Flag Day June 14, 2018


Today is… “Flag Day” – – are you flying your  AMERICAN FLAG – – with all the gusto and honor that it deserves?

I can still remember that during the WWII days – – there were Parades and American Flags flying so often – – of course there was no “TV” distraction… all Americans had more important things to do working and saving all that they could – – so that our service men overseas – – would be able to have that which they needed – – to do  everything needed – – even if it cost them  their  very  young LIFE…  to protect AMERICA – – to keep all of us  Americans FREE!

The music by ” George M. Cohen”   




When you listen to this music about the “LAND that YOU LOVE”  – – you get “Goose Bumps”  – – and just watching our beautiful American FLAG Flying – – just the knowing  of all those young men and women – – that went to WAR for us – – and so many never came HOME – – they gave their all – – and for us not to show respect – – as some do – –  as seen on “TV” – –  there should be  a penalty  of disgrace hung around their necks – – as there is no better Country than America – – since the proof  is – – some many people seek AMERICA for their FREEDOM – – even if  it kills them – – just trying to do so illegally.

When I was a young girl, my brothers and I, were always singing the songs of America and for America, especially of  each service branch.  When we were on a bus or a streetcar, my youngest brother, TOMMY  –  the Show Man,  of the FAMILY would march up and down the aisle singing , and  had everyone join in.  Everyone in the mid 1940’s was PRAYING and Singing those songs that UNITED AMERICA – – across the  whole NATION – – and we were all PROUD to be AMERICANS!

Everybody  –  Fly  the Flag!   –  and sing  –  America!   And never forget to ask our Almighty YAHWEH  to Bless AMERICA – – now and  for always!     D.V.

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