start adding into years – – you always have a FRIEND when you are with the animals you LOVE!

Everyone knows that working a farm  – is round the clock work – up early to take care of the animals – but the joy you receive from the animals  – makes all the hard work  – worth it and more! I feel that “HEAVEN” will have lots of animals – for all those who love their animals here on earth – to continue loving them – for all eternity!

Isn’t it wonderful  for your favorite horse  “RAINBOW” … to have a “BIRTHDAY on your “BIRTHDAY”  too!  There is only  one that can make things like that happen – – and we give THANKS to “Almighty Yahweh” – – the great maker of all the very best of gifts – – He gives to us here on EARTH – – to enjoy all the while we are caring for them – – they return that LOVE – – with even more LOVE right back for us to enjoy them with!

There certainly is something very special about “LOVE”  – – It is best when shared and  also  remembering to share more LOVE back – – I believe that this   is called… Living in the  “CIRCLE of LOVE” – – And for as long as I live – – that is the “circle”  that I want to be a member of… forever!     D.V.

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