“Send LOVE and Blessings to the VETERANS”


      MY Favorite  *****   “VETERAN… LEE G. ALDRICH


Fly your FLAG – today! All Americans need to see our FLY waving in the Wind – –   for we are all AMERICANS!

Lee Aldrich_001

My son, LEE G. ALDRICH Jr.

When you are in the NAVY… you just LOVE to hear… “NOW HEAR THIS!”  and  also… “ALL HANDS ON DECK!”

I’m guessing that when you are on the “HIGH SEAS” – – everything is an emergency… because you will either sink or swim… unless you have the power of the ALMIGHTY…looking after you and guiding you all along the way…what ever  and when ever your destination may be. – – BUT – – and let us never  ever forget…to be protected …you must PRAY and ASK  for PROTECTION… against your enemy…wherever  that enemy  may lie???

Let us never forget,  to remember all of our VETERANS… today…and FOREVER… – – as they are the earthly GUARDIANS…that were sent to protect AMERICA – – and our only HOPE is to keep AMERICA…strong for all generations to follow!

“Remember our Veterans every day and every chance meeting – – let them know – – they are so much respected for the mission that they are on – – to Keep AMERICA strong  and FREE!”

“May the Almighty Yahweh  help all Americans to do their part – – to be united in the effort of working together as we all did  for the WAR effort in the 1940’s  – – we all did our part to WIN!”    D.V.

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