“We LOVE the NAVY and the NAVY LOVES US”

Since I had heard that the USS Ranger (CV-61) – was sold for just  $00.01 – – one red cent – -I just could not believe that  – –   that could happen – – surely some one and or  an organization could have thought enough about the value and memories  – – and there would have been so much more  to come  along  in the years – – had some of the stock piles of money some are saving – – and  do not know where  or when  MISS “Opportunity” was knocking at their door!

My son Lee, Jr., was aboard and sitting real close to where this photo was taken – – so our FAMILY have memories and LOVE that we have PHOTOS to remind us – – since there will not be a “MUSEUM” for the  “USS RANGER”  – – to bring  in more revenue  – –  from  and For all AMERICANS – – that “LOVE the NAVY!”img207

This  is   “Suzanne Somers”  – entertaining aboard the USS Ranger (CV-61) on November 1, 1981

My son Lee G. Aldrich Jr was aboard  the “Ranger” and sitting within the area you can see “Suzanne Somers” doing her dancing  and entertaining  – and all  of the men are seated on deck –  have a few minutes to relax and enjoy  the program – – as the footnote above states that   “Suzanne” did get the temperatures to raise  as in a home-sauna – – –  during this  “CBS” special.

This clipping of this special time  – when Lee was serving in the NAVY – – has been in and among lots of miscellaneous items – all that are of extra special memories  to me – –  but since this is the beginning of the “MEMORIAL DAY” Holiday weekend – just thought that  some  other service men that were aboard the “USS RANGER (CV-61)”  –  might just remember also being in this audience of our service men – –  that is at the time of this filming – –  and  would be nice to have something in the  – FUN types of things to remember???

We should never forget our young men –  – – who give of the best years of their LIFE – to the service of our Country – so that we will always enjoy the FREEDOM that our Fore-Fathers  fought for  – and never forgot to give the ALMIGHTY – – –  the Thanks for their protection – in all of their undertakings – – – to make AMERICA the best UNITED STATES!

***** Nothing better than a PRAYER for our  NAVY and for all those that  LOVE our NAVY!

“May  Yahweh bless you and protect you.
May  the face of Yahweh  shine upon you and be gracious to you.
May  Yahweh reach out to you in tenderness and grant you peace.”
(Numbers 6:23-27)


United States Navy. Suzanne Somers, wearing a USS Ranger shirt, performs for the crew of the aircraft carrier USS RANGER (CV61).
1 Nov 1981. United States National Archives, Washington, DC. Web. 14 March 2014.

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