Sensational – Stunning “SUNSET” at Sunset Park!

Last night… if you missed the extraordinary way that the “SUN”  was setting for all of  us at the “SUNSET PARK” – – You really missed something that all I can say … “The “SUN” sat there… and sat there… and then all of a sudden – the most exceptional thing…was to see the “SUN” go up some and then finally down – and then just sit there to  do something different and only for those that were there had the joy of seeing something so magnificent –  – in plain words the most beautiful “SUNSET” ever!”

Usually… there are several automobiles and or trucks that just sit along the road coming into the SUNSET PARK – – they are not blocking the view for others – since the hill down has such a nice decline – it is as if you sitting in the theatre – and no one’s view is blocked by the “LADY” with the large brimmed hat!

Actually – it was around a quarter passed eight in the evening and just dark enough – so that vehicles and people walking would not really be noticed. The magnificent “SHOW” was “WEST” and that is all anybody with eyes – would be interested in – when the “SHOW” to see was worth a million!

You know, we watch the “SUN” setting every night – someone will say, “There she goes…five – four – three – two – one – all gone!” That’s the way it is – here. We are just a bunch of big “KIDS” – and to have right in our very own backyard – something … sort of like a “MIRACLE” – there is no way – any of us could develop or even  try to make such  a marvelous sensation take place  – every evening – all year through and for hundreds of years… does not cost a dime to go and see – take that back  – there will be a day when someone in politics will figure a way to tax the public for viewing privileges… they always find a way to tax everything else!

During the rest of the years – that is the years that I may have yet… I do not see myself going around the world to see any of the “SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD” – but right here in “RIVER CITY” like they say in the old time movies… “All the “WONDERS of the WORLD” are right here in my very own backyard! No one  would ever think to tell the “REAL ESTATE” agent that …”  “The property that I want  to buy – must have the MISSOURI RIVER close enough to see and visit on foot and there must also be  visible  a most beautiful  and magnificent   – make that a extraordinary “SUNSET”  – that will take place for my FRIENDS and of course  for me to view with O OOHS and AAAAHS – so that at the end of the day  – we can give THANKS to the ONE and only Almighty Yahweh –  who is the only ONE – that can create such WONDERS for HIS people to view and all for FREE!!!




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