“Fathers’ Day June 17th, 2018”

       “Father’s Day at Fairgrounds Park”

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Nothing like a “PARK” within walking distance to your  “HOME” – – because you can then enjoy  all  of the big  FAMILY  with RELATIVES and  FRIENDS  or even the Neighbors  getting together  –   there are  “PARK” benches with lots of nicely mowed green grass for he children to play and run around  to play  GAMES – – while you find the perfect spot to set-up the REFRESHMENT table – – and  your  much bigger containers filled with blocks  of  ice … to keep all  of those favorite drinks ready  – for all  – to cool down – – at just the right moment.


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Here we are… my brothers,  DENNY Jr.,  and TOMMY and “ME” – – and to have  this wonderful lake  – – right in the middle of   “FAIRGROUND PARK”  – –  and  also the bridge – – as you can see in the background – – sure  does make  for lots of FUN —  as we have so much ground to run around on – – and  then   we know  finally…  end up  near the “LAKE”  for a real good  cool down  – as you see us having our picture taken – together!

In Baby Karen 001the 1940’s this is what I  can call a very  perfect
FATHER’s DAY”    PHOTO … “FATHER and Children” and in this PHOTO – – – we even have our “brand new baby”   our little  sister, “EVE KAREN” – – this is a very special day to all  of  us – to  be able  –  – to have this PHOTO of a HAPPY DAY – – when we were all together!  

In   LIFE… we are each on a “journey” and some of us are designated to be together …in a FAMILY setting – –  and then sometimes – – our “journey” takes one or two of us out  of this FAMILY – causing grief and sorrow – – and at other TIMES great JOY and LOVE – – but that is what this   “JOURNEY” is all about – – we do need to learn different lessons – – on HOW and WHEN to make changes  – – look for the TRUTH and LIGHT – – that the CREATOR of us… is providing  for  our needs  – – and  in the end …we each reap that which we  did sow … 

Looking back… each generation from  as  far back… has done all that they thought was to be  the  “PATH” for them – – and their  NEW FAMILY  – – but when someone…takes the TIME to look back and see  the LESSONS… that  each previous generation went through – and then…   if and what they  may have  accomplished – –  then…   and a big  MAYBE … “ONE” can start to understand  – – if only   there would have been a  more perfect  “LOG of EXPERIENCE”  passed on down  – – to the next generation  – but in this LIFE – – each generation feels – – that they have  a NEED and or  a right  – – to do it  “THEIR WAY” – –  not using any of the previous  generations  experiences – so  NOW –  COMES  more unnecessary   suffering in their life  to  justify  a redoing of  the  very same old  mistakes…   ANCESTORS before and  all along   their  way – – have suffered – – and for what?

Let us all learn to be content with that which we have – – our PATH in LIFE  can be more enjoyable if only we all cooperate with each other – – our FAMILY – – the NEW FAMILY – – the In-LAWS and all of the extensions of FAMILY – – as in this day and age of TIME!

“May the Almighty Yahweh bless all FAMILIES…  this “FATHERS’ DAY” – – Today and Forever – – exceedingly more than they expect – – so that the FAMILY that PRAYS together – – will stay together… ever more!”     D.V.

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