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  • mary crangle says:

    Such a very very sweet post of Alan’s 33rd Birthday!!! Mary Ellen, I love reading your blog, four grandmas, because you are so faithful to it and because somehow, I am a part of it…Alan Robert Aldrich, born July 1, 1985, to your son Al and myself, the baby momma! I always knew in my heart that you would be a wonderful grandma for my son, Alan says he is “my favorite mistake” after a song lyrics from the 90s, but I call him my favorite son! So glad to see his other family together at these parties…you can only invite just one mom per party, I guess, but I am fb friends with all of them…including you! Lex is just the cutest baby boy, he must have inherited those handsome genes that run in your family…Jill and Al look cute together, with their first grandchild!

    • Mary Ellen says:

      “Terrific comments – and I do like to keep up on all of the FAMILY and post all that I feel they will like reading down the many years to come – – and to always know – – that our FAMILY is the BEST – – because that is what my MOTHER told me so many years ago! Thanks for reading and sending your comments.

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