“How do YOU Measure TIME”

“When I see a PHOTO – –  and I was not present at the TIME of the  taking of this PHOTO – – I would have no idea in the world – – as to what the Photographer was thinking – – or even had in mind – – what the story would be – – so as to remember why this particular pose was decided on!”

So… as I was looking over some PHOTOS to make a story – – something that I can see – – and something that if I get the correct idea – – I will explain just what is coming into my  mind.

If some sixty years ago… there were these small hand-held cameras that everyone seems to have – – I just might have had this thought – –  “Some day when my baby is getting bigger and he is noticing my size and trying to compare his size  – – I would be able to pull out some of his first “baby photos” that I had taken and start to tell him – – this is your little hand compared to my  larger size hand…  when you were just a month of age – – and I just loved the way you looked – – that I had to take a PHOTO – – so that I would never ever forget – – exactly how big  you were to compare with how nice you are growing up to be a big man  – some day! 

“TIME”  is something that  we can not compare with something at a different  “TIME” – – when  that  “TIME” is past and we are now working in the future “TIME” – – there is no way to compare – – unless… we have frozen in “TIME” a PHOTO of what  is no longer available – – due to the “TIME” frame  that LIFE has made changes that are no longer available in real LIFE TIME – – for complacence.

“TODAY”  if more people would take  “TIME” related PHOTOS of the new born baby  – – should anything at all ever occur and or  happen physically – there would a PHOTO trail – – that would show  the answers  as to WHY and WHEN something     started to happen – – that was not really noticed and after a while has passed – – no one could say if there ever were any noticeable differences at any “TIME” that would now give a clue as to what needs  to be done – – to correct the situation. 

“TODAY”  with all of our new gadgets – – we are able to be in a position to know exactly what we are doing  – – the where, when and how – that everything should be done – – and with PHOTOS at the different stages of  “TIME” – – we have proof positive – – to document what was done – – and what if anything tried will and would maybe be of a HELP – – in the various situations – – that we run into… daily!   

“Since “MOTHER’s DAY” is this weekend – – just have to add this thought – – “MOTHERS have to be ready to wear many types of hats – – when they are having children” the reason for this thought – – with the electronics available TODAY at every household – – MOTHERS can solve so many  situations and in doing so – – eliminate a million worthless problems just ready to make an entrance into your well guarded HOME!”

“May the Almighty… GUARD and  PROTECT  all of our good MOTHERS with HIS divide LOVE!”

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