“Remembering the Very BEST MOTHER – NOW and Forever”

“MOM is HERE and There – HOT WEATHER or COLD”

      How’s this…  for the “HOT” weather – – 


“Talk about your  “HOT” and “COLD” weather… we kids can take it – – but for “MOM”  – – she was anemic… so pale  and weak with very little red blood – – really needed  some real good health care – – and a lot fewer worries.

“These PHOTOS were taken in the 1940’s  – – with a very cheap  small black box type of camera – – just LUCKY to have these – – for Show and Tell!”

In the beginning… we were a very happy FAMILY. We had everything  – – my MOTHER provided for us… for as long as she could – – but lots of money going for everything and my Father not working… there does come a time for drastic changes.

My best memories were of us three children together always – – and MOM right there with us.  MOM loved to read to us – – and when she would read stories to us… she would change her voice to sound like a small child, if a child in the story was speaking – – and then for a woman or a man – – whatever the story called for – – she would put so much into the story  with tones  of  her voice – – I was just mesmerize… just listening. We could just sit on the sofa and listen for hours – – and of course she like to sing and we would all sing to some of the songs on the radio.

As the eldest child – – I sure did learn lots about having FUN as a FAMILY – – I was learning everything and  all this  good stuff  before…  KINDERGARTEN time – –  – – that I would need to know – – for the day when I would have my  very own children – –  and especially  for the day that the Grand-Children would arrive on the scene – – and do all the same  reading and playing  and more singing – –  just exactly as  – – that I remember as a small child at HOME with My MOM – – and NOW with  my “GREAT GRAND-SON LEX” – – –

“Thanks be to our Almighty Yahweh – – the Giver of all of the best of GIFTS!”

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