“All GONE”

“When is the last time you heard… “ALL GONE” and was it really… “ALL”  gone?”

 This  is the first time that… I had received  a “Tulip bulb” arrangement in a vase – – with directions to water – – only when the water level is lower than  the bulb with the roots  plainly seen – – and looking like they will last a long time – – at least as long as they are given water.

This “Tulip” plant lasted a good month – – but then…   the arrangement seem to shrink – – the  “GREEN” leaves started to decay and just dry up  – – not entirely falling away.  So… I carefully held the plant in place with one hand and  did empty the water  from the vase and filled to the proper level  – – with fresh and clean water. 

Now… looking at the bulbs in the bottom of the VASE – – it seemed to me – – as though  – – just maybe a new bud with bloom would be coming out from the bottom – – and maybe – – new LIFE?

So… a few more days – – and I am watching to see – – if  and or  – – what else could I do to  HELP this plant  pour forth more  “BEAUTY” – –  so I observe – – and nothing seems to be  coming along as I thought … maybe or perhaps?

NOW… it dawns on ME  – – when I first received this GIFT – – I should have done some research – – to see just exactly — what is the correct procedure for caring for a beautiful “TULIP” plant!

“Not having a “GREEN” thumb – – I NOW know… what I need to do … immediately – – if not sooner – – to keep beautiful  – – and to  last as long as they were intended to be… Alive and be BEAUTIFUL… to the EYE!     D.V.

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