“Happy Birthday Jaime” ***05/18/2018***

“How is this for a pre-BIRTHDAY Party – – – nothing like our starting the  Fun  of having a BIRTHDAY PARTY – – all week long!”

     “Happy Birthday to you ***** Happy Birthday to you ***** Happy Birthday…  DEAR JAIME… Happy Birthday to you ***** and many more – – and with lots of Blessings… Now and Forever!”

This PHOTO is compliments of  big sister, “ALYSSA” standing in  the blue dress and just to be sure that I would know …”WHO is WHO”  on this PHOTO  – – Alyssa put our names above us – – which is just terrific – – as without that important information – – how in the world would an old  “GRANDMA”  like me even know … “WHO is WHO”  and or even herself – – a hundred years from NOW!

“Is this  a “WOW” of a PHOTO or not – – Just like TIME flies by when you are having FUN – – this is the most perfect of PHOTOS – – if ever  I saw one – – this is how just living LIFE and doing what you are suppose to do – – at and when you are  following the course of TIME – –  this is  “JAIME” and is she ever gorgeous  – – if I say so myself!”

The best thing in LIFE  – – is to have a record of what and when you are doing something – – and I feel that PHOTOS are one of the best ways  – – to have  your cake and eat it, too!  As Time goes bye bye – – we change  and  in the next seven years – – we completely forget how good we had it – – how good we were doing – – what our plans were – – and at my age – – one other  thing we forget – – we sure did have “GOOD LOOKS” – – but without a PHOTO – – no one would believe you

So with this PHOTO of JAIME – –  I know when I tell friends that my GRAND-Daughters – – are the best ever gift to me and they have all the best of gifts from the Almighty Yahweh – – and with my PRAYERS – – they will continue to receive more BLESSINGS every day of their life. That is why we are here – – to LOVE one another and to pass the LOVE of neighbor on – – as that is the best of  “GIFTS”  that one can give – – with the HELP of the ALMIGHTY – –  YOU are receiving the best and only true necessary HELP  – – the HELP that will carry you forward and upward… forever!    D.V.

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