“Just Remembering DADDY”



This first PHOTO… of DADDY and  DAUGHTER (me) is when I was eight months. Since I do not have the photo handy – – can not write the whole list of stuff – – that my MOTHER wrote on the back side – – as to what I could do and say… which is  a good thing for parents to do – – because… without a written record… who would remember everything that a first child  – – is learning  – – and then… is also able to do.

  • Should I run across the “PHOTO” above – – I will add those wonderful things – – that my MOTHER – – did take the time to make note of – – especially for me – – as I am one of those “types” – – with inquiring minds  – – sometimes people get sick of my questions – – but how then does one learn – – if they can not ask  more than enough “QUESTIONS” – – so as to be well informed  – – 
  • “What television series is that – –  where the investigator always comes back – – just after taking a few steps to leave… and he says. .. “I just have …ONE MORE QUESTION?”  **********        **********
  • This is JUNE 26th, 2017 – – and I have the answer…  to pass on  – – to one and all – –  so and since ‘no one’ sent  to me an answer – – will have to save this “PRIZE”…  for another time – – – so…  the  “STAR of Colombo” is the  man in the very old  ‘Rain Coat”  – -“PETER Fault” – – himself” – -“Good Luck…  till  next time!”
  • “Every one has my “number” – – for doing that exact thing – – when they think  – – that I have turn to leave – – and with a quick step back… “Just one more thing,

“Do I look like – – I  am pushing ‘two’ – – in the above photo? – – WELL… that is DADDY holding “ME”  – – and we are in the back yard of my “AUNT  Irene RILEY” — on ASHLAND  Avenue, in Saint Louis – – – we would visit  Aunt Irene – – as it was only a quick  run through the FAIRGROUNDS  PARK – –  – – short drive…

This was a “BIG DAY”  for me. It is JUNE 8th, 1952 – – and I have graduated from the eighth grade – – “WOW”

That is DADDY, DENNY, SR. standing on my right side – – and on the  left of me … is my younger brother DENNY, Jr., – – who is in the seventh grade – – and next year – – he  will be graduating from the eighth grade.  Isn’t it wonderful… to have a child of yours – – graduating each year – – after so many years of the same thing – – you finally know the general routine and  can almost … do it in your sleep.

After living a fairly…  long time – – it is  the the good memories that you have – – and if you also have old photographs to jog the old marbles floating around in the old brain – – well… “It is a wonderful WORLD… after  all  is said and done!”

“Thanks to the ALMIGHTY – – for all the wondrous things – – that ‘YOU’ have provided me with – – I am grateful and thankful – – each and every day – – LIFE is every thing and more – – some times… we just forget to give THANKS!”  DV

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