“Here we are MOMMY and Me, little Lex and we are going to take a  FUN trip on this big AIRPLANE – – and see all of the Saint Louis area – – from way up there in those big BLUE beautiful shies – – made for you and me!”

 “My MOMMY is so terrific – – she likes to do so many fabulous FUN things – – and the best part of the day is – – she is showing me, little LEX how everything works  and how to have FUN doing all of these new things in LIFE – – so that one day  – – I will be able to decide just exactly what my WORK and or or type of LIFE’s plan will be –  and very soon – – as I want to learn how to do everything, too!”

“OH MY GOODNESS” – – here I am all alone in this big Airplane and as the “Co-Pilot” have to let the Control Tower know what is going on up here!  Some how or the other…  MOMMY is missing – – and I am NOW in control     of this big PLANE – – I NEED – – HELP – – to guide me in the landing – – sure do not want to crash a big beautiful PLANE – – – on my first flight!”

“MAY DAY – – MAY DAY”   D.V.

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