“A BEST FRIEND will always be Remembered”


   “Happy Birthday Sister Mary Emeline!”

Almost twenty years ago, one of my very best friends went to her Heavenly reward ,  ” Sister Mary Emeline Gander”  of the order   –  “Sisters of Christian Charity”  –  in Wilmette, Illinois.   Sister Emeline’s   whole life was  a continual prayer.  Everything she did   –  was  with  “LOVE!”

I first met  “Sister Emeline”, while  living at the “Orphan’s Home”  and was assigned to work for her , in the  “BOY’s” dining room. This was in the mid 1940’s  –  and each of our job assignments lasted six months. Also – -another  assigned tour   at a year or two right  before I was to graduate from the 8th grade… I  always enjoyed working  for Sister Emeline,  six (6)  months –  and even longer… if allowed.

Sister Emeline became a good friend right away, because she was so nice to talk  with,   and seem to understand what ever I wanted to say and do   –   more important  she would    talk to me as if I was a friend  and what ever   I had to say  –  made some kind of sense?   She was more friendly  than most of the “Nuns”  –  and that is what  I needed  –  since I missed my own family!

Also, Sister Emeline was one of four (4) sisters and two brothers, who were placed in the same “Orphan Hone ” when her mother died and she was only three (3) years old.  All four sisters  –   joined the  Sisters of Christian Charity, her youngest sister,  “Sister   Mary Alvira”, was my  5th and 6th grade teacher and also became another very good friend  –  that I kept in touch with until she also went to Heaven.

I miss not having such a good friend  – we were always writing and sending stuff back and forth  – always the best of communications  and up-lifting words  –  still have every card and letter. So hard to forget your really  “good friends”  – no matter how long they  are gone  –  but never ever forgotten!

Sister Mary Emeline  –  “Happy Birthday!”   You will always be “Family”  to me!    D.V.

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