“Using GOOD WORDS to Pass on GOOD RULES”

Today… what I was thinking to say  – just may not make much sense to  any one, because with those “cell”  phones that are glued into everyone’s  hand – – “No ONE is  SPEAKING” – – all communication is done with the fingers!    TODAY, there are still  – – so few of us  – – ‘how would say’  ‘older’  citizens that can still remember talking, when you are with family and friends –   and that inter reaction that we  would  have using  “WORDS”  – – and with our “face to face” – we were able to do a pretty good job  of really getting to know someone.

Today… with the “hand-held”  gadget  – – how does one know – – what those typed in words  – – will really  mean or  make any kind of sense – – are they words that will “HELP”  or will they “HURT”  – – the person receiving?

So…  while  the small children are still learning  to talk  and  able to learn a few things without those  “hand-held”  items – – just thought  this next poster had a few words we should  “SAY” and “SAY” out LOUD! “Make that as often as is possible for “Grandma’s” sake!”


“I LOVE YOU” – those are three small words that everyone wants to hear – from day “ONE” on this EARTH  to their very last whisper in the ear, as they are leaving here!

“Happy is as HAPPY does”… and I feel that  if we pick up on some of the above ideas – –  just a big “MAYBE”  there will always be some people that will  still be able to talk with their wonderful voice – – that we do fail to hear as often as we would like to hear, TODAY!” 

This next POSTER that looks  “Home Made” has a few “RULES” that I feel would be a nice FAMILY project to start making – – as we all know that,  “the FAMILY that Prays together stays together” – – – so in like wise doing … creating and making nice things together – – that all of the FAMILY agree and share  on  doing,  will hold the FAMILY in a closer bond!

Biblical Family Rules, with appropriate scripture next to each rule. Ohhhh Ryleeeeeeeeee.....!

Today… very few  children hear of “Orphanages”  where a good many children live together and there are  just a few “NUNS”  that are in charge – – and  in order for all to survive without  complete kayos  – – you do need “RULES”  that help for all to LIVE and LEARN about a better way for their selves  – – for prosperity for the future for all  – – and having good “RULES” in any HOME will make for better citizens in AMERICA.

After reading the above list of  “Six FAMILY RULES” – – each rule is a very good rule – – and I feel every HOME should consider making for their own HOME a similar  chart of RULES – – and each member of the FAMILY having their say-so – – and in like manner, to the above chart – – the children can use some of their own creative writing and drawing – – which will make for  better attention to following the RULES!

All good rules that we make for our self and for others – – is really a kind of LOVE that we need to share with others – – because real “LOVE”  comes about when we serve others – – giving of yourself in the best way possible — we serve up heaping piles of LOVE – – and in so doing receive even more LOVE back – – it says so in the BIBLE! – Check it out!    D.V.

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  • gayle ecklund says:

    I am wondering if these are available as posters? I would love to have one or two.

    • Mary Ellen says:

      The only thing that I can suggest – is to copy the one you like – as I have no idea now – as to whether these were sent to me – as I only write about those articles that are sent to me – or given to me – and then write about the Photo or Article – finding something that applies and would be good for family and friends.
      Thanks for your comment and asking – I do believe that they would make very good posters in a home for young children – giving the children the opportunity to be creative in making RULES – that apply to all in the home.

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