“SATURDAY is a   terrific   “DAY”  for a FAMILY and FRIENDS  to meet the new CHILD – – to our FAMILY   – – and a PHOTO   showing the “FOUR GENERATIONS… what a BLESSING to us all!”

This is a terrific PHOTO because it is the first of  a “four  generation” – –  for me in the “RED” dress – – a “RED LETTER” Day on my calendar  – – just goes to show that if only…  You can LIVE long enough – – and each generation     will marry and have children – –  well… then  you can mark on your calendar – –  this is the “GOOD LIFE” that we read in the BIBLE to look forward , too   – – for it is following the promises that  are BLESSINGS – – from the Almighty Yahweh – – and I can only give THANKS for this beautiful Blessing… Little Baby LEX!

“Little baby, LEX in the center and his MOMMY, Alyssa sitting next to him – -In the red dress is ME, the GREAT- Grandma and next  is daughter in law Jill, MOM to  Jaime,  standing on right and younger sister to Alyssa.


Just a little music to hear  – – all about the day of the week  for  when  – – you were born – – see if the words apply to you  and do the the words identify accurately for your special BIRTH DAY?

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